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  1. Yes, I play all Snake Eyes clubs except for Driver (Callaway), Putter )Scotty Cameron) and Sand Wedge (Callaway Sure Out). Love them.
  2. I own one of the MG bags -- not the currently listed one but the version before this one. Very good quality bag. But, it is about the ugliest bag on the market. But I say again, very good quality.
  3. I think the Snake Eyes balls from Golfsmith are great. I think they are actually Srixon balls (or so I was told). But at 3 dozen for $30.00, they are a good deal. They are not as hard as most "cheap" balls and they play well with the wedges, etc.
  4. I have a skycaddie and find it to be very helpful. But it only useful on bright days. On a cloudy day it is useless. It will not receive a signal at all. I talked to sky caddie about this and got some lame excuse about how GPS signals are hindered by clouds, etc. I say this is BS because my satellite radio work in all types of weather and so does my navigational GPS device. So, the sky caddie is wonderful and of good value on a clear day. Otherwise, it is just a good paper weight.
  5. I asked about this company and its low prices on Scotty Cameron putters a while back. The prices were very, very low. All of you agreed that the company was not to be taken seriously. Now, log into the address and see what message you get. They have been shut down. www .golfsupermarket .org/
  6. Has anyone ever purchased from this company? golf supermarket . org The have extremely low prices on Scotty Cameron putters
  7. Costco. Cost $13.00 for a pkg. of 3. Good soft leather and very durable.
  8. Yes. I use Snake Eyes irons, wedges and hybrids. Love them. Trying to use 3 & 5 woods, but I think I have shafts that are a bit stiff for me. But, the other clubs I use are very good.
  9. Interesting comment. I voice my opinion and you make some type smart remark. Very interesting.
  10. I play Snake Eyes irons and hybrids. The quality of these match anything on the market. Excellent clubs. I have had them for about 1 year and the level of wear is less than I have seen on other brands of the same age. (I play altlast once per week and sometimes go to the practice range about 3 times a week). I recommend Snake Eyes clubs highly.
  11. Thanks for the reply. It does make sense to keep the cleats on. I do have the soft cleats. Maybe the greens were a bit more moist than usual because I did notice that as the morning went along, the leaving of marks on the greens was lessened.
  12. Does anyone remove the cleats on their shoes. I have noticed that I have to be careful how I walk on the greens to keep from "damaging" the turf. I am thinking of removing the cleats. Has anyone else had this problem?
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