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  1. I lived about an hour south of there for a couple years in the 1980's. Strong thunderstorms would roll through every few days. Would always wonder, is this the one that will spawn a bunch of tornadoes? Subdivision I had lived in got hit hard a few years later. Wouldn't move back there for anything.
  2. Thunder Hill C. C., Madison Ohio, Thunder tees at 7,504 yards. Not that I was anywhere near good enough to be back there, but... I was a member at THCC in the early 1980's when it was a private club, and a group of about 12 of us who all played together regularly, had a sort of season ending tournament over 2 weekends, one round each from the four tee boxes. Thunder@7,504, Regular@6,859, Front@6,454, and Short@5,638. Was great fun, and a way to experience just about every square inch of your course. Sadly, the course closed about 8 years ago.
  3. Good chance the course will be owned by the IRS by then.
  4. I saw the live telecast and the replay. He definitely altered his stride to clip the divot and pulverize it, while the ball was still moving in the general direction of the divot and only about 5 feet away. IMHO a penalty old rule or new. I thought he was also rather arrogant about it in the interview afterwards. My question is, does this player have any prior rules sketchiness, or is this a first offense?
  5. 60 mph winds on the PA TPK, and 90 minutes of lake effect blizzard in NW PA. Got home about an hour ahead of iacas. Amazing what us addicts will do for some off-season golf! Good to see everyone again.
  6. Four ingredients for a perfect golf day; cold, breezy, soggy, and plugged! More of the same tomorrow?
  7. Her plan is to park about a block south of there, and yes, shopping will be involved.
  8. My wife and I will be staying there also. She will be sightseeing at Colonial Williamsburg while the rest of us are golfing.
  9. There is a tremendous difference in cost to get a new car every 3 years instead of every 8 years, regardless of whether you are leasing or buying. Consider the other option of buying a new car with 5 years of financing and then trading it in after 3 years, you will still owe two more years of payments and may even be underwater on the trade-in value. If you truly want a new car every 3 years, best to bite the bullet up front and only finance it for 3 years. That way, you won't take the big hit on each subsequent purchase.
  10. Makes sense, use your GPS to find the shortcuts and try to avoid Lakewood and Jamestown unless you enjoy lots of traffic lights.
  11. I concur that it would not make much sense to stay in Warren, unless you are coming from central PA or something. Could be more like an hour from Chautauqua, with typical weekend vacationer traffic. The hotel in Findlay Lake has changed affiliations. It is now a Comfort Inn and Suites. Located at the interchange of I-86 and NY Route 426. Rates around $94 depending on your affiliations. Another option would be to stay at Peek'n Peak Resort (about 4 miles south of Findlay Lake). Their summer rates have been pretty good this year as they are desperate for business. You could also play t
  12. 6475 is a bit deceptive, because there are 3 short par fours (300, 288, and 282), which are counteracted by 4 long ones (451, 426, 423, and a seriously uphill 411). For that reason, I concur with your mixed tee idea.
  13. There is another location of the Cobblestone Hotel along the Bayfront Parkway about a mile west of downtown Erie, about 12 minutes from Whispering Woods, but farther from Chautauqua. Whispering Woods is quite hilly, and there are several instances where the distance from a green to the next tee is very long. For that reason, all greens fees include the cart, and walking is discouraged as it affects pace of play. I could explain the mask rules, but they will likely change twice more before the event.
  14. BDC's brain shart could be what gets Tiger in the field for the weekend!
  15. He may also want to dial back on his 4 woods out of 6 inch deep rough.
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