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  1. Ah good, some other golfers that share the same school of thought! Definitely agree!
  2. Hi everyone, Over the past few years I have improved my game tremendously. I have the technique to hit all the shots I require but I am having real trouble with the odd terrible hole in my rounds. I seem to rack up round destroying scores on at least one hole, although often two holes per round and I have no idea what I can do to prevent this. It normally begins with an ob shot or a lost ball which normally leads to at least an 8. The annoying thing is that I will get maybe 4-5 pars in a round, a couple of bogeys and maybe a double bogey, but end up with a terrible score due to an 8 on
  3. If I play too much my scores get worse and worse. I begin slicing my driver and hooking my irons. I think 2-3 times a week is perfect. Any more is counter productive for me.
  4. I get a case of the 'shanks' once every few months. Literally the worst thing that can happen in a golf game. Also I find it very difficult to fix as your swing just feels the same as normal!
  5. Hi, Just a quick question about the Vokey Spin Milled wedges. I heard that even though you can currently use the non-CC wedges in amateur competitions that I would play in, in 2014 this would change and the current non-CC Vokey Spin Milled wedges would be illegal? Is this true? I would be competing in the UK. Hope someone would know about this, Thanks
  6. I would actually argue the other way. I believe that eating junk like fries etc will not just affect you physically, but mentally also. Eating foods like that makes me tired and I lack the energy to put in a good 18 holes. I do however agree with the poster above that at age 15 it will make less of a difference than a 40 year old eating the same. Do yourself a favour and try and eat veg every day and take fruit round the course with you. Bananas are a good slow releasing energy source for the golf course!
  7. I can relate to you. Previously (as in 6 months ago) while getting back into golf I was consistently at the 100 mark. Managed to shoot 89 today. I have been working on my chipping and putting a lot. Work on your wedge play into greens as well. My wedge play today was immaculate meaning I gave myself many more birdie opportunities and par saves than usual. Most people can get the ball to within 120 yards with an average long game. Make sure you can hit a green target from 120 and in quite consistently and your scores will really improve. Chip and runs are also quite important!
  8. Unfortunately I have the odd occasion where I end up swearing (to myself) or slamming my club on the ground after a bad shot. Suprisingly it really does help me! Due to my handicap I have expected bad holes so I can get away with it. If I was playing off of a low handicap and looking to go say 5 over for a round and got a triple bogey I would be in dire straits!
  9. I quite like my AQLs. Comfortable and kept my feet dry yesterday in very heavy rain. Does the job well for me!
  10. Hi, I am looking for a new wedge for my bag. I was looking for a new 56 degree sand wedge. I have looked at vokey spin milled wedges for years however I have heard that the normal spin milled wedges are illegal in a competition (I am looking to play competitions soon)? I am looking for wedges that will stop the ball on the green as my current wedges are worn out and the ball rolling through the green is affecting my scores by at least 4 shots a round id guess. What are the best wedges for feel and spin around at the moment? I have had a break from golf and I am quite out of touch
  11. I ditched my 3 wood a long time ago. I use a cobra f speed ld driver and a 26 degree ben sayers hybrid. I hit my driver around 260-270 if I catch it right but I only hit it on 3/4 holes out of 18. My hybrid off the tea i hit around 200/210 and I am pretty consistant with it on or off the fairway. So why would I need a 3 wood? I am very consistant with the hybrid so I would prefer to lay up short to the long par 5s and chip on than to risk it with a 3 wood! I guess it all depends on the course you regularly play and the scores you are going for.
  12. Pro v1's or Pro v1x golf balls. I normally start off with these and if I am playing well I keep using them but if I start poorly I normally play with a callaway warbird or nike distance or some other distance ball. Note: I played my best 9 hole round with a prov1x, I think I gain extra confidence due to the fact that I know that if I hit the ball next to the pin it will stop quickly but if I use a top flite it will roll off the back of the green. It set up a lot of birdie opportunities.
  13. Wouldn't mind it at all if J.B Holmes won it, he is a great player. Would also like it if Harrington and Garcia won it but I really want Mickelson to win, he really needs to take advantage of Tiger playing this season. The bladed chip n run he did reminded me of how I play though, except his was on the fringe and mine is normally right off in the thick stuff.
  14. Ahh not these threads again Basically, if you want to do it in the most easy fashion, get a sleeve of pro v1s or the new callaway ix balls or whatever they are called, as long as they are good soft golf balls. Personally I like the pro v1. If you wedge's grooves are worn, they will not produce spin. Also remember that if they are full of dirt and grime then the grooves will not be able to grip the ball and spin it back, so use a groove cleaner. You really need to hit down on it and pinch the ball so that the grooves give the ball more backspin. However, I find that if the ball takes
  15. Well clubhead lag means that when you are in the impact position during your shot, the clubhead is behind the hands. This helps promote steady acceleration into the ball and good distance control. Due to the hands being in front of the club, the clubface slightly delofts and therefore a 7 iron will change into a 5 or 6 iron. That is why you see on TV pros hitting 185 yard 7 irons for example. It is bad to flick the wrists hear impact as you lose the clubhead lag created in your shot.
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