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  1. So the idea of this thread is to post stories of douches or whatever you've encountered while on a course or range that has pissed you off somehow... I'll start... well I took a 2 week break from golfing due to being busy and I just got back in it about 3 weeks ago, and I brought a buddy with me to try it out and he has been hooked since I started again, for the last 3 weeks we have been to the range about 5 time a week I've been sharing what I know with him to get him ready for the course... About a week ago we encountered a stuck up douche in his late 30s with his wife and his
  2. Just wanna say hello before I start posting. A little about me I'm from Canada BC, I just started golfing about 4 months ago , been loving every moment of it, I have hard time sticking to things because of my adhd, golfing is the longest thing I've sticked too that I actually enjoy. I've been following this forum but now decide to start posting.
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