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  1. My driver is a Titleist 909d, which I suppose is from 2009 so celebrating its 10th birthday. Irons are Bridgestone GC mids, which are a couple years older than that. I may have reason to update the driver (to a ~2016 release?), but I like my old irons. I prefer the traditional lofts. I don't buy new clubs, I buy used clubs, so I sort of look at a few years ago and see if there was a big improvement then.
  2. What about getting a 4-wood and cutting the shaft down close to the same length as a hybrid? In other words, if you were to hit two clubs from the same line (e.g. both Titleist or both Ping G): one being a 17° 4-wood cut down by 2" to 40.5" with a little lead tape added to the head the other being a 17° 2-hybrid hybrid that comes 40.5" standard What would be the expected differences?
  3. Last round I wasn't comfortable using the 3-wood at all, so I might as well as been playing with 13 clubs. The par-5's were long and I played them with 3 shots. I needed to use the hybrid on a couple of par 3's that were ~195 yards out, and realized this was a critical distance that I needed to improve from this year. My hybrid shots missed left, right, high and low. I don't recall anything requiring a ~220 yard, 3-wood carry distance, but I routinely encounter a forced ~195 carry. So the hybrid is the more critical club to get confident with, because this shot is awkward as you suggest, and it isn't really avoidable. One prob is a recurrent case of the shanks with the 3-wood. Slamming the club into the ground before the ball is not much fun! And when I get some practice time with 3-wood, there's a low trajectory result with both left and right misses. I feel I score better when my approach is short, compared to left or right. Although I need to get confident with the 200 yard carry, I feel okay about laying up facing anything more than that, and just using the "long club" (2-hybrid or 4-wood) when falling short is not a hazard. To me that's where the second hybrid is a better choice, because I need to dedicate practice time on the 3-hybrid either way, so I could just have a 2 there for the once in a while play.
  4. Thanks, the physics are interesting, this makes sense to me. One thing for certain is that my current 15 degree 3-wood has a fairly small head. It isn't helping me any. I have an Apex tour which I think is the wrong particular club for my game. This is a big issue for me as well. If I should not hit the fairway wood from the rough, an uneven lie, or a side hill, then it is going to get very limited usage. If I hit a good drive down the middle on a par 5, I may find the right fairway lie to take a crack at it with a 3-wood. In this situation I think the odds of actually hitting the green are about 1 in 10, which means that I experience both "limited usage" and "limited conversion" to actually help my score.
  5. Yes to choking down, I even shortened the shaft by an inch. Contact is the biggest issue. Lack of practice and especially off sidehill, uphill or downhill lies... I can get into a rhythm any time I am at the range and hit it about 220. I can never get this good on the course, and no matter what I am hitting it with a tendency to be low trajectory. Not holding a green. Big part of the expected improvement switching to two hybrids would be an uplift in my practice efficiency. Right now, if I dedicate time to 3 wood practice it is at the expense of short game, iron or driver practice. If I carry two hybrids, that is one less thing to need to get comfortable with, I would think. It seems like an easy decision, so I wonder why nobody else seems to go this route. You look at WITB on tour, you normally see one fairway wood, not zero. Caveat being they carry a bit more loft, like 16.5 instead of 15°. And, not everyone rolls with 4 wedges like me, so they have space. The second thing I wonder is why some clubmakers don't even bother selling hybrids below 18°. if you follow I would be in the market for a 2-hybrid and this seems like a rare product. My 4-iron is 24°, so my two hybrids could be 21° and 18° but basically I already have a 20° so 17° seems like the right one. If most companies don't produce it, it feels like I am in the wrong somehow.
  6. Recently it was La Purisima, in central California. Windy day, everything was uphill. Everything.
  7. Thanks, what's funny is I would describe it as different distance, like 200 with my current 3 hybrid and then 210 with a new 2 hybrid, compared to 220 with the 3 wood. It is sort of like covering a different yardage gap.
  8. ^ Sung Hyun Park, correct answer! I could easily model my swing after hers. Overall, I am not sure if the premise that LPGA swings are "smoother" is accurate. I see so many go past parallel in the backswing, or get up on their toes in the downswing. Nasa Hataoka is very smooth in her tempo, but pushes up hard and has both heels in the air at impact.
  9. I am considering going with two hybrids and zero fairway woods. Has anyone else gone this route and how did it work for you? I think it would also help my practice by eliminating a "type" of club - the longer shafted fairway wood that needs a level strike on the ball. With a hybrid instead, I'd have the same swing feel and may gain confidence. Currently working with Driver, 3-wood (15°), hybrid (20°), 4-PW, AW, SW, LW, putter. So, considering a 17° hybrid and dropping the 3-wood. I played a round this week for the first time in several months. The 3-wood didn't leave the bag, but my hybrid got about 5 shots. I am confident with driver, averaging 230 off the tee with better drives around 250; I cannot imagine using 3-wood off the tee as a replacement. Even after a decent drive, none of the par 5's on this course were reachable, so they became 3 shot holes. Meanwhile, my propensity to find uneven, uphill or sidehill lies makes the hybrid or 4-iron a better option. I used to be great with the 3-wood, when I was more of a sweeper. But even when I connect with one, it's going to be up near the green, but hard to stop it with the 3-wood, and hard to roll the ball up there on most local courses (most often soft conditions, elevated greens). Does this club help my score? I don't see how it can. If I added the 2 hybrid, my thought is that this helps reach the 200 yard par 3's, and gives me a nicer approach option to the short par 5's / long par 4's. What do you think, does this make sense?
  10. I think Fox bears some responsibility for their decisions regarding microphones and the audio mix. Crowd shouts have been a tiresome part of the US Open viewing experience.
  11. The real entertainment is who is competing to win. In a way the course has done it's job separating the best from the rest. Leaderboard: +1 2017 US Open Champion +1 2016 US Open Champion / Current World #1 +2 2016 Open Champion +3 2013 US Open Champion +3 Berger/Finau Winner will have earned it.
  12. Can anyone recall a player complaining about the course setup and then winning the tournament? Lots of players have a US Open on their career "bucket list" but I don't remember anyone wishing to achieve the goal of complaining about a US Open. Also, Stenson/Rose being "on the clock" is stupid, I don't see why officials need to interfere.
  13. Pretty sure they just bleeped DJ when he left that putt short. "If I had hit it any harder it would have ___ the f_ ___"
  14. Some of the frustration is wind - I'm always aggravated about something meaningless when I've been dealing with harsh wind for a few hours. There's not many trees to stop it down either. Some of it might be tough pins. I've seen putts basically just miss and then turn around, suggesting that the pin placements have unusual slope around them. They're faster greens with the wind also. Regardless this is a US Open which means your Champion is the player who can deal with shooting par, not striping every fairway and spinning approaches to 10 feet.
  15. I don't disagree with the rule at all, just saying the penalty isn't consequential, as far as his score in this round or finish in this tournament. He definitely gets some type of a hit to his rep, but to me this will be replayed excessively given the zero impact on the finish. No reason for people to diva this out. Starting today at +6 he had a chance to win, if he had played as well as Finau or Berger he would be in the top 10. Poor strategy and mental breakdown over the course of the round, but in the moment not really a difference maker to his result.
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