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  1. Driver fitting

    My bad jimdandy, norm knows.....he's at the Tri-county Golf Galaxy, Springdale, Ohio. I have an idea he's one of those guys who'll hit 175 down the middle every time and at the end of the round he'll have you by 20 strokes. I dropped a bag of drivers at a friends house for a yard sale, Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway, and even at HammerX (my throat got sore yelling POW after every drive), this G20 is the real deal. I hit about a dozen balls at work every day, it sure has a good sweet spot. Go see Norm, he knows.
  2. Driver fitting

    After reading a lot of articles about driver fitting and not having much luck with a consistant drive I decided to go to Golf Galaxy yesterday and talk to a pro. Norm was there with a smile and after telling him my concerns he grabbed a handful of drivers, taped them up and we headed toward the simulator. After some suggestions about tee height, I started swinging. After about 45 minutes we had it narrowed down to 2 drivers, a Cleveland Classic 290 and a Ping g20. I hit them both a few times and it was a no brainer the Ping got the best distance and accuracy. The surprise for me was, I'm 58 years old, 6' 3" and I thought I had enough swing for a Callaway Octane with a stiff shaft, not so. Not only did I get the accuracy I needed but I hit the regular shaft 10 to 15 yards farther. Who would have thunk to ask a pro...I bought the Ping, went to the driving range and it was not a fluke, Norm knew what he was about. Go talk to Norm, he might straighten your game out.....
  3. The Vineyard, Rising Sun, IN

    It's in great shape with three par fives on the front nine, good long ball hitting. They just started winter rates with afternoon seniors golf 9 holes w/cart for $12. Didn't lose but one ball because of leaves, he keeps the greens blown off also. I play once each week in the Cinci area, a different course each week and this course rivals any one of them. You would have to be in pretty good shape to walk the front nine, haven't played the back nine but will this weekend. I'm a recent addict, can't seem to get out enough to suit me but it's only a few minutes from me and you can get on the course anytime. One thing I noticed, at this time of year if you hit it a ton, you can see the ball from the tee, can't say that about many of them.
  4. The Vineyard is under new ownership and they have done wonders with the place. I've played there several times including today. The fairways are incredible and the greens are the best I've played this year. I like playing alone there, working on my shots. I played nine today and I wasn't quite done so the owner let me play for a buck a hole until I got it out of my system. This course is a hidden gem, friendly to novices but challenging enough for the experienced golfers. We need to play these family owned courses so they can keep their doors open, you'll be glad you did.
  5. I too bought the Hammer (Ebay...$30.00, free shipping...still wasn't worth it, even with the 3 wood) It's impressive looking but the people at Golf Galaxy kept looking at me funny when I yelled "POW" in the simulator. I really didn't expect much, I shouldv'e bought a Swoosh
  6. I just spent an hour at Golf Galaxy with all my drivers. Callaway Octane 10.5, Taylormade Burner 9.5, Titleist 975J 6.5, Big Bertha Hawkeye 7.5 and an XHammer that I picked up for the heck of it. I picked up distance with the Tilteist and the Hawkeye but lost some accuracy as I expected. The Callaway and the Taylormade were the same with distance and accuacy, a little more forgiving than the lower loft clubs. The surprise was the XHammer, no more distance as they claim but you can't make that thing slice unless you work at it. With closer inspection, you can tell it's set up maybe 2 or 3 degrees closed to stop the slice. BUT and this is a big BUT, if you have a tendency to hook you can hit some monsters. All in all it was fun playing indoors today. I'll probably keep playing my Octane, I can keep it in the middle and it has a cool headcover....lol.
  7. dropping my driver loft

    yep, you got it right, I'm the new owner of a Titleist 975J 6.5 loft driver...thanks for the info but if you have access to a 3.5 loft driver, keep it to yourself....lol. call me @1-800-1SCK-GOFR
  8. If you go on GigaGolf.com they have some very good articles about grip size and a fitting site to tell you what size you need. I have the same issue with arthitis and long fingers and my new clubs have the Lamkin tour midsize. You don't have to grip them real hard to feel in control. Another thing, wash your club grips using Dawn dishwashing liquid and water from time to time, let them dry without wiping and the tackiness will also help.
  9. I started out this spring with a borrowed set of clubs, driving with a 12.5 Taylormade, lots of hang time but the distance suffered. My first set was Adams Tight Lies with a 10.5, less hang time but still to much. Bought a Callaway Octane 9.5, I'm getting closer. I hit my brothers Ping 8.5 this past weekend, great distance and still straight so I pulled the trigger and bought a Callaway 7.5 on Ebay. I naturally hit the ball high so I'm hoping this will help. Oh, just received my clubs from GigaGolf last night, I'm impressed. These were fitted to me using True Temper Dyno Gold with Sensicore and Lamkin midsize grips, can't wait to hit em. If it sounds like I'm ate up with this sport, you're correct....have a nice game
  10. Hello from Dillsboro, IN

    Hey guys, A friend just played Crocus Grove near Rising Sun, In Saturday and said the course was very good, it's now an 18 holer and well tended. it's pretty close to me, might try it Sunday afternoon....
  11. Hello from Dillsboro, IN

    My son-in-law said the same thing, if you pull up golf courses on your GPS you get a lot them. I have some friends not far from Charlotte, may have to visit. I'm playing nine at the The Mill Course at Winton Woods, Hamilton County, Cincinnati tomorrow morning, it's a county public course, pretty nice course. It's supposed to be mid-60s with no humidity in the morning, could be it might be stretched into 18, I'm hoping for a low 70s round but if I play 18 it might be a mid 140s....lol. See ya'll
  12. Hello from Dillsboro, IN

    Thanks, my son-in-law is in NC right now, he says the golf is good down there (Ralaigh-Durham) It's great to live in Colt's land, I keep trying to tell all the Bengals fans it's just a 20 minute drive and you too can be in the promise land....I watched Hank Haney this morning and I guess I'm going to take a club to work with me for lunchtime....100 swings a day....have a good day all
  13. Hello from Dillsboro, IN

    I played Vista Verde, near Hamilton, OH yesterday. All you had to do was hit it straight and it would bounce all the way to the green, really dry, even the squirrels were hitting us up for a cold one as we went by. Courcos Grove, near Rising Sun, IN is open again, have not played it yet. If anyone has any charity events for golf, please post. Any excuse like that my wife won't %&*@! at me, not as much anyway...lol (she's really not bad, she encourages me to get out of her hair as much as possible) OK, I have to go mow my fairway now....later
  14. Hello from Dillsboro, IN

    Mostly in the Fairfield/Hamilton area where I work. It's surprising how many good public courses are in this area. I play every Wednesday morning at a different course each week. I did play Milan a few times back in the early 80s, it was still just 9 holes back then.That was the start and end of my golfing until recently. If you want to try some new courses, look at Glenview, Potters, Waldon Pond, Greencrest, Vista Verde (I'm playing this one later in the afternoon). Most of these you can play 9 holes with a cart for under $20.My big trip this year will be Brightleaf, near Danville, Ky. We're planning a 4 day, all the balls you can lose in September.....later