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  1. Dallas/Fort Worth Courses...planning a vacation

    As it turns out, I will be going to that game as well (the Eagles game, right?). Should be a good one. Double-check the Cowboys Golf Club because I think that rate gives you access to the course all day, and food is included. So you can play a couple rounds if you plan your day right. If you have a car - also check out Tour 18 in Flower Mound. It is close to Bridlewood (also recommended by another poster). Another 25 miles or so northeast is another course called The Tribute. I live about 10 minutes from this course and is one of my favorites. As Tour 18 has every hole a copy of a hole on a PGA Tour course, The Tribute has every hole a copy of a hole from a British Open course. The 1st and 18th holes copy the shared fairway of the corresponding holes at St. Andrews, for example. I don't remember how many days you were planning on being here, but those should be a good start for you!
  2. Dallas/Fort Worth Courses...planning a vacation

    I'd definitely second what play4him suggested - The Tribute and Tour 18. The Tribute is just 10 minutes from my house and is a great course! Where will you be staying? If you're staying in the Irving-area (close to Texas Stadium), you can also try Cowboys Golf Club. This course is quite pricey (for me at least) at $160 but it's supposed to include food all day. It's a gorgeous and very challenging course. The only times I've played there has been when the company I work for has done their annual tournament there. But, looks like you're an Eagles fan, so maybe to whole Cowboys motif might be a turn-off for you. Tour 18 is also not very far from the Irving area. The Tribute is about 30 miles. There's also another favorite of mine close to where Tour 18 is. It's called Bridlewood Golf Course. Short but tight golf course. Also very pretty, with lots of oak trees. Along the "more reasonable" greens fees, you can try Grapevine Municipal GC. It is great for a muni, and it is actually right next to the Cowboys Golf Club, so you get similar topography, at a cheaper price! Also, any other time, if you stayed at The Four Seasons (also in Irving), you can play the TPC at Las Colinas where they play the Byron Nelson Classic. Unfortunately, it is being re-built right now in time for next year. Hope that helps. Let us know which part of town you'll be staying and I can give you some tips on more courses close by.
  3. What time do you prefer to tee off and why?

    During the week, right around lunchtime - 12 noon, or 12:30pm. I find that this is a dead time and I get very nice pace on the course.
  4. Hitting Irons

    Next time you're at the range, try some half-swing chips, focusing on hitting down on the ball and getting ball-first contact. I've been doing this for the last few weeks - starting with my PW, then eventually moving up to my 5-iron. If you're consistent in doing this, you will start to learn the proper release mechanics leading to a ball-first strike. At least for me, when I take a full back-swing, my brain releases my wrist too early, leading to a cast of the club. I'm able to hold the angle of my wrist during the downswing much easier when I take the club just halfway back. I've been working on this the last few weeks, and I'm hoping it will engrain the proper release mechanics into my swing enough so that I can eventually incorporate it into my full-swing.
  5. Phil Mickelson story...

    "....being the bigger man..." - c'mon now - do we really think we have a good picture of how these guys really are? I read the same article about Phil and Amy giving Tiger and Elin a kids ping pong table, but does that necessarily mean Phil's "the bigger man"? Take anecdotes like this for what they are but don't assume so and so is a better person than so and so. Besides, I'm sure you could list what Tiger does with his Tiger Woods Foundation (or any other PGA Golfer, for that matter), and you could come up with good anecdotes about just how "great" all of these guys are.
  6. Spin

    I think a large part of it is technique, i.e., sharp descending blow with the hands ahead of the ball on impact. As Prodigy mentions - "the divot should start before the ball". If you've ever watched those high-speed slow-motion replays on the TV broadcasts, you will see just how far after the ball is struck the pros have their divots, especially with their wedges. Once you've got the technique, I'm sure having a soft-covered ball helps too.
  7. Golfers Elbow?

    I had this 4 or 5 years ago and it is painful! It is a form of tendonitis and the only way you can get better is to take anti-inflammatories and rest. It took the whole winter off-season for mine to get better. Make sure you stretch your arms properly before you starts to swing. My golfing buddy who happens to be a physical therapist showed me some stretches that are part of my routine now. Hold the offending arm forward in front of you, bend your hand upwards at the wrist, and with your other hand, pull back gently on the fingertips and hold for 5 seconds. You should feel all that connective tissue around your elbow stretch nicely. Next, with your arm still pointing forwards, bend your hand downwards, and with you other hand, push the bent hand towards you.
  8. Sergio Garcia disqualified

    The way I understand it, if Sergio hadn't left the Scoring Area before the discrepancy was found he would have had an opportunity to change it. If this is the case, one could probably submit their card then wait to make sure it matches the official scorer's scores before leaving, just to be sure.
  9. PGA Championship Thread!

    I noticed Woody Austin himself do the club twirl at least a couple times during the round. I don't think it's all that unusual. Heck - I'd probably do it too if I hit the occassional good shot!
  10. Sergio Garcia disqualified

    GASP!!! You mean you don't exchange scorecards with your partners and keep each other's scores even for a casual round of golf!?!?!? What has the world come to?!?!
  11. PGA Championship Thread!

    Um, what?!?!? You respect his skill but dont [sic] particularly like him as a golfer? Huh?!?
  12. Love GH2, but unfortunately, I'm sans Xbox 360 right now as Microsoft is putting it's magic touch on repairing it. Just about the only way GH2 could get better is when Rock Band comes out. I might skip GH3 and just wait for Rock Band. http://www.rockband.com/index.php?do=/public/ If you've never heard of Rock Band - it's GH on steroids with support for 2 guitars (presumable a lead and a bass), drums, and vocals. Basically combining GH2 and Karaoke Revolution. Can't wait.
  13. Help Me Stop Casting

    My problem wasn't so much casting but that I was releasing too early, if that makes sense. The drill that's worked wonders for me is putting a ball about a foot ahead of my left foot (for a right-handed golfer) and trying to hit it. The only way you can hit a ball that far forward is to delay your release and not cast. Even on the course, I will pick an intermmediate target along the target line and about a foot ahead of my left foot and try to hit it with my swing.