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  1. Agreed. My point was more: if you look at those Cobra Baffler "7-wood" clubs they look more like hybrids than modern fairway woods. My recollection is that as the old 5-woods and 7-woods got bigger (starting around the metal wood / first Big Bertha era), the gap in the market for hybrids was created. Shorter shaft, smaller clubhead seemingly better for gouging out of deep rough. So the first hybrids were called rescue clubs. As the form factor evolved, it became possible to push long irons out of the bag.
  2. As a kid I used to carry Driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, and 7-wood. People did this all the time. Since this was the 90s and we were hauling used sticks, those "fairway woods" looked like this: Now people carry Driver, 3-wood, and then "hybrids" like this: What used to be considered a wood is now considered a hybrid. I still carry a 4-iron because my poor shots are usually controlled and short, whereas my hybrid is more consistent with distance but can have a great wide dispersion. I dislike being on the side of the green due to hooking my hybrid, but don't mind being short in the fairway from a poor 4-iron.
  3. Women's Professional Golf Has a Problem in the U.S.

    Oops. She took six months off and then of course came back. Her retirement was spoken about quite a bit last year, for something that didn't actually happen!
  4. Women's Professional Golf Has a Problem in the U.S.

    Recall that some of the biggest stars have retired - some might suggest they lacked the desire to continue, but I offer that the rewards are not in place to retain them on tour. Annika Sorenstam (currently age 46), if you think about it, retired with several major wins left on the table. Also the retirements of Se Ri Pak (age 39), Lorena Ochoa (35), and Inbee Park (29), result in the loss of any fan interest they draw. They were all close to their peak in name recognition and marketing when they called it off. What would men's golf be like, if stars like Mickelson (age 47), Stenson (41), Garcia (37) and Day (29) just retired? Think about how many interesting stories these 4 guys have provided us in the last few years. Even casual fans might have taken interest in Garcia's Masters win or Stenson/Mickelson in the Open last year. Fans are deprived of this in women's golf because they just aren't incentivized to continue their careers.
  5. Can you remember when it all started to click ?

    I have been struggling all year, hitting range balls probably 20 times and battling a huge slice. Just recently I read something critical, worked on my swing path, and completely crushed the ball. Really it made such a different sound, an onlooker even commented. That shot and the next one that day were good enough, I knew what had gone wrong with my swing thoughts and just needed to repeat what I know how to do. I do not think I hit the ball that well all last year, it was a long time without my best swing, then it clicked.
  6. I disagree, I think he is a quitter. He lacks an interest in golf. His blog is marketing this "plan" but he is there saying he can only play once per week... like the rest of us. Then he goes on a back injury and does not return to blogging. Ok to check out of golf with injury, I suppose, but I have never heard of a professional blogger going out with injury. Ultimately unethical to quit blogging and just let it trail off. So Dan's back may be injured, but when look at Stacy Lewis, you see she has overcome much more serious issues with her back and achieved what she has because she has the willpower and desire to accomplish things in golf.
  7. Too Much Shaft Lean - Instagram

    ^ Probably Lexi Thompson, she slams into the ground, and really jumps up with her left leg, swiveling her left foot around after impact. Huge divots, no release with her hands. Apparently she is phenomenally consistent, every swing the same, so this is what makes it work.
  8. Hi Buckeye, I see your point to some extent but I have also played Firestone Farms, several years ago. I remember it fondly and have just checked maps to confirm. There was indeed a long drive right away, after the second hole and looks like the next few holes or so had houses adjacent. However the back nine was (no surprise) mostly just farms. I enjoyed it and despite the fact it is a cart course, all rates include cart and given its location and design, it is a screaming value for $25-35 dollars only as high as $45 before 2 on weekends. Now for comparison I will post an old fashioned course... the way things were. This is a 36 hole course from 1922. These were flatter courses, tighter courses, more walkable and without houses in between. As you can see, holes go back and forth, and blur together; and I can confirm, golfers here need to stay alert for balls flying at them from slicers on adjacent holes. To make matters more interesting, this course was designed by none other than Donald Ross. Which would you rather play?
  9. It's final, I really can't stand Gary Koch

