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  1. I was going to suggest a product (Inside Approach), but since you are looking for something more on the mental side to help with your tempo you might try this. Sam Snead used to say his name throughout his swing when he felt his tempo getting to quick. He would say Sam as he was taking the club back and Snead on his downswing. One thing you can look for would be in your takeaway. Thinking that your a right handed player...make sure you are not pulling the club back with your right hand (you want to push it back with your left) and also that your not taking it away too quickly. Think of ta
  2. VinnyM10

    Hockey Fans

    Not sure you can say hands down when you have the likes of Crosby & Malkin skating together. I saw them play live vs the Flyers and they are pretty amazing together.
  3. If you are keeping your head down and keeping your spine angle through the swing, then just try narrowing your stance a slight bit. This will give you a steeper swing plane and get you to hit into the ball as opposed to hitting on top of it which is more than likely what you're doing. If you want my best suggestion. Go get a lesson or two from a Pro in your area thats reputable. He/She will be able to help you more then most here on the forum I would say. Good luck!!
  4. Well Benny, if it helps any, we're almost the same age and I can relate to what you're saying. Man I hate getting old
  5. If your swing speed is a fast as you say...then you need to dump the regular shaft and go with a stiff, possibly even tour stiff which is about 10 grams heavier.
  6. I too bought a lot of the PGA Tour shirts and none shrunk on me. Oh yeh, the first one that my wife stuck in the dryer but she never did that again and they are all in great shape still. I also enjoy wearing Cutter & Buck collared and mock neck shirts. They're really light and comfortable, although nothing helps me sweat less
  7. I only hover my driver. Everything else gets addressed right behind the ball and grounded.
  8. In the short time I've been a member here, I've come to respect many of the people that post and so I have a question and hope someone has some good advice. Had an MRI last week knowing something in my right shoulder was not good and hoped for the best. Well the results show a pretty bad tear in my right shoulder (Labrum). I'm a right handed player so the good thing is that its not my impact side. Doc feels if I can live through it, that I should try since I just go back to playing after reconstruction of my knee. I know, I'm 45 and falling apart!! Anyway, without having to change my
  9. Got my X-20's a few weeks ago and I love em!! Actually, when I started reading your post and scrolling down, I was hoping you listed the X-20's. Go demo them asap (you should demo all clubs for your own liking) and see how much you like em. Mizuno's new clubs are really good too....almost bought em instead of the Callaway's but I'm glad I made the choice I did. Best of luck to you!!
  10. I play mostly on Tuesday's and Friday's early mornings I'd gladly hook up and play a round if you'd like. Normally its just me and a buddy of mine. Let me know and we'll try and hook up providing I'm around.
  11. Thanks to those who run/support this forum. I've been looking for somewhere to discuss the great game of golf with others who share the same passion.
  12. Your best bet would be to get fitted by a Pro and then demo as many sets as you can. Of course it sounds like cost may be a concern so you'll have to deduct from there. Not sure what your looking to spend so its hard to advise you. Bottom line though is it comes down to what you feel most comfortable hitting. Good luck!
  13. I bought Callaway X-20's (PW thru 6) almost 3 weeks ago and they are great irons IMO. I also tried the Mizuno X-19's and was very, very close to buying them but went with the X-20's.
  14. I just switched over from a 9.5 Cleveland Hi Bore to the 9 degree Callaway FT-I with a Fujikura Speeder Tour stiff shaft and its helped me incredibly already. At first I would not even think of looking down at a square head driver, but I'm loving the look now :)
  15. I just bought a Scotty Cameron Circa 62 #3 model and I dont know why I waited so long to get one. My thinking was always "why spend so much for a putter". Well after shooting an 89 with 43 putts (OUCH!), I went the next day and bought it. It was a week ago and I love it. It has tremendous feel and my lag putts have been excellent. Rolled in a 90+ ft birdie today and I'm still giddy over it :)
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