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  1. 64 And 68 Wedgws

    They mentioned on the golf channel about the 64. and that alot opf pros were carrying them.
  2. Do any of you carry these wedges? I am looking at getting them and trying them out near green. thanks.
  3. Which ball do you use? or prefer?

    i use the nike power distance soft. They are in the green box.
  4. Winter Golf Apparel

    It does not get to cold down in Houston but when it does i go for the Under armor or nike extreme cold gear. If you are up north you can wear two of them. one thing if you do wear this you must be moving. This material traps body heat so you must generate heat.
  5. Do You Golf Alone?

    I go out alot by my self because most people are working. i like it it is like going to the range and practicing
  6. How many balls do you lose in an average round?

    Since I just starting playing i am a very high cap. with that said i played my first round only losing one ball thru 14 holes. feeling pretty good and a bit tired and started my 15 hole. With this hole you must hit it straight or you end up in this thick forest. i hooked three balls in roll. 16th hooked and lost another. after that i lost two more. man i thought i was going good till the 14th. so i ave about 6 balls.
  7. To take a divot or not

    I have been hitting it thin right now but i have been getting good distance. Man Im hitting the range today and will be practicing trying to get my 5 iron pass 160. do you change your shot when using hybrids? in deep rough i have had problems using a hybrid getting caught. THX
  8. To take a divot or not

    You are hitting down on the ball. so by not taking a divot i am hitting it wrong? When I hit it 60% i lkeave no divot. I am hitting my 5 iron 150 to 160 yards. so if i can correct my hands do you think i will get more carry on my irons?
  9. To take a divot or not

    Tthis is the pic i was taking about. thanks i kind of forgot that your hands needed to be ahead on the ball. Thanks
  10. To take a divot or not

    Since i have started i have been hiting the ball pretty good. And the last week it has been going straight 90% of the time. i mean i 30 years old and dont know why i have never played. i am not to sure what hitting fat means. What i do is hit the ball and not leave a Divot. since readiing this mag i have tried to change it. THX
  11. What makes a golf course "great?"

    The best course are the ones that make you think.
  12. Bearcreek houston

    I became a member and not looking back. Great price. i am at the range twice a week. they have a great range. I have not played the masters yet but it is nice. You can not beat there members perks. You get free Range balls and to play you only pay cart fee which is about 13.00 bucks. all three course you can play. they other nice perk you get all nike gear 50% off
  13. I read a golf digest last months about the divots your club makes with irons. it had the different stages passed the ball placement. it had high handy capper, low handy, scratch golfer and pro. so for every inch ahead of the ball that is what tell you want type of shot you took. So four inches ahead of the ball is where the divot will be for a Pro. So i am out on the range trying to find that right swing that would give you that divot in fornt of the ball. I did not find it. So my question is how do it get it there. i can hit my 5 iron 150 to 160. Is it the angle I am taking on my down swing? To let you know I have only been playing for about month and half. Will that just come with practice? Thanks
  14. Spin on Wedges

    i have been working on this and am ok right now. i dont alot of back spin. my will hit and roll about a foot or two. i use a 56 and 60 degree wedge.
  15. Once you're at address...

    when i address i try not to think too much. Because then i crush it to the ground. i try to mimic pga players. if you watch them the look at the shot before the address. They get planted then they follow threw. i try not to take to much time. i get set and swing. it has helped me since i have only been playing a little over a month.