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  1. That dash cam showed more of a medical emergency than a criminal investigation. The ESPN article said he was unresponsive for 20 minutes when police arrived. At what point do you call for an ambulance? And to continue a field sobriety test when you have someone who is completely incoherent and a danger to themselves? I'm sure those cops wanted to do everything by the book knowing who the suspect was and the scrutiny that would follow, but c'mon, use some common sense. Public awareness with opioid/Rx overdosing (intentional or not) is at an all time high. A little discretion at that point woul
  2. I was listening to the PGA station on Sirius earlier. David Armitage said something interesting: ..."it may be time to start viewing Woods' as an underachiever."
  3. I can't remember who said it in a post round interview Saturday, maybe Spieth? It was said that the greens were already beginning to bake out. Browning was pretty apparent when they showed aerial views of the course yesterday.
  4. Johnny Miller said it best: You can win a major with a bad putter; you can't win a major with a bad driver. Garcia's driver was the difference.
  5. No one has ever won the Masters with a triple on their scorecard. Phil came close in 2012 by making up for his early round triple with three straight birdies on 18 heading into Sunday. His final round triple at number four blew his chance. Giving up four shots on a par five, JS is going to need to eagle out on 15 to even have a chance, assuming he's under par collectively on the other 17 holes.
  6. Deadlifts are the most beneficial exercise as it relates to functional strength - as long as they're done with proper form. They also help to improve your posture. I've incorporated them into my back routine this year, and the difference is remarkable. No more pains/strains/tiredness in my lumbar region.
  7. I voted just Phil, but I don't know. This was the first year a 40 y/o wasn't playing in the Tour Championship (JF WD), so who knows if either of them will qualify or receive a captain's pick - its not getting any easier for the two of them, that's for sure.
  8. Still JS. Day is coming off a W in a field with 70 players. The Tour championship is only 30. Still very respectable accomplishment - winning two legs of the playoffs so far. I think its tougher to string two in a row during the regular season. Spieth's 1, 2, T2, 1 at the Valspar, Valero, Shell, and Masters (didn't play at Bay Hill) are much more impressive than Day's current run - even if he wins the TC - and that's not taking into account everything JS did before/after that five week stretch.
  9. It doesn't help that 1/2 the course borders water - that essentially cuts off 50% of the standing room. RBC provided radio earbuds at the 2011 PGA Championship, which linked directly to the live satellite radio broadcast. I'm surprised something like that wasn't made available - perhaps lack of corporate sponsorship? My experience with golf events are that the practice rounds are the most enjoyable. Save the tournament rounds for your living room.
  10. It's like the 'take a penny, leave a penny' next to a cash register. I've left more pennies than I can remember.
  11. I paid $96.95 out-the-door for two general admission grounds tickets to Sunday's round - purchased through Ticketmaster.com
  12. The word potential doesn't belong in the same sentence, much less the same conversation when talking about Spieth. He shed the potential label years ago because he was a winner since day 1. Potential was shed for "expectations" - and he's steamrolled every expectation since. Schniederjans has shown potential for sure - but to realistically accomplish the resume of Spieth, he'll likely be pushing 30 by the time that happens - if it ever does.
  13. Very hard to call Jordan's two seasons with the Wizards anything les than spectacular. He took 4+ years off from the NBA, to return to a league that was the youngest and fastest it has ever been, and averaged nearly 23 ppg. Tiger needs a 5-6 year run like VJ had in his forties IMO.
  14. And somehow, there's a major disconnect: http://www.si.com/tennis/2015/06/26/daily-data-viz-serena-williams-serena-slam-wimbledon http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/tennis/serena-williams-isnt-stopping-to-enjoy-the-serena-slam/2015/07/11/dc9c5f94-2806-11e5-aae2-6c4f59b050aa_story.html http://www.wsj.com/articles/BL-DFB-23211 http://m.tennis.com/pro-game/2015/07/serena-williams-in-easy-win-over-bonaventure-in-swedish-open/55633/#.VbKeIaa9LCQ Aaaaaaannnnd straight from the horses mouth: http://www.wimbledon.com/en_GB/news/articles/2015-07-12/stars_celebrate_the_serena_slam.html
  15. There has always been an identifier attached when its referenced to winning all of a sports seasonal majors overlapped into two seasons. Most recently: http://www.si.com/tennis/2015/06/26/daily-data-viz-serena-williams-serena-slam-wimbledon Tiger slam is the most notable reference. There's a reason the word "grand" is taken out...because it isn't a true grand-slam. I'll listen to, and respect a revisionists argument when it comes to the definition(s). But I think it's pretty clear the most accepted definition of grand-slam - as it pertains to winning majors - is winning all four in the sam
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