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  1. Hi Guys, So I'm at that point where I want someone with a trained eye to see if there is anything that I need to improve my swing, because my swing is getting pretty solid now and I could replicate it pretty much every time. I do not want to introduce any bad habits to my swing. Here's the problem, (I'm sure must people have this problem) I don't want to spend a fortune on lessons! Most lessons are something like $80 for an hour or something. In your guy's experience, where do you go to find lessons for a good price? Is Craigslist a good place to look? Is Golftec a good option?
  2. So my collection of clubs is ALMOST complete! I currently have Callaway Diablo Octane Tour Driver (9.5*) Callaway Diablo Octane Tour Fairway Wood (15*) Mizuno JPX-800 Pro Irons (5i - PW) Callaway X Series Jaws Wedges (52* 56* 60*) Odyssey White Ice #1 Putter The only thing that I am missing now are 2 more hybrids. The only thing is...I do not know which kinds to buy. I do not know what loft to look for, my Wood is 15* and the 5 iron is 26*. What are you guy's advice on this? And also, what kind of hybrids are good? I'm looking to spend ar
  3. I'm at the point now where the stock grips on my Callaway X Series Jaws Wedges are getting kind of slippery and losing grip. So I'm in the market for some new grips. The ones that I think I want to get are Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Grips. I want something that has a lot of feel on the wedges, and something really tacky. Does anyone have any experience with these grips? What kind of grips do you like to use on your wedges?
  4. It looks like you come over the top on the downswing. Your hands are swinging too fast. Anyone could correct me though, I am still fairly new to golf and trying to learn myself as well. But I have watched enough videos of pros and how they hit. A DTL view would help also.
  5. I only purchased it because it was only 50 bucks and I was hoping I would get used to it since it's my first fairway wood. I hope I could get used to it, because when I hit it solid, it feels great. So back to the initial question. Should I address the ball with the club face slightly open/closed/or neutral? and where should my shoulders be pointing? Thanks mvmac for the article, I will read it when I have more time.
  6. In the first video, it definitely looks like you have a outside to inside swing. Maybe a DTL shot would get a better analysis. The second video looked better in terms of your swing plane. Again, a DTL video would help also.
  7. I just purchased a Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Fairway Wood 16* for 50 bucks on the FogDog Sports website. The only thing was, it is a Draw Shape club. I have never purchased or used a draw shape club before, but because it was only 50 bucks, I went for it. Now that it is here, I am not quite sure exactly how to address the ball. Do I set up normally and the club will naturally make the ball go into a draw pattern? Or do I still set up as if I was hitting a draw? (Club face slightly closed and shoulders pointed slightly right of the target. I am at the point where I can hit all of
  8. Callaway Jaws Wedge 60* I prefer to have my shots land soft on the green
  9. Thank you so much for the detailed reply! I love the visuals. I kind of thought that the next step to improving my swing was to incorporate the hips more in the downswing. Are the hips supposed to start moving forward at the top of the swing? Also, should I feel like I am simply sliding my hips forward or should it feel more like I am shifting my weight to my left foot? Any helpful sources would help!
  10. Hi fellow Golfers! Here is a video of me at the range. I believe I was hitting an 8 iron. I've been playing for about half a year now. I'm at that point where I feel a lot more comfortable with my game and my swing is becoming more repetitive. I was just wondering if you guys could tell if I have any bad habits? It's better to point them out now before I become used to them. (Yes I could even hit it with my gf making fart noises) Thanks in advance!!
  11. I've seen those Nike Air Range shoes before in store and have tried them out before. They feel VERY Comfortable! I was about to buy them, until I realized that the spikes on the bottom were permanent and that they could not be changed. In your guy's experience, how often do spikes need to be changed? Does that mean that I would need new shoes everytime I need new spikes?
  12. I am in the market for some golf shoes. (My first pair of golf shoes ever) I have flat feet, so I prefer shoes that are more for comfort than for performance. Anyone else out there have flat feet find a pair of shoes that they like? Also, I have a inclination towards Nike apparel if that makes a difference.
  13. +1 for Mizuno JPX 800 and JPX 800 pros This guy has a good review of lots of Mizuno Irons (If you have 10 minutes to spare):
  14. Found this deal on Slickdeals today. http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?t=3316454 Read the comments carefully as it seems like you have to cancel your membership before the two free months trial is up, otherwise they would charge you a lot more. So mark your calendars!
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