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  1. Did you watch? It's out there on yt at this point. I enjoyed puting it on for a while while getting some work done. For some reason the commentators kept mentioning how "tough" it was going to be for the players to not have fans. Have no idea why. Even pro golfers play without fans all the time.
  2. Callaway: Lookup 2015 BIG BERTHA iron set 5 - PW. Whatever you do, don't get a 4-iron... save yourself the trouble. In your price range, in fact for less money, you could also get a brand new set of Wilson Staff D-200 irons - check out that retail site named after a jungle. As a matter of fact that is what I would wind up getting, Wilson Staff is a good brand.
  3. Cool, but what is happening underfoot? Was this originally developed for an Alien movie?
  4. Tirico congratulates Rahm on his wedding six months ago!
  5. Yeah, the competition is getting lost completely - Gary is adding value but Rich keeps blabbing and it's consistently unclear what the score is - that's why the Oklahoma State feature, and reports of various tweets don't need to be aired. Cramming in unnecessary highlights of past events. Every time television shows what someone tweeted, they look more irrelevant... it's like a bicycle asking you why you're not driving a car. "You could be there already," the bicycle tells you. "I'd rather enjoy this," you reply.
  6. Really like having players mic-ed up and have enjoyed what I have been allowed to hear. Too many announcers talking over the players. Excessive commercials and interruptions: so many poor features (history of club pros, walker cup footage, skype and phone interviews). Way overproduced! Of all things, I just don't know why they decided to do this live. You could have televised a match each weekend for the last two months like the Wide World of Golf. Film it Friday, keep results quiet, EDIT the best content and air it Saturday. Reality shows do this routinely. Amazing course, the
  7. I personally favor any vendor on eBay who measures everything about their products and provides actual pictures. You see some who only post "file photos" when the clubs are used and I strongly avoid them.
  8. My last two pairs of golf shoes have been adidas. However I also play and have played multiple rounds in trail running asics or cross training nike shoes. If you look at the bottom of the shoe and there's good traction, they won't affect your golf game. If you want completely waterproof shoes, that is the biggest factor in the decision because the waterproof shoes are usually more expensive and have reduced breathability.
  9. Wait, you are strong enough to bend steel in mid air with a single swing? Haha. More likely that your swing is about as fast as the camera can read. Almost all cameras are this way.
  10. Regarding the driver issues, you are swinging too hard. Your hands are way ahead of the ball and clubface is open at impact, which is going to slice the ball right. In general your weight should be back on the left foot much sooner and before (yes before) you complete your backswing. If you google step-through drill there are videos around which give a better presentation of proper weight shift that I think will help a lot.
  11. Swing just looks a little bit cautious, if there is any way to use an impact bag to improve your feel, that may help. Another drill is flip the club around and swing, listening for the loudest swish. You want the loudest swish to be when you get the club into the ball. Various exercises to improve club speed can workout too.
  12. It looks like feet a few inches too far apart in the driver video, that could limit your rotation in the backswing. And weight may be a bit too far forward in the 6 iron video, I would be starting with my weight more balanced with mid-irons.
  13. Your backswing is too flat. At the top of your backswing your left arm is amost perpendicular to the ground, or completely horizontal. It should be on an angle. With your hands higher, a line from your hand through your shoulders should basically point towards the golf ball.
  14. I think you should shorten that backswing and flatten it out. Looks like you reach up too much, and on the downswing your club is pointing up at the sky.
  15. I played Links on the computer and I played Nintendo Golf. You can play too here: Play Nintendo Golf on NES Play Nintendo Golf on NES (Nintendo) online It's particularly brutal because clearly, when I was a kid, even video game golfers played with persimmon woods and carried a 1 iron. You can also tell that fitness was not yet part of golf.
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