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  1. I know, right? It's like he didn't even try in his final rounds. He has blown not one, but TWO third round leads in his career (out of 46). Look up mediocre in the dictionary, and there's Tiger's picture.
  2. 100% agree. As you know, in the mid-60's Jack thought Hogan was the GOAT, even though he had fewer major wins than Walter Hagen. Jack was way too smart to think 11 > 9.
  3. No doubt about it, Hogan was clearly the best player in the world in the early 1950's, even though he never fully recovered from his accident. Of all the what-if's about golfers of different eras competing against each other, I think Hogan's case is the most fascinating, because he was up against a quadruple-whammy: 1. The lack of modern technology, which tells today's players their clubhead speed, launch angle, spin rate, etc., and allows them to diagnose swing faults in half an hour. When you think of all time great old-timers, you think of great natural swings, like Snead's and Nel
  4. I'd hate to see the big one.
  5. Wow, very strong field, 7 of the world top 10, 16 of the top 20. No Tiger, but the rumor is that he'll play next week at Hilton Head, which would explain why he skipped this week. He has about 24 hours to commit.
  6. Hi TB, that sounds like a good project. I'm glad they posted the recaps, but I do miss the full broadcasts. I've watched the 2019 Masters full replay about 50 times since the lockdown started. I'm pretty sure that woman at the sixteenth tee has a thing for me. Yesterday they replayed the final round of the 2012 Memorial, when Tiger hit what Jack called the best shot he had ever seen, given the circumstances. The circumstances were he was on the 70th hole, a shot behind, with a terrible lie forcing him to make a full swing flop shot which would roll back down if he hit it a foot short,
  7. I've fought that battle many times over the years, but now it's moot. There are only 7 golfers with a longer PGA Tour winning span than Tiger's 24 years, and his next win will bring that down to four -- Snead, Floyd, Mickelson, and DLIII.
  8. If Tiger plays well this year, I think the HOF voters should give him serious consideration.
  9. Heh, Tiger is #30, but Lindsey Vonn is #24.
  10. The cut was at 149, top 70 and ties. 76 players made it, including 56-year-old Sam Snead. Jack shot 71-79 to just miss. Here is a media guide (PDF) that has the full results of PGA Championships from 1916 through 2011. If anyone knows of a more recent version, please post a link. http://images.pgalinks.com/vmc/pressReleases/MG_2012_PGAChamp.pdf
  11. To be scrupulously fair, the PGA Championship that Jack is talking about (1968) was not one of his wins. In fact, he missed the cut against that stellar field. It was won by Julius Boros, then 48 years old, and hardly ever mistaken for Brooks Koepka. Boros had a long career, finishing 7th in the US Open as late as 1973, 21 years after his first of two wins in that event. But like most top US pros of that era, he didn't consider the British Open worth the time and expense to play. He played in majors over a 30-year span, but played the Open only once. Another piece of data indica
  12. That's like saying young people never heard the Beatles. Highlight reels of Jack are very frequently shown on TV, and are widely available on YouTube. The only broadcaster conspiracy is to show as much of Tiger as they can, because Tiger = ratings. What I am trying to get through to you is that every player hits bad shots in almost every round, but we rarely see them, while we see almost all of Tiger's bad shots. And a lot of old people compare how often they see Tiger hit a bad shot with how often they saw Jack hit a bad shot, and conclude that Jack was better
  13. You have it backwards. It's old people who really don't have a sense of how good Jack was. I know, because I'm old. Jack was my favorite player for over 30 years, from the time he won the Masters by nine in 1965 to the time Tiger won the Masters by 12 in 1997. So I watched every event he played that was on TV, and attended half a dozen or so. Unless you were a touring pro, a touring caddie, or a PGA groupie, I assume that you also depended on TV to see him. And the thing is, there was nothing like the coverage there is today. There was zero coverage of play on Thursday and Frida
  14. Nobody is disputing that. Nobody here has claimed that they know that Tiger could beat Jack head to head; they agree that is opinion. But it's not opinion that there were no US touring pros in the 1959 Open --- that is a fact. And it is not opinion that the absence of half or more of the world's best players makes a field weaker --- that is also a fact. It is not provable that the presence of the 50 top American players in 1959 would have kept Player from winning, but it is a fact that they would have made the field stronger. That means it was harder to win majors in the Tiger e
  15. Looking just at winners in this century, Ben Curtis was ranked 396th when he won the Open in 2003, right after Micheel won the PGA while ranked #169. The very next year, Todd Hamilton won the Open, ranked 56th. In 2009, Stewart Cink #30 barely beat Tom Watson #1374. There have been three other major champions in the last ten years who were ranked outside the top 100. Any PGA touring pro today is good enough to win a major if he plays his best. The difference between the superstars and the journeymen today is not so much how low they can go with their A game, but how well they can sc
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