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  1. Thx you for your replies... Will check it all out... By googling I have found the V1 Golf sftwr but I haven't found anything different to compare... Deffinitely when you'll find something, write here...thx Do not look at my hcp. I have chosen my favourit number instead writing some bullshit or stg like that... I remember when I got that hcp... nice game
  2. To be honest... the only thing I need is the name of the analyze program or websites or stg like that... If you have ever heard about a program I mean, let me know, I'll check it out...
  3. Got to explain more... I am a golf teacher and I am looking after some program which would be able to help me when I get a video record to my laptop... You know I want to draw lines, control body position, replay the swing slowlier...
  4. I have bout 500 balls of mine..
  5. who is worse to play with...ahh.. I really hate cheaters but on the tournaments you go almost 3-4 golfers together and that's also because: You are watching them if they are not cheating!! You are writing their scores 'cause they would deffinetely cheat!! You are giving them penalties 4example playing with a wrong ball, described in official rules!! But remember one thing: You will never get to PGA where is everybody watching you and I know that every cheater before he goes to bed get the bad feeling...e.g."Have I done a good thing?" I H8 CHEATERS!!! Cheaters are noobs who don't know
  6. Scotty Cameron is the #1 for me be a Tiger...
  7. Hi golfers, gotta ask you... I'm looking after some seriously excelent golf swing video analyzer... want to spend much money in order to get the best what is nowadays up... Plz help
  8. Don't know... is it a helicopter or a doggie??? No time... have to post here mates!
  9. Mongo

    Formula 1?

    Lewis Hamilton rulezzz... he's the one who'll beat 'em all
  10. There is no reason 4it...just get the 460cc one
  11. There are also Scanna coloured balls up...but I've seen just orange
  12. I suppose Tiger is really gr8 man... The inspiration 4me and 4everybody to..."be a Tiger" and there is no space 4rasism in sports...
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