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  1. I've got a new set of irons, and I'm not sure if I ended up getting shafts too stiff for my swing. My driver is between 100-110 depending on how hard I try to bomb it. Will you tend to fade or draw if your shafts are too stiff?
  2. Well, after struggling to decide where to play for Open Championship day, 3 buddies and I went up to Eaglemont Golf Club, an hour north of Seattle, and a reportedly kick ass course. at 7000+ and 74.6/143 from the tips, it's definitely not an easy course. When we got there we noticed that it was pretty empty, but early on the scenery did not disappoint. The weather was perfect, almost no wind, perfectly clear skies, and about 68* at our 9:00 am tee time. The first thing we noticed was the cheap municipal feeling clubhouse. It didn't seem to jive with the idea of a championship quality course. After paying ($45 with a cart, after using a 3 for price of 4 coupon) we decided to get a quick range bucket in before we teed off, only to discover that a) the driving range was a 5 minute drive via golf cart (we weren't even supposed to drive with the golf cart) and b) the range balls they gave us were so ridiculously old that every ball spun off on some weird direction as a result of a crack or completely worn off dimples. On return to the putting green we practiced on some crazy fast greens (attendant didn't know but I'm guessing 11+). Then we headed over to the first tee, at dogleg right par 5. We decided to use the middle tees (~6300 yards). Standing on the first tee box, it was clear there was significant OB right, and houses left. The problem was your tee shot was completely blind. You couldn't see where to hit it and how much safe landing area there was. So 3 of us hit Iron. At the part 4 second hole, the tee shot was blind. At the par 3 4th, the tee shot was half blind. Basically, the first half of the day felt like at least 50% of our tee and fairway shots were blind, significantly up or down hill, or across a significant ravine. At the turn we grabbed a dog and some brews, and remarked on how well maintained the course was. None of us could recall a mark on a green or dead grass. Seriously, this course was in pristine condition. We continued on the back nine, and felt the back was more of the same. Tons of blind, carry over ob, forced layups, and what not. On top of this, few sprinklers had yardages, the course map was so small it was useless, and there were no indicators of how far to ob, etc. This course would REALLY benefit from GPS. Aside from missing an eagle putt by 2 inches, I couldn't help but feel that this course wasn't just challenging, it was over the top. Often times courses make you pay for your mistakes, but this one felt like it dragged you out back and beat you up for them. After not losing more than a single ball over my last 4 rounds, I lost TEN balls, man attributed to not knowing what club or what play was right, and being punished when I chose wrong. Combine that with supremely challenging greens and a 16 handicap, and you can see that I was pretty pleased to score 100, my first 100 of the year :S. All in all, a gorgeous, incredibly hard course, that could be fun with a yardage book or gps, but probably one that I'll avoid in the future.
  3. New appreciation for the woods

    This might sound stupid.... but why'd you drive with a 4 iron only to hit a fairway wood? :D
  4. If you're using the front USB ports, I'd strongly recommend trying those on the back of your computer, directly connected to the mainboard. For some reason, many front USB ports tend to under-deliver voltage.
  5. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Shot 40 on a Par 33 9 hole with a 31.7/106 Front 9. Slightly better than bogey golf. And my first swings with the new R7 TP irons. Not bad at all. Nothing worse than a double.
  6. Which irons do you use?

    I'm finally upgrading from my 1998 Taylor Made Burner Tour Irons to the R7 TP with Project X 6.0. New off ebay for $499 (with microsoft cashback deal). Not bad!
  7. So I swung some new technology irons for the first time yesterday, and I'm not sure what to do. I've been playing Taylor Made Burner Tour Irons (Mark O'Meara circa 1998) for the past 10 years, and they've served me pretty well. They're not a proper blade, but they are darn close to a blade, and when you hit it right, they reward you. Over the 4th weekend, I swung a friends new X-18 irons (bought on closeout) and got easily a club of extra distance. So that got me thinking maybe it's time to look at the new stuff. Here's what I swung in order of liked to disliked: Taylor Made RAC MB TP (not smoke) Mizuno MP-67 Mizuno MP-57 Titleist AP-1 Taylor Made R7 TP Callaway Tour Forged Callaway X-20 Tour Callaway X-20 TaylorMade R7 Wilson Ci-7 TM Burner Tour I've heard a ton of brilliant things about the Mizunos, and not really heard ANYTHING about the Taylor Made MB TPs. I have no idea if these clubs are as good as my impressions at the shop, and I don't want to make the wrong decision. Additionally, I wonder if a blade is too much for me (ball striking is not why my Handicap is high), and if I should go with something like the R7 TP or the MP-57 to get the new cavity back technology. Opinions? Does anyone have the MP TPs that can share some insight?
  8. Picking a shaft

    I'm also thinking i need a new shaft: I had a great driving day this past weekend, with drives consistently in the 280 range, but they were a mile high it felt. I'm wondering if I'd get a better carry if my trajectory were lower on impact. My current is R7 9.5 + ProLaunch Blue R65. No idea on my swing speed. Thoughts?
  9. Which course to make home course

    Yes, it looks like the yardage and rating on SeattleGolfGuide.com is off for Jackson: 6247 yards and 69/114 now. This or Lynnwood are probably my two preferred options.
  10. Which course to make home course

    It should be noted that Harbour pointe, #5, and the best course (And most expensive) on my list doesn't use GHIN, they use EZ Links, which means I can't enter scores at most other courses.
  11. Which course to make home course

    #1 Lynnwood Muni #2 Nile #3 Wayne #4 Jackson Park (Seattle Muni) #5 Harbour Pointe #6 Walter Hall (Everett Muni)
  12. Which course to make home course

    I'm stuck trying to decide where to make my home course. I prefer one of the local courses, as driving for a while makes it difficult to play before work or get in a quick 9. All of the rates below are for 18 holes, and all of the slope/rating/yardages are for the tips. Here are my options: 4741 yards / par 65 / 3.6 Miles / 62.0/100 / $27 Weekday 5000 yards / par 67 / 4.1 Miles / 64.0/104 / $27 Weekday 4326 yards / par 65 / 4.4 Miles / 60.6/97 / $20 Weekday 5946 yards / par 71 / 6.5 Miles / 67.3/113 / $30 Weekday 6862 yards / par 72 / 6.6 Miles / 73.0/137 / $44 Weekday (with men's club) 6443 yards / par 72 / 7.8 Miles / 69.9/116 / $20 Weekday Obviously, the 5th course above is by far quality course in the group, but it's also significantly more expensive. What do you think about proximity versus quality/length.
  13. I'm thinking about upgrading my 10 year old Taylor Made tour irons, and I want to be able to go to a shop and not be forced into a sale. I want to take my time making decisions, swing lots of clubs, and feel like I'm working with someone who cares about me. Can you guys recommend shops or salespeople or club fitters in the seattle area?
  14. Very quick, easy question.

    Don't be sorry for rambling, that is great advice. In fact, when I do go to the range, I try to bring a score card from a course, and play each hole properly. Hit a drive, evaluate where it went, and think about what shot I would shoot if I was on the course. If I hit a mis-hit or a bad slice, I force myself to play what the course would have demanded. Maybe a punch down 3 iron, or a high ball to get over a tree, etc. So, to the chipping green i go ;)