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  1. Who are your top 5?

    [QUOTE=shakespeare]Who is your favorite? Meaning, who do you want to see win every week? Mine. Anybody but Tiger. I am sick of hearing about him. I was elated when Elkington posted a 3 under Monday to officially put him out of the winners circle. LPGA
  2. Left arm

    Thanks for the reply and incourgment. I was playing yesterday with one of the local high school golf coaches and we were talking about the shoulder turn. He made the same statement about the straight left arm allowing more shoulder turn ( I still do not understand whey it would). He stated that just a few degrees more in turn made a lot of difference. The pros say straight not stiff, but on TV, they look like the elbow is LOCKED. Anyway, When I do not go brain dead over the ball and keep a straight left arm, I do hit it further. I have a hard time feeling "relaxed" though.
  3. new irons

    Played with them twice. First time I swung one was on a 160 yard Par 3. Pulled out the 6 iron flew it to the green, dead straight. Next time I used one was 2nd shot over water on a par 4. 150 out, pulled out a 7 iron flew it to the green, dead straight. Par four on 2nd shot to a severely elevated green 155 out into the wind. Pulled out 5 iron flew it to the green with a slight pull. I love them. It has been a long time since I have hit them that well. Do not know if it is the heads or the shafts, or a combo of both. I am hitting the 3 and 4 hybrid good on the range, but pull them on course. Seem to have a little too much offset to them. Also, they have a Paragon shaft rather than the Graffaloy Prolaunch Blue. Do not know if that would make that much difference or not. Also got a new Snake eye Hybrid 3 wood with the Graffaloy prolaunce 45 with R flew that I absolutely love.
  4. Left arm

    I have been hitting my irons with an in to out swing (I think), but the marks on the bottom of my driver, left by the tee, show a bad outside in swing with my driver. as well as an erratic contact point.(marks on the driver from toe to heal. Just yesterday, I concentrated on a straight left arm through out the swing (as well s keeping it closer to my body), and was hitting the ball much farther, and the tee marks were dead straight and more around the sweet spot. I was not hitting the ball any straighter (I have always hit it straight), but farther. Would a straight left arm have this much effect, or was I just "in the grove" yesterday. I was also hitting my irons much farther.
  5. new irons

    Thanks, that makes me feel better. They were out of the shafts for the 2 Hybrids so I canceled them. Am haaving the irons put together today. Looking forwardto tomorow. Hope they out perform te old Tommy Armour Ti-100 that I have been using.
  6. new irons

    Yea I could, but have read some good stuff on these. I figured, at the price for the heads, If I did not like them, take the shafts out, throw the heads away, and get snake eyes or something.
  7. new irons

    I have been playing with some old Tommy Armour Ti-100 for years and am ready for upgrades. Am thinking about the Dynacraft Golf Hybrid iron set with 3 and 4 iron Hybrids, te 5,6,7 are undercut cavitys and the 8 down are cavity backs.Thinking of shafting with Graffaloy Prolaunch blue. I am 62 with a swing speed with a 5 iron of about 75 with pretty good tempo and mechanics. I hit a 5 iron about 160. Any thoughts on my club selection