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  1. UPDATE: I read the replies to my OP and before going out to play today, I decided to hit nothing but a small cut. I normally hit draw off tee, cut into greens and I believe this causes inconsistency for me at least. On the range it felt great. Really fantastic! I was hitting it much, much better than I have in a while and was also hitting it higher. (I struggle with a low ball driver) End of story I shot 75 and actually TOLD my brother before I teed off that I was feeling like I'd score a 75 today. LESSON LEARNED. I think I will never resist my natural ball flight again. A high little cut. I still have the draw in the bag when necessary, but it simply doesn't work well enough to play it as my primary shot type. Thanks again to the guys who suggested playing my cut. One more question though... Why do people (me) feel it necessary to change something when they perform there best. In my case I shot par and decided I needed a better swing, but I often here about players who play well then change swing. Like Martin Kaymer who won a major, got to #1 then changed swing. Why? Why is that the automatic instinct when we do well???
  2. My swing [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEpwxOIF_lI&feature;=youtube_gdata_player[/VIDEO]
  3. God! I just want to roll over right now. I started playing a little more than 2 years ago and loved the challenge when I started. I've posted a few threads on this site talking about my progress and how well my game was advancing. Now I'm lost and kinda hate to play. (when playing poorly) I started off playing a lot, practicing a lot, and took a few lessons. I was able to get down to a single digit handicap in about a year, and shot par in a little less than 2 years. From there though, things quickly ground to a halt and now I'm going backwards. (even typing that pisses my off so bad) After shooting my 72, I decided to change my ball flight from fade to draw and haven't come close to par since. My swing can be so hit or miss, so random and inconsistent that you might see me on the range one day and think -that's a scratch or better player- the very next day I'll look like a 20 handicap. My last 4 rounds have been in the 80's including an 87. I know to some people that's low, others its high but the point is I'm not having fun. For comparison I recently shot a 75 in a tourney and a 33 for 9 holes. In all fairness I think the main reason for my inconsistency is a huge left lateral hip move I have on the downswing. It requires perfect timing and when I'm off, I'm embarrassing, I am currently a 5 handicap but I FEEL like I should be scratch. Yeah right. Today for example I shot an 82 from 6200 yards and hit a huge hook off the tee all day. Sorry for the rant. I guess what I'm looking for is a way out of this rut. Its frustrating, embarrassing, and no fun at all. Suggestions from someone who has been where I've been would be appreciated. PLEASE Note: I will post a few videos of my swing soon
  4. I think you greatly missread, or misunderstood my last post. Firstly, I don't just lift weights with my arms. My routine is very diverse and encompasses my whole body. I lift heavy, and eat big. Monday-Chest Core Tuesday-Shoulders Back Wednesday-Rest Thursday-Arms Core Friday-Legs Saturday-Light Cardio Sunday-Light Cardio Secondly, why on earth would I stay away from lifting??????? Lifting has already produced desirable results in my game and also I might add, my life. I used to be that wirey 130 pound kid, now I have controlled strength, stamina, endurance, stability, etc. On a side note, why do so many people consider lifting weights a bad thing? If you have specific goals, and a bit of intelligence, weightlifting can be the best thing that's ever happened to you.
  5. I must respectfully disagree. I seriously began lifting weights about 1 1/2 years ago, and have since put on 23 pounds of muscle, and lowered my handicap by about two and half strokes. I went from 132 to 161 pounds, and I now have much more strength and consistency when hitting the driver or long irons etc. Granted, I also completely changed my diet, and do core exercises twice a week in addition to swimming and running, but that added strength and weight were definitely the biggest factors in lowering my handicap. Surprisingly though, I don't actually hit the ball much further, but I do hit it much more consistently. I used to be a windup doll with the driver, but now for the most part I know I'm going to find it again.
  6. Yep. I heard it too. Then a few minutes later, that guy with the annoying voice apologized.
  7. I simply cannot understand why anyone would watch this rendition of Big Break! Now just to clarify. I'm 19yo and appreciate a sexy girl as much as the next guy but at some point, how sexy (read sl*ty) they are can't cover the fact that this show had some major flaws. #1 They suck at golf. I didn't watch much, but what I saw was laughable as far a skill was concerned. Essentially wedge play. #2 sit sit Sit SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT... (nuff said) #3 They werent THAT attractive. Seriously, just because a girl is young and is wearing booty shorts and a tight tank-top, doesn't make her hot. Most of them were rather plump as well. #4 Confusing. I don't even know where to start here. I'm sure if I had watched ALL the episodes and paid close attention, I might have been able to discern what the helk was going on, but I didn't and I don't, so "what just happened?" #5 BORING More than 5 minutes of this show and I began bleeding from my eyes.
  8. I used to get STUPID mad. Several broken clubs and a few guys telling me to cool off. Then my dad and I went on a golf vacation and I lost it once because I was playing poorly and they had left the sprinklers on at the next tee and we had to wait. That evening I was sooo embarrassed that I swore never to blow up like that again. Ive grown up quite a bit since. I even had a guy at my last tournament mention that he took my example on the first hole after we both started poorly. He said if you could brush it off like that than I could as well. The game is no fun when your playing mad.
  9. Why are most people so negative about there games? I'm alway hearing people make jokes about how little chance they have of doing this, or how bad they are at that. Like the guy on the tee that says, "I haven't hit this green in two years" or, "this hole always gets me" My opinion is that most peoples golf games are restricted by fear and lack of confidence. Even if your golf game isn't the best, surely constantly reminding yourself of it will have a negative effect.
  10. I will actually going to be playing a number of FSGA tournaments this year here in Florida, so to prepare, I will be playing from the back tees to make the practice harder than tournament conditions. Because of that, it will probably be a while before I break 70.
  11. Oops. Sorry. Didn't read that properly.
  12. I worked mostly on full swing and course management with the pro. My biggest leaps forward were when I was finally control my swing by shortening my backswing and taking more club. This resulted in more consistent results but this is much more difficult to do than you might think. I have felt like I was on the verge of a fantastic round but I was playing blades, (Mizuno MP63) with x-stiff shafts and I had a lot of trouble hitting solid long irons. Last two rounds I decided to take my brothers Callaway X24 irons for a spin and wow! So forgiving and accurate. I feel like I can do no wrong with these clubs. I know they are GI irons but you know what, I don't care. THEY WORK.
  13. Thank you all for the comments thus far. It's great to have a place this to come to to browse interesting topics, stories, and to get feedback as well. To Buckeye Nut I am currently 19yo.
  14. I'll not pretend that I saw the old greats play as much as I have seen Tiger play, But from what I have seen, there is NO comparison. Tiger Woods is the most exciting golfer the game has ever seen by a Bubba drive.
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