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  1. Sorry, I am not able to attend this time due to prior family and social commitments. Courses look like fun. Hope everyone has a good time and the weather cooperates.
  2. Looks like they are out of stock again already online.
  3. Anyone noticing more stores that are credit card only?

    I agree with that and apparently wasn't clear. In a routine retail transaction, the goods and payment are exchanged simultaneously and no debt is created. In a restaurant situation however, once the food is prepared and served to me, my obligation to pay is a form of debt, and if I do not wish to pay by check or credit card, the establishment must accept my cash as a payment against my debt. OTOH, all the restaurant needs to do is post signage about not accepting cash, and then they have every right to refuse my cash order.
  4. Anyone noticing more stores that are credit card only?

    Look at our currency, it says "this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private." So if I go to a restaurant, order and consume food, and am then presented with the bill, by law they must accept cash as a payment option. The way airlines and such get away with it is by requiring a credit card before they accept my order.
  5. Ian Poulter Watch

    Looks like the Poultergeist will need a 66 or 67 just to make the cut.
  6. How about we permit the use of the measuring devices, and enforce the 45 second shot clock?
  7. 2017 Valero Texas Open

    Anyone besides me miss the course they used to play this tournament on, the one with the roller coaster behind the 6th hole? I played there once and thought the course was a lot of fun.
  8. Ian Poulter Watch

    Would need about a top 30 finish?
  9. Modernized Rules Discussion: Areas of the Course

    That is the problem with the unofficial rule, players take their drop all the way out to the edge of the fairway and are guaranteed an opportunity for a good third shot. With actual red stakes along the tree trunk line and legal drops only a clublength in, overhanging limbs, long grass, etc. mean your third shot will often be no more than a punch back to the fairway.
  10. When does the PGA Tour season start for you?

    Whichever is the first tournament of the year to include a majority of last year's top 30 players.