    I agree completely - I would love to turn on or off the announcers. Nantz would be powered down at my house because he never says anything that is not patronizing. Blah blah. I would also like to be able to add or subtract the leaderboard and scrolling graphics, at will. It seems like these features would be obvious viewer preferences. Not sure if this technology will ever come to television or if we will just all wind up watching things online with these features available. Some of the British characters like Peter Alliss have a knack for shutting up which I appreciate. Also, tennis announcers tend to be quiet and calm, but even when I have found tennis online without commentators I have preferred it that way.
  10. Where can I find a list of tour pro's home courses?

    Yes, that reason is called summer. They don't play US Opens or PGA Championships in Florida or Texas because they are held in June and August respectively. The USGA chooses traditional courses in NY, PA, MI, which were operational before air conditioning and development came to FL. Plus, there's this event called the Players Championship which takes place in FL each year and it is considered the 5th major. In addition to the WGC event at Doral and the other tour events.
  11. The thing about mats is that it is easy to keep your alignment, and the ground should be more level than what you get on a course. Sometimes I think it is easier to get into a groove. I feel like there's less friction, and you always have a perfect lie. The problem with public grass ranges is they get pretty beat up. They let the grass grow longer than it should. The ground is lumpy from old divots covered over, and there's too many new divots. If you're not in a club, you can be SOL for decent practice facilities depending on where you live.
  12. Skulling a wedge and taking a divot.

    I can relate - I recently had a run of mysterious fat wedge shots, and half wedge shots, and punch shots. I was sticking my clubface into the ground well before the ball - this meant shots that would make bystanders think I was an absolute beginner. These shots were terrible, and I would often hit two in a row with the same problem, failing to get onto the green from 100 yards in two. Essentially, I was crapping the bed, as an adult. The problem was basically a lack of rhythm. Feet and weight transfer out of sync, and hands getting away from my body. Sometimes it is a sway back, or taking the club too inside. Or not unwinding the upper body into impact, leaving the chest and shoulders behind. Yet mostly this was cured by focus/tempo/being the ball. No more complicated than that.
  13. How do you record your swing?

    I have a mini tripod for my camera. The tripod only cost $7 and there is a standard interface that screws into most cameras (Canon, Panasonic, etc). Really it is an easy setup and best of all I get HD video from this. Highly recommended. No iPhone for me, I have a different one. I don't know why there are so many iPhone accessories available (e.g. Target has a whole section) while everyone with a different phone has to get their stuff online, and get so many fewer choices.
  14. Fixing divots on greens

    You might be right, people practicing and hitting extra balls. What is frustrating is that for some people the little Par-3 is a means to work on their game and take it out to their club, while for others it is more of a destination. It is decent enough to have a nice competition, and there are probably women and children who get more enjoyment out of it because of the shorter holes. Even if it is just a practice venue, there is no need to act like you are TW and blaze around leaving ball marks in your wake. I don't care as much how the marks are repaired, just bend over and make the effort.
  15. Shorts...

    I can second this recommendation to look at the "surf" brands like Hurley, O'Neill, etc. More selection and cheaper prices. Polyester is good for shorts it is light and it dries fast. Retailers still look at golfers from the perspective of a third-world street vendor: the same products cost you more because they know you've got more money. If you shop online, you want to buy somewhere that gives full measurements like this: Waist Measurement: 32 in/ Outseam: 21 in/ Inseam: 11 in/ Front Rise: 12 in/ Back Rise: 14 in/ Leg Opening: 22 in. Basically you get out of it what you put in, don't be a lazyass, get your best fitting shorts out and measure them with a ruler. If you find some that are perfect, go straight back and order another pair in a different color. For some reason shorts have given me trouble in the past and I had to learn all this the hard way.

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