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  1. Love that cart girl comment, so true and people still just try try try. Hahaha
  2. It looks like this topic is not something new for most here but not all that common either and that’s good to hear. But it seems that almost everyone has been hit into at some point and no one appreciated it so why do people keep doing it? As a collective group we can all hold off for another couple seconds and let people move out before you tee up. Yesterday I went to the clubhouse to see if they had found my lost 6i (found it in my friends bag today, woops). I talked to them about what happened on Sunday. The just nodded saying yeah yeah that will happen, it can get rough out here
  3. Greetings all, I'm new member but have spent some time digging threw the boards. I thought I would introduce myself with a good old rant. First I'm still young at 26 and have been playing on and off for 15 years. I played more at private clubs that friends worked at in CA. then didn't play for a while when I moved back here to MN. I'm not the best but have a lot of fun and enjoy the game and play it as a gentleman's game the way I was taught. I have been playing a lot this year and am really improving my game but have dealt with a surprising amount of jerks on the links. I thought Id pos
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