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  1. Use of the right arm

    I think that is where I am in your last paragraph. After reading more in the slide thread I've tried to exaggerate it and dial it back. That is what I focus on and if I can get weight moved and clear my arms tend to work naturally. This is only coming from somebody who battles the turn only and early extension. I also noticed if I slide my left hip kind if starts turning on its own. I'm only speaking from average perspective and could be way off. I feel after working in the turn, that has been what caused my arms to be way off. When I shift right it all happens without thinking.
  2. Use of the right arm

    Average golfers like myself usually have something else break well before impact. So even if you are thinking about hips, it's still all like a backlash on a reel on bad shots. I just want to find fairways and hit greens. Power will come auto as i progress. Ive started working more on my footwork over thinking about my arms and realized if I get balanced and turn the arms do it in their own. Maybe that's the average golfer in me, but if I focus on my feet and hips I strike it better than thinking about arms.
  3. Use of the right arm

    My brain is tired and I'll say I'm an average golfer and me focusing on my left arm is like anything you can think of that is feels wrong. If I focus on right arm, oooh the natural righty takes over, and cast happens and rely on perfect timing. So, for me, I focus on my grip and keeping it oh so soft, esp right hand. Get a good take away, stay soft, and focus on my shift/turn and no early ext. The rest happens...just like my soft right hand and arm will get tense when it needs to. I'm not good, just an 18, but I know I'm an 18 because my short game is awful, and I'm working on it. Not because my right or left arm does this or that... I'm never going to have a perfect swing, but I know I can get to where I can trust it and it be repeatable. Golf is hard already, why do we make it harder by focusing on so much?
  4. Seeking quality Drive pratice

    I can't tell you how to cure it, but I can share what has "helped" me with mine. As people talk about setup, posture, angles, etc, it was hard for me to know when my swing was breaking down. For me, I step about an extra foot wide of normal stance. I feel like I'm more upright than my normal shot. I play off my front heel and make sure my right arm (I'm RH) isn't way above my left at address (I setup with LH and bring RH to grip rather than just waking up - that was amazing to see that difference). When I take away, I focus on keeping it low and slow and making sure to turn and not sway. If I do it right, I feel all the loading on my right side. For me, it hasn't always been from OTT. Many times, I justn ever gave myself a chance. If I can do most of my basics of setup and backswing, now if I miss it's more of a fade - which I'm fine with...for now. So, that is where I am with mine and it's helped. Slices suck.
  5. New irons advice

    I really like my jpx 800 pros, but I hit an i20 and it felt awesome. I'd like a redo.
  6. What are you listening to?

    The Quaker city night hawks. Got a good classic feel. Love good local bands... [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZrRmf_QUFM&feature;=youtube_gdata_player[/VIDEO]
  7. Driver fitting

    I'll keep an eye out for the review. I'm calling Edwin watts to see if they still let you demo a club outside. Thanks.
  8. I went to golfsmith for their fitting and after hitting different drivers, the i20 gave best results on their system. If I go on numbers it should be that but I'm not a low handicap and thought that club was a "players club"....if that is even real... Should I go with numbers or keep looking because of the less forgiveness blah blah blah?
  9. Well I think I've finally accomplished it. After a couple lessons, reading and watching to nothing clicking...a guy at the course says keep your steep backswing and swing out. I said I do and showed him a couple and he said I was inside inside or out to in. Thinking I was dropping in, I was not. He told me to exaggerate my hands and club to feel a loop coming inside when I started down. First few were shanks, but slowly started not only making solid contact but I stopped hitting off the toe. I really hope that this loop feeling is right and not causing more faults. Anyone else feel a loop to get inside? I haven't filmed it yet, but I'm hoping it's mainly just dropping and not a big loop like it feels.
  10. Living on a course

    Yeah I'm a member currently, so that is covered. It more now about way easier access and surely hopping in more games. Just boils down to me finding time to work on things compared to being like a college kid at a nudie bar and going crazy there!
  11. Living on a course

    It really doesn't. I was bored and wanted to see what people had to say. I'm building on one and will of course more. Just wondering if people played more/less practice and if like I asked got better or worse. Sometimes too much of something can be a bad thing.
  12. Living on a course

    I was thinking that might be the case. I'd like to practice more but knowing its there will be the challenge.