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  1. Hi still available? can you check shipping to 30525?
  2. Really depends... muscle being more dense I would think would have a bigger effect... Point being muscle loss not weight loss would effect distance. I say this because although basic Physics dictates that less weight=less inertia = less force F=M*A a believe a 30 pound fat loss would aid in mobility positively and a 30 pound muscle loss would be pretty devastating. Sorry to geek out on you here but 30 pound fat loss cant hurt your distance... that's my two cents. Cheers Frank fmk123ster
  3. Curious of anyone has any experience with Core fitness. Its similar to the cross fit and P90X programs. The program uses body weight resistance and basic movements. I did the treadmill thing for a long time and was a runner when i was in my 30's. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on either of these places or training methods. Thanks fmk123ster Frank
  4. Best thing for your back...lie flat on back, pull knee up to chest and hold. Do one leg at a time then both at the same time. repeat. if your in shape lie flat on your back lift your leg off the ground until its 90 degrees from ground let the weight of the leg stretch you to the opposite side (e.g. Right leg drop to left side) this will stretch you out well.... Also allot of back pain is from shortened hamstrings... stretch your hammies.
  5. Yes... water is a stable for weight loss. Diet soda is a diuretic and will cause your weight loss to slow down... Flush the body with nature .. H20 all the way. Good luck Frank Fmk123ster
  6. To the OP... it sounds like your thinking about an Atkins style diet. Take a look at south beach over Atkins. Hope this helps Frank Fmk123ster
  7. Try the these tips. Avoid sitting for any length of time. When laying down put pillow behind your knees and lie flat. move move move... the more you move the more this will free up. if you do have a disc problem you need a muscle relaxer pain reliever and anti inflammatory combo Good luck Frank
  8. thanks for the sound advice... will try that... ! Frank
  9. Their are two basic approaches to dealing with this kind of setback. Approach A. push through it. This can lead to higher levels of frustration but also leads to higher levels of bot game and satisfaction. Golf is a mental game and this is a very common problem. Approach B is to just take a break, give yourself a breather and dont think about it. This tends to help most people. For me I tend to obsess for option A is always my go to. Good luck
  10. I am new to.. welcome aboard fellow newbie..
  11. Hello, I am new to the board. Just got back into the game after a 30 year Hiatus. I am looking forward to getting back into Golf and learning about the modern techniques and gear. Thank you Frank
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