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  1. If we are including sympathy votes, then Payne Stewart gets my #3 all time vote.
  2. Heartily agree on Mid Ocean, paid $150 about 20 years ago and $200 ten years ago, and would love to play there again. Spectacular holes (Cape), quirky holes, and gorgeous views everywhere. My highest was the Old Course, $240 including caddy 13 years ago. Seems like with the golf course glut, rarely have to pay over $150 now for a great course.
  3. Why don't they just go to a three hole aggregate putt-off from different corners of the 18th green. Quick, simple, conclusive, and all the networks have long since figured out that we only want to watch putting on the telecast.
  4. A player suspected of making an illegal stroke with their putter shall be required to apply whipped cream to the body side of their fist, wrist, and forearm, prior to their next putt. If any whipped cream gets on their shirt, a 2 stroke penalty will be applied.
  5. This poll would have been much more entertaining if you had included Phil as one of the choices. But since you didn't, I voted for Rory, since kicking a slump should be much easier than fighting off Father Time.
  6. My driver carry is 215-220, so I interpolated between the white and purple. My fairway woods, hybrids, and wedges are all right about as predicted, but my 4-9 irons are all about 5 yards longer than predicted.
  7. My driver carry averages 215-220 and the tees I play at my home course (Whispering Woods in Erie, PA) are 6,034. Interpolating the chart, I am just about perfect. I play with quite a few guys who need to swallow their pride and move up to the senior tees, so I voted 31-50%
  8. I met up with Iacas a couple months ago for a fitting. Figured my Vokeys had 300+ rounds on them, they were looking pretty beat and not getting as much spin as they used to. I had also been re-reading this thread and a few others, and suspected I didn't have enough bounce (50-8, 54-11, and 58-8) for my swing style and local turf conditions. Went with the DVR grind and KBS 110 R shafts, but stayed with the 50,54,58 degree lofts. Got about six rounds in with them before the courses closed for the year, and am quite happy. Sand play is a breeze with them, and my chips (not my strongest suit) are more consistent, too. My only surprise was (as others have noted) about 5 yards shorter on full shots than the Vokeys. However, working now at the indoor range, I am experimenting with moving the ball position back about an inch, and it seems like I am hitting the wedges more solidly. It may also just be me getting more used to a bit different clubhead weight and shaft flex. Always nice to have something to work on.
  9. Sorry, I am not able to attend this time due to prior family and social commitments. Courses look like fun. Hope everyone has a good time and the weather cooperates.
  10. I've played the Peek'n Peak Upper course at least 50 times over the years, conditions this week are the best I've ever seen them. The course is much hillier than it looks on tv. The 12th and 13th holes are a ski slope in the winter.
  11. I agree with that and apparently wasn't clear. In a routine retail transaction, the goods and payment are exchanged simultaneously and no debt is created. In a restaurant situation however, once the food is prepared and served to me, my obligation to pay is a form of debt, and if I do not wish to pay by check or credit card, the establishment must accept my cash as a payment against my debt. OTOH, all the restaurant needs to do is post signage about not accepting cash, and then they have every right to refuse my cash order.
  12. Look at our currency, it says "this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private." So if I go to a restaurant, order and consume food, and am then presented with the bill, by law they must accept cash as a payment option. The way airlines and such get away with it is by requiring a credit card before they accept my order.
  13. Looks like the Poultergeist will need a 66 or 67 just to make the cut.
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