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  1. So John Atkinson didn't break 100 but Timberlake did and Justin even wondered how Tiger would go as the opening act to his concert. So what are the equivalents of "breaking 100" that we would like to see Tiger try? I think it needs to be something that an elite professional should be able to do without breaking a sweat, that a journeyman pro should be able to handle easily, that a skilled amateur can probably do and that your average Joe is no chance. I'm a nerd so I will choose a tech job. Tiger can replace the workgroup servers in a medium sized office. Nothing too fancy, just file/pr
  2. But why? I guess enough vandalism has already been done that any more butchery would be par for the course (so to speak).
  3. Azinger's biggest problem is that no matter how they run the selection criteria he is still going to end up with Phil Mickelson on the team. Any European that draws a match against Mr Hagen-Daz is going to licking their lips at the prospect of laying another beating down on him yet if he maintains his rankings he is going to be in the top couple of picks. Would you have chosen him at #2 if you had free range to select anyone you wanted? No way I would.
  4. The Shark is a bit too busy to play much golf. He claims he only wants to play majors on the Seniors tour and he is still struggling with back problems. He spends a lot of time building courses, developing property and flogging wine now.
  5. Just doing some idle speculation about Tiger and some of the other great's trophy cabinets. Has anyone got the complete set of PGA titles? ie. Held the trophy for every single event of the PGA calendar at some point in their career. If not, has anyone gone close? Is anyone other than Tiger a chance? I'm not sure what sources I could use to research this.
  6. Phil can be the "Before" shot.
  7. Surely this is a great time for me to make a return visit. Geoff Ogilvy wins was the topic last time as this time. Can we do it later in the day again please? I will have removed my fan noise this time.
  8. Ugly? It was beautiful mate!! World Matchplay Champion and now US Open Champion. Go Aussie!!
  9. Hmmm.. looking at sponsors and digging up some dates it's probably from 2000 so it will be something like..
  10. The good thing about "Dresses" winning was that that stupid jacket didn't clash too badly with his outfit. 4th Aussie winner on Tour this year. If you have any kids who are budding pros then emmigration down under should be considered.
  11. That's a good point Ian. How many 2s get scored on those holes? I know I bagged a few playing TW2004 but how oftern do they get the ultimate reward for driving the green?
  12. When playing straight down the ground, the same line we are trying for with a golf shot, we are trying to hit the ball along the ground and so loft isn't really an issue. It if bounces 6 inches or 6 feet in front you doesn't really matter too much. I think you'll find that baseballers 'flip' too as a method of getting a ball that hasn't quite arrived yet. The Flip is less ingrained than the single lever action. Compare the greatest batsman in the game right now- Ricky Ponting: http://news.bbc.co.uk/media/images/4...ing200x300.jpg http://www.pudhari.com/static/Featur...ky-ponting.jp
  13. Had a session with the Pro last night. He's upgraded his video capture so I will post that when he emails it to me later. Watching the swing, there is a fair bit to like about it....except at impact. I have "the flip". So we had a long talk about the 2 lever principle. I am dropping into a single lever position as the clubhead gets level with my right foot and then feeling for the ball hence the flip. This is going to be the hardest thing for me to convert from cricket hitter to golf swinger. I didn't get it last night and right now I'm not sure I will ever get it. As I lay awake last
  14. Brain fade notwithstanding... YAY PAMPS!! Another Aussie brings home the chocolates! I nearly spilled my morning coffee when Owen 3-jacked. It meant my mental telepathy skills must have been working. That force field I was able to generate around the cup from 10000 miles away was quite a feat don't you think.
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