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  1. My Swing (iacas)

    just read the last few pages but, have you played with having a little more flying right elbow so your shoulder isn't already so externally rotated that you can't rotate it more on the downswing to shallow it? When that right shoulder and elbow is so tight it's sorta hard not to tip it even dufner tips it some coming down
  2. Jacksonville, NC Area Golf Courses

    There are a few decent courses near by nothing outstanding that I can remember. If you are willing to drive an hour Cutter Creek north of there is a hidden jewel in NC. It's one of the best conditioned courses in the state and great layout along with cheap tee times.
  3. CBS telecast changes - Amanda Balionis, Trackman

    18 holes of trackman isn't cheap I wonder how much Amanda Balionis charges per hole
  4. Callaway epic 3 wood probably won't get to use it for a while though pretty cold here.
  5. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    No sixes today even round 72. Couldn't get any putts to fall. Only birdied one par5 and had one other birdie on a hard par4. Pretty boring round of golf considering I've been battling some hooks. It all comes down to me and my tee shot if I get it in play I can play a decent round.
  6. Whatever happened to.........?

    Anthony Kim is one of the biggest wastes of talent I can remember.
  7. Home Practice Nets

    I've had a few cheaper nets in the garage before and lost a few windows cause of them. I bought the net return home version once we moved since I needed a smaller version for inside. It's been great although I did have 2 holes starting to develop in the net. I emailed their support and they sent me out a new net no questions asked. So can't say enough good things about that they stand behind their product. They also have an option to extend the sides of their nets if you are afraid of shanking one
  8. In How Many States Have You Played Golf?

    15 for me NC, SC, MD, VA, TX, FL, GA, TN, KY, HI, CA, NV AZ, MS, NJ,
  9. Hole in one details was at the Neuse country club uphill par3. Had 165 and hit 8 iron it hit right before flag released and disappeared. Had 3 of my friends there and we had literally just talked about we have never had a hole in one in our group. Cool thing is my buddy had one 2 months later and I was there to see it as well. Roger on the posting...
  10. I've broken par alot. Plenty of eagles. Hole in one last year at the Neuse country club hit 8 iron from 165 and got to see it go in. Albatross this year at pinewild. Had 222 to a front pin wasn't playing that great that day but, hit a 3 hybrid over a pine tree didn't get to see it go in but, once I got to the green my playing partner started yelling that it was in the hole. Pretty awesome and got it recorded in gamegolf. I've won a few CGA events but, nothing spectactular.
  11. I find it pretty easy honestly. I don't mix anything in either. I have a 32oz water bottle so 4 refills and I'm done. 1 - Drink during morning workout entire bottle. 2 - Drink another bottle between lunch 3 - Refill around lunch time and drink most during lunch then continue till Dinner. 4 - Drink most during dinner and finish before afternoon workout. I'll then usually drink another 32 oz bottle during that workout or after. I've never had an issue getting 4 and usually drink more.
  12. 2017 Newport Cup Applications Accepted Here!

    Are the teams full yet? I've been traveling like a mad man the last few weeks for work and haven't gotten a chance to do the VLOG yet I don't even know how I'm going to do it honestly guess I can get a buddy to film me without giving me a rash of shit for it.

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