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  1. That is the problem with the unofficial rule, players take their drop all the way out to the edge of the fairway and are guaranteed an opportunity for a good third shot. With actual red stakes along the tree trunk line and legal drops only a clublength in, overhanging limbs, long grass, etc. mean your third shot will often be no more than a punch back to the fairway.
  2. It will be about a 1.5 shot penalty, the drop plus a crapshoot whether you will have stance, swing, and line for a good next shot. Having actual red markers will better control where people can drop from.
  3. Another place a standard 20 inch distance could be useful is as a reasonable limit for gimmees in recreational play and scrambles.
  4. More likely that the official distances are 2 meters and 1/2 meter, and the 80 and 20 inches are just reasonable approximations. In one of the demos on the Golf Channel this morning, a guy had a driver with tape marks at 20 and 40 inches from the grip end. Would make these new rules pretty simple to carry out.
  5. Whichever is the first tournament of the year to include a majority of last year's top 30 players.
  6. Aged rum, neat or with one small ice chip, prefer pot stilled and full bodied such as Appleton Extra from Jamaica or Mt. Gay Extra Old from Barbados.
  7. Grandma got run over by a reindeer.
  8. But the RandA used the 1.62 inch diameter "small" ball until 1990. When the USGA adopted the 1.68 inch diameter standard, they should have increased the hole by 1.68/1.62, to a diameter of 4.41 inches, to provide a consistent difficulty.
  9. Given the lack of obvious choices, I think Rory just stole it.
  10. Absolutely Ryan showed enough grit to get the nod. #FT
  11. Jesus and Moses are playing golf in Heaven when they come to the par-three 17th hole, a long carry over water to an island green. Moses tees off with a 3-wood and hits the green. Jesus takes out his 5-iron and says, "I'm going to hit a 5-iron because Arnold Palmer would hit a 5-iron from here." Jesus tees it up and hits a lofted iron shot that finishes 25 yards short of the green and in the water. Jesus turns to Moses and says, "How about parting the water so I can play my ball where it lies?" Moses says, "No way. You foolishly chose the wrong club because of your Arnold Palmer fantasy and I'm not going to be a party to it!" Jesus shrugs and starts walking on the water to where his ball went in. Just then, a foursome approaching the tee box sees Jesus walking on the water. One of them asks Moses, "Who does that guy think he is, Jesus Christ?" Moses turns and says, "No, he thinks he's Arnold Palmer!" R I P King
  12. still at the motel, rain mostly stopped now, sky getting a bit lighter, keeping fingers crossed
  13. just checked in motel, raining hard and some thunder
  14. @iacas Both (0.0) @Jeremie Boop Both (17.3) @mcanadiens Both (x.x) @saevel25 Both (4.2) @vasaribm Both (14.3) @Slice of Life Both (19.1) @GolfLug Both (x.x) @georgep Both (8.1) @Hardspoon Both (24.3) @macdaddy18 Both (x.x) @Buckeyebowman Sunday (x.x) @Divot Master Both (10.6) @dave s Sunday (x.x) @dave s Dennis Sunday (x.x) open open
  15. Funny how the last 2 minutes has made me look like an idiot. Still feel the course isn't really a great major set-up, though. Wide fairways, big flat greens, and only moderate rough.