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  1. I went with the Adila. I've been trying to refine my swing to be more of a swinger, and since I made some small changes I haven't been hitting the Bubble as well. I have been focusing on my hand positions, and I haven't been squaring the club very well, and the 7.5 is very unforgiving, plus it is old so the sweet spot is much smaller than newer clubs. Thanks for your help!
  2. I have a pretty high swing speed, control is the issue. With my TI Bubble If I don't hit it close to perfect the results are not so good. I am looking for a biggeer sweet spot, basically, and I have tried the Callaway and like it a lot. Thanks.
  3. Gee, that sounds bad, "I need help with my shaft" Seriously, i am looking at getting a pre-owned Callaway Fusion driver and there are two separate shafts, a Graph Design YS6 and a Aldila NV 65. I haven't bought clubs in ages, so I haven't really kept up on these things. What's the word? Great forum, BTW.