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  1. ladders11

    Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    I think Fox bears some responsibility for their decisions regarding microphones and the audio mix. Crowd shouts have been a tiresome part of the US Open viewing experience.
  2. ladders11

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    The real entertainment is who is competing to win. In a way the course has done it's job separating the best from the rest. Leaderboard: +1 2017 US Open Champion +1 2016 US Open Champion / Current World #1 +2 2016 Open Champion +3 2013 US Open Champion +3 Berger/Finau Winner will have earned it.
  3. ladders11

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Can anyone recall a player complaining about the course setup and then winning the tournament? Lots of players have a US Open on their career "bucket list" but I don't remember anyone wishing to achieve the goal of complaining about a US Open. Also, Stenson/Rose being "on the clock" is stupid, I don't see why officials need to interfere.
  4. ladders11

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Pretty sure they just bleeped DJ when he left that putt short. "If I had hit it any harder it would have ___ the f_ ___"
  5. ladders11

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Some of the frustration is wind - I'm always aggravated about something meaningless when I've been dealing with harsh wind for a few hours. There's not many trees to stop it down either. Some of it might be tough pins. I've seen putts basically just miss and then turn around, suggesting that the pin placements have unusual slope around them. They're faster greens with the wind also. Regardless this is a US Open which means your Champion is the player who can deal with shooting par, not striping every fairway and spinning approaches to 10 feet.
  6. ladders11

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    I don't disagree with the rule at all, just saying the penalty isn't consequential, as far as his score in this round or finish in this tournament. He definitely gets some type of a hit to his rep, but to me this will be replayed excessively given the zero impact on the finish. No reason for people to diva this out. Starting today at +6 he had a chance to win, if he had played as well as Finau or Berger he would be in the top 10. Poor strategy and mental breakdown over the course of the round, but in the moment not really a difference maker to his result.
  7. ladders11

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Well his drive hit the fairway, approach was long, wedge rolled off the front. His putt went like it was rolling off the front, again. At this point we're explaining something foolish - he taps the moving ball. However, if he lets the ball keep rolling off the front, he would have a second 30 yard-ish wedge back onto the green, and then another couple of putts to get in the hole. So the two-stroke penalty equals the likeliest outcome of a wedge back and two putts. At worst he added one stroke to his score of 81, not any matter for someone who at the moment is 19 strokes back of the leader with one round left.
  8. ladders11

    Time On The Driving Range

    I hit a medium bucket. I'm much more effective when I bring my camera, but recently it's been once every three trips. Usually I will hit 10-20 half shots out of the bucket so I don't hit more than about 50 full shots. Last trip a guy showed up at 9:30pm with a fresh jumbo bucket and one single club. Honestly I don't think I've ever hit a jumbo bucket. Some people are just there because they were arguing with their wife, or wanted to get away from their kids, and I wouldn't deprive them that method of venting frustrations.
  9. I could break 90 as a teenager but was playing for about 15 years before I broke 80. Honestly once I did I lost a little motivation and played well the next year but got worse the two years after that. Broke 80 a second time in the fall (par 71, I believe) and then got worse in the winter. Got back to taking my own videos at the range and have improved to the point I feel I'm hitting the ball better than ever. It is difficult to break 80, you can only afford 7 bogies in a round; basically I figure you should hit 90% of your shots close to where you want.
  10. ladders11

    Anyone wear UV sleeves?

    I started wearing sleeves due to being fair skinned and disliking all sunburn, chemical sunblock and farmer's tans. Living in a hot, sunny climate the whole sunblock thing just wore me out. Bad smell, getting it on hands and then having to wash hands, persistent stickiness, needing to scrub it off in the shower - pretty much kissed all of these goodbye and now enjoy just flipping the sleeves off and getting a drink or moving on after a round. BTW, chemical sunblocks kill coral (for me they also cause some acne and make my eyes a little red) whereas the safer alternatives make me look super white. I do put some zinc based sunblock on my face and neck. Another point, some younger people are actually of the mind that sleeves are cool due to the NBA - like Carmelo Anthony shooting sleeves. Since I've gotten older I have noticed the shorts, long sleeve button-down shirts look that was completely taboo, moved into style as well. And fishermen now seem to be all into long sleeve t-shirts. If I had kids I would want them to get sun safe clothes because it is a bigger deal for kids.
  11. ladders11

    How long should you take to hit your shot on the course?

    I have enjoyed simplifying my pre-shot routines, so I'm withing 1-2 minutes per shot. One casual practice swing with a baseball grip; get a proper grip; hit the ball. Reading greens I mark and align the ball, walk halfway to the hole, take one practice swing and hit. I do better when I focus on each movement so I don't like to waste them. Looks pretty conscious and deliberate even though it is fast. I will allow myself as long as I want on half swings, pitches, chips, and bunker shots approaching the green.
  12. Agreed. My point was more: if you look at those Cobra Baffler "7-wood" clubs they look more like hybrids than modern fairway woods. My recollection is that as the old 5-woods and 7-woods got bigger (starting around the metal wood / first Big Bertha era), the gap in the market for hybrids was created. Shorter shaft, smaller clubhead seemingly better for gouging out of deep rough. So the first hybrids were called rescue clubs. As the form factor evolved, it became possible to push long irons out of the bag.
  13. As a kid I used to carry Driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, and 7-wood. People did this all the time. Since this was the 90s and we were hauling used sticks, those "fairway woods" looked like this: Now people carry Driver, 3-wood, and then "hybrids" like this: What used to be considered a wood is now considered a hybrid. I still carry a 4-iron because my poor shots are usually controlled and short, whereas my hybrid is more consistent with distance but can have a great wide dispersion. I dislike being on the side of the green due to hooking my hybrid, but don't mind being short in the fairway from a poor 4-iron.
  14. Recall that some of the biggest stars have retired - some might suggest they lacked the desire to continue, but I offer that the rewards are not in place to retain them on tour. Annika Sorenstam (currently age 46), if you think about it, retired with several major wins left on the table. Also the retirements of Se Ri Pak (age 39), Lorena Ochoa (35), and Inbee Park (29), result in the loss of any fan interest they draw. They were all close to their peak in name recognition and marketing when they called it off. What would men's golf be like, if stars like Mickelson (age 47), Stenson (41), Garcia (37) and Day (29) just retired? Think about how many interesting stories these 4 guys have provided us in the last few years. Even casual fans might have taken interest in Garcia's Masters win or Stenson/Mickelson in the Open last year. Fans are deprived of this in women's golf because they just aren't incentivized to continue their careers.

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