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  1. I had a big problem with a slice. I went to lessons and it was pointed out to me that my left shoulder (Im right handed) was pointing way right of target, it straightened it up and it solved this. However I was still having some problems with the slice and came across this video http://www.golf.com/golf/video/artic...917414,00.html which has helped my game no end. The left shoulder was being straightened up and i was pushing my hip out so by following the instructions in the video everything was fixed. Might not be your problem but worth looking into as it is what worked for me.
  2. Ive searched this site and found a fair few links to websites with information on workouts etc, but are there any places I can go to download videos so I can put them on the iPod and work at them when I feel like it?
  3. You will have to let us know how you got on. Good luck.
  4. Was halfway through a very slow round the other day and was supposed to be meeting herself for dinner, rang her and said what time did she wanna meet at that I was gonna leave golf now because it was gonna take another 2 hours before we were finished. She just said finish the game and that she would make me dinner. (And she meant it). Was in shock all evening.
  5. Why dont you guys put your heads together and come up with a decent routine that everyone could follow to get the most out of the range.
  6. I recently purchased the hyper x driver and do like it, but i have a problem not turning my hands enough (i think) during my swing and this along with the 1* open face causes a bad slice for me, but my fault not the drivers and will be corrected as soon as i get round to a few lessons. But the driver is very good and i can feel it trying to straighten my shots when i hit it with the heel of the club. Want to get a ping g5 driver and 3 wood to see what they are like. Have a 5 wood and its class but would like to try out the other two and see how they play.
  7. I took a few lessons with my old clubs knowing that I was going to buy new ones, but I wanted any major problems with my swing sorted out before I got fitted for the new irons so that I got a better idea of how the club actually performed. I tried loads of sets; mizuno, taylormade, wilson, cobra, benross, cleveland, and a few others that I can't remember what they were now (also tried some muscle backs as well as cavity backs), but the best feeling club and most consistent were the Cobra FP. Absolutley love them. The shots feel class when I hit them and even when I have mis hits they still fee
  8. Have never had golf shoes but planning on getting some within the next few weeks as I want to start going round some of the nicer courses near me which have strict dress codes. Some of the adidas shoes do look nice but can be very expensive too. Hawkeye, where do you get your golf equipment?
  9. I bought a Callaway Hyper X Tour driver and got a dozen hx hot bite balls free. Next trip I will either get new shoes or a putter, although I would like to add a Ping G5 fairway wood to my bag, I love the 5wood I have.
  10. I would agree with the callaway hyper x driver i bought it recently, and im very happy with it. the only problem i have is trying to cure my slice but i have been working on it and making progress. The callaway driver feels nice to hit and even when i hit it off center i can feel it trying to straighten itself up. Cost me 180£ and got a pack of callaway hx hot bite dozen golf balls free (usually cost £25)
  11. I have the zero friction tees and they just shatter into pieces every time i use one. Have more of them but a lot of people have said that plastic tees mark your clubs so have stuck with wooden ones. Large packs are very cheap on ebay.
  12. This is a big problem that I have. Anywhere within 20 feet of the green and I have problems trying to get it on the green or keep it on the green never mind getting it close. Any tips for this or even a good video or two?
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