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  1. thanks guys i know how all my buddies that are scratch golfers look like they are not even swinging!!!!!!!!!! ticks me off lol anyways i bought the S&T; book and im taking lessons starting in 2 weeks thanks for all the help guys!
  2. Thanks guys ive heard of the stack and tilt and i think that i am going to buy that book... i know that im not hitting down on the ball rather im sweeping at it... lol work great for a soft 50 yard pitch to the green but after my drive i want a nice 7 iron at least getting up and going further then 100 yards.... thing is i hit them so dead straight its hard to change while playing a round ... i think its time to take some lessons ... prob well worth the 50 to 75 bucks an hour
  3. ok guys im new to golf been playing since this past summer. ive got my drive down around 200 yards straight... light fade... my chipping is getting better with lots of practice .. same with my putting... i can hit a nice pitching wedge from 40-50 yards out.. now for my question.... i can hit my irons straight as an arrow however they are sooooo short... my seven iron is lucky to go 100 yards..... so my buddy are telling my to club down but my six iron goes even shorter and i can hit the ball farther with my pitching wedge then my 5 iron..... i am thinking
  4. I look from time to time on youtube for a little free lesson or tip as most of us do im sure im just wondering what videos or group of videos that you guys have found helpful I just watched all the cleaveland quick lessons on youtube and i found them really nice... very short videos but some great tips
  5. Like many things im finding out that Golf has many superstitions! the one I hear the most is that some guys NEVER use a ball another guy has hit even if it was a good shot and alot of guys say its BAD ju-ju to pick up someones elses forgotten OOB ....I saw the post the other day about habits guys have like having nothing in the pockets or a pencil in the pocket... i would like to here about so NO NO's that you guys think are BAD KARMA, BAD JU-JU ...??
  6. its an easy debate to settle ask your local club house if the cart girls make minimal wage or not? do they make the same as the guy mowing the green? i have a hard time with the idea that i should have to pay her extra to come around if she is already getting paid for being there and driving around anyways .... thats HER JOB!. however i still tip depending on service,... but i tip at the end... if she comes around on her own and im always very nice and she always has a good attitude then i give her a nice 20% of what i spent.... if all day she had a crappy attitude and has rude in
  7. thanks guys! i think that before i buy one im going to go to dicks... its the closest place that will let me try out clubs on a screen.... and let a pro there help me decide... plus im for sure not spending 500 bucks on something brand new when i just started playing a month ago... one of these 1 or 2 year old drivers im sure will be much better then the crappy driver that came with my starter set!
  8. thanks i like this idea and im trying out new grip today that i learned on youtube lol....i used a 4H today twice on a short par 3 and hit it straight giving myself a great chip shot.... i really have to stop caring what other clubs other guys use when i play with them and start to play my game ... i can only assume that with practice my drives and all my clubs will get distance... right now i would rather have straight and take an extra stroke because i get so freaking frustrated hitting from near out of bounds from a crappy drive... or worse topping the ball off the tee landing by the womens
  9. thanks! i think im going to do just that ... ask him to give me some help some afternoon at the range if he says yes ill talk money and cold beer!
  10. im gonna do this tomorrow there is a SMALL course 20 minutes from here that no one plays on 20 bucks including cart so i am gonna go and play like 3 balls a hole and play each from each lie ... i need all the practice i can get and this is a great idea since ill go alone
  11. so around here lessons range from 50 bucks to 100 bucks an hour and everywhere in between but i have a couple of guys that i play with at the local country club that are pretty good and always offer advice from time to time ... i understand that alot of guys even if they are good dont like to give lessons however im just wondering what would you guys think a good amount is not insulting to offer??? ill bring the cold beer and pay for everything at the range .. 40 or 50 bucks for an hour or so ? also these guys are guys i see regarding work and play with once or twice a week so n
  12. cool ill go take a look and see! we dont have a golfsmith in my town but im only 2 hours from dallas and they have several!
  13. THANKS!!!!! yes they are 199.99 at my local sporting goods store... i thought about those along with a few others... most of the guys that i play with are all about the R7's and R11's and im sure these are awesome drivers but for a guy like me I dont really care about a 300 yard drive i would rather drive 150 to 175 straight!
  14. new too the game i have the driver that came with my starter set and i have upgraded to a cleaveland 56' wedge and im thinking about upgrading my driver next then putter then irons... wondering what you guys think is the most forgiving driver for aroun 200 bucks .. im not looking for distance just a good straight drive thanks in advance JD
  15. this is my first post fella's so I would like to say hi to everyone. im 32 and fished and hunted all my life ... i have always been interested in golf but everytime i picked up a driver it was BAD! so i never picked up the sport... well i finally bought a starter set of clubs and all the guys at my work are going at least once a week to play at the local course my questions are this does anyone have any tips for practicing form and swing without being on a driving range .. like at the house or in the office? and i saw a little practice club its
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