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  1. Give up before you waste tons of money. You're a 14 hcp at 25. I'm 22 and finished this summer as a 2 handicap. I have been playing since I was about 5 years old. I have dedicated massive amounts of time to this game over, practicing close to 20 hours a week and playing at least 5 times a week. I am going to go pro next year for the purpose of teaching and running a course, but I have no delusions about being a touring pro. Unless you're ready to quit your job and dedicate your whole life to practicing, you won't make it. I know a 12 year old who is shooting low 60's high 70's, that is someone
  2. instead of bending, just club up one when you go to hit. If you're at an 8 iron distance use a 7 iron and don't swing so hard. Problem solved.
  3. He's hit multiple birdies today, that was his worst shot of the day. He\s one under for the tournament now.
  4. Man if Tiger was hitting fairways he'd be unstoppable. He's still making a charge, birdying everything. This is the Tiger I like to see play golf.
  5. R7 Superquad, upgrading after this season to an R11 or the new one coming out in January if its worth it.
  6. My dad bought me a set of clubs at a garage sale when I was 5, cut them down and every night we would go hit balls. He bought me a membership at a little 9 hole course when I was about 12 and we would go play every day in the summer. When I was 16 he bought me a membership at a very nice, hard 18 hole course and would play at least 5 times a week there together. We both share a HUGE love for the game. We have watched all 4 days of all 4 majors together for the past 5 years or so on TV. He gets mad if I blow my money on dumb stuff, but if I say I am blowing it on a new club or something to enh
  7. http://thesandtrap.com/t/53209/completely-totalled-a-2011-burner-3-wood-pic
  8. Is any double sided tape okay? Should I just use solvent instead of blowing the grips on?
  9. I just bought some new Winn Lite Soft grips for my irons. I am planning on blowing them on with my air compressor. What is the best way to do this? Should I put some tape on the the shaft still so the grips have something to hold on to? or will they hold no matter what.
  10. This is STRAIGHT from Taylormade. My boss sent it back and they are sending a new one. We got 20 sets for rental at our course and these ones hadn't been hit yet. Our TM rep and my boss are good buddies so we got a great deal on them.
  11. They must have a defect, there is no way a face should just explode like that.
  12. They were 10 years old and the shafts were getting too stiff for him (he's turning 62) so he switched to some new TM's. He really likes the TM's and his game has gotten even better so I see it as an upgrade.
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