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  1. Most golf stores and factory's install grips using the double sided sticky tape. Unless the previous owner had the clubs custom and asked for blue tape to be put on it will most likely be sticky tape. I don't think there is really any way to check, I would just assume The blue tape is just regular blue painters tape. If you are going to use it get the two or three inch wide version. There's nothing really special about it, it just makes it easier to pull the grips off in the future
  2. Oh my apologies I somehow misread his post as a slice.
  3. i personally love my hybrids/rescue clubs. it probably depends how you hit them and your approach to them. sometimes people struggle when they start with them because they are not sure whether to hit them like irons or fairway woods. i hit mine like irons and they work great. i especially love them for if i get stuck in the woods as they are easy to hit low, and even with a half swing you can get a good amount of distance out of them
  4. the best bet would probably be going back to Golf Galaxy and getting yourself fitted. i personally dont know much about shafts, i used the default ones that came in most of my clubs with the exception of used clubs that have custom shafts. many people on these forums have a lot of knowledge on the subject but it will be hard to come to a decision based on numbers
  5. if you think it is your grip you could try strengthening your grip by turning your top hand so two knuckles or so are showing on your top hand at address. this would keep the hands from turning the clubhead too much.
  6. you can also get grip kits that have the tape, solvent to slide the grip on and what not at dicks sporting goods
  7. i use srixon tri speed tour. 35 for two dozen at dicks. they perform well around the green and feel like quality with the irons and driver
  8. I would suggest recording your swing and investigating if you are hitting down on the ball. with irons hitting down is what you want, but in a driver you really need to hit upwards when trying to launch the ball. tee the ball a little higher up, start with your right shoulder (if you are a righty) leaning more towards the ground so your shoulders point slightly upward towards the sky. you can also try to put more weight on your back foot, try 40% on your front foot 60% on your back foot. also place the ball off your right heel. i replicate this by setting the driver head by the ball, with my feet together even to the ball. then i move my left foot out a couple of inches and set up my stance with my right foot taking most of the width of the distance between the feet. then move the club head back an inch or two so your swing plane is moving upwards instead of downwards. you want to catch the ball on the upswing
  9. sorry about the new thread, i havent been on the forums in a while.ill concentrate on what you said. My coach has told me that sometimes i dip my right shoulder, did you see anything like that in the video?
  10. I've been Playing Golf for: 6 years My current handicap index or average score is: 47 (9 hole) My typical ball flight is: slice The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: slice/ pushing pulling [rule] Videos: [video]http://youtu.be/zIrQCxWPGw0[/video] [video]http://youtu.be/Hoq38itoZFM[/video] Sorry for the first video, there were people in front and behind so I didn't want to hit two balls to stop play. This was my best drive of the day and probably the rest of the year. The ball had a little draw (which I didn't mean to happen) and went about 285 yards
  11. hey guys. i took a look at my irons this week before the season begins and noticed some rust spots or something forming. they wre all over my six iron and i took the rough side of a sponge to it. the rust came off, but little tiny dots on the metal were left. im not sure if they are pits or something, i can not really tell. i have some pictures for you guys to look at. do you guys think it would be safe to play with this club? any danger of the shaft snapping? also i am sorry if the pictures are not that clear. it is hard to get the camera to focus on such a small area. thanks for the help!.
  12. apperently ccm has been working with taylormade and made a rbz hockey stick! http://www.icewarehouse.com/descpage.html?pcode=CRZS
  13. i was playing last week as a three some behind a foursome. we went out about 2 holes behind them. by the time we got to the third hole we had caught up to them, and we realized the problem. each person took about 8 practice swings, rested a couple in between each swing, and since they werent that good they would hit 3 balls per shot. we gritted our teeth and stuck with it. anyways we got fed up by the 10th and just went to the next hole. anyways what i say is 1 or 2 practice swings and just hit the ball. if im on the green with a put i know i can make in one i always putt out if people arent ready to putt.
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