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  1. Albany area.

    Not a bad idea.
  2. Unwritten Rules of Golf

    I wear a visor, so technically 1/2 my hat (if not more) has already been removed. So I dont remove my hat! I prefer a fist bump to shaking some dude's sweaty hand. Think about it after 6 hours of wrapping his hands around that petri dish he calls grips. After he has pulled his ball from all the ponds, still water puddles and woods. NOPE!!!! NOPE!!! NOPE!!!!
  3. What'd You Shoot Today?

    43 on the front. Mostly par-bogie golf with a quad bogie on the 4th hole.
  4. Tee box etiquette

    Personally I don't care where you stand. I also don't care about keeping quiet during my swing. I grew up playing baseball and other contact sports. I now play on a muni course which is in the middle of a city. Sirens, car horns, barking dogs and loud neighbors. I typically hum to myself as a part of my pre-shot routine. I am used to people talking through my swing and my putting. On the flip side, if you can not be like me, simply ask me to move. I find golfer can be like my spouse, I cannot guess what you want, You must be specific!
  5. Golf League Costs???

    My league costs $370 $270 for greens fees ($15 per 9 for 18 weeks) (carts are the responsibility of the golfer) $100 for league dues. We have 60 guys, 6 flights-10 guys a flight. The league does a 50/50 every week for $3-$5, this covers our "beer nights", which is when the league buys X amount of pitchers, once a month. The League covers the cart/greens fees for the 6 flight winners at the end of the season. The league kicks in 50%-60% for 2 tournaments (mid & end of year). Prizes for most (usually a golf balls and other things from the pro shop). 50/50 raffle after ever round has generated money for the league. We also share the 50/50 with another league that night. We also allow non-league people to get in on the raffle. Anyone who is there at the bar/restaurant/patio can get in a win.
  6. Albany area.

    Work in Albany. I think there is no better place for fall ball than upstate NY.
  7. Anybody use a Chipper?

    My game goes as follows 260+ drive 2nd shot is between 120-155 3rd shot lands either on green (far from hole) or just off the green. from there I either have to chip onto the green or make a putt, or make a long putt. Either way I am looking at 3 if not 2 putts, which will be a par/bogie. I dont see how or where a chipper fits into my game. I would much rather spend my time working on my accuracy and getting the ball closer to the hole.
  8. Anybody use a Chipper?

    I use my 60 degree club for 80 yard full shots, short chips that have to stop quick and the dreaded flop shot! otherwise I use my 56 wedge. I will plead ignorance about the chipper. Do you use it for 50 yard chips? and bump and runs? I am a 15-16 hcp because I can not putt. I am a guarantee 2 putt and a few 3's I care not to discuss. A buddy in my group last week pointed out that in the 10 years he has played with me I still leave the ball short. I can not read greens, nor the speed. I am in the fairway, and on the green in regulation but 2-3 putt. But since most my practice is in my back yard with my sand wedge, hitting short chips, is equipment change even reasonable?
  9. In this day and age anything is fair game for social media! As long as they are not violating a league rule or their platforms terms of service.
  10. Anybody use a Chipper?

    As I 15+ hcp (15.7 at last revision), I have no use for a chipper. However I use my 60 numerous times a round. Use what works! I know a guy who carries a 9 wood. Another who carries both a right and left handed putter!
  11. League Players vs Regular Players - Etiquette

    Actually, why don't you join the league? You would get 9 holes at a reduced price and priority on the tee.
  12. League Players vs Regular Players - Etiquette

    I know my course requires the league to pay in full by April 1st. That means just my league alone is handing over $16,000 just for greens fees. Assuming 1/2 the guys rent a cart, another $6000 during the season. And alot of the league members show up to play an early 9, which is another green fee & cart. Not to mention what we spend on drinks from the cart girl during the round and food and drink after each round. Plus the greens/cart fees during a charity round we host with other leagues, add in more pizza & beer All this is just for 1 league and 1 night. We know that there is a league or 2 or 3 on the course every week night. Therefore, should league members allow you to play through and then have to wait on you if you play slow? If you loose a ball? If you get to the fairway and realize you have a lost ball and have to trek back to the TEE. Leagues make the courses a lot of money a lot more than 1 guy who paid $18 for 9 holes, even if you buy a beer on the course and after. Leagues pay out good money to have the tee blocked for a specific time, so maybe they do own the course for those few hours.
  13. League Players vs Regular Players - Etiquette

    I play in a league of 60 members, we have the front/back tee each week blocked from 3-5 pm. The only way a non-leaguer gets out before 5 is if all the league member are already on the course. Summer tends to have lighter traffic so not many of us are teeing off at 5, however there is a 3 group women's league that follows us. On the opposite side of the course there is at least 2-3 leagues. This goes on for 18 weeks and we spend a lot of money at the 19th hole and with the cart girl. We have been doing this for nearly 50 years, Therefore the course is going to allow us to play a little slower if we need to. From my experience league members are not only playing for points in the league, but there can be side bets going as well. I will say that pace of play is a major talking point in my league. While I am not a slow player I have a golfer in my flight that is insanely slow. Each and every week he is taking his time with each shot, reading the breaks on the green like it was the 18th of the Masters. Since I have to play with him nearly every week, we are typically a hole behind. The president of the league will remind us (the slow guy does not go to the 19th) about slow play. But realistically what is the course going to do, kick us off? What are you going to do, play through and make us wait on you? If you want to play golf on a weekday, tee off before 2:30 or after 5:30. But once again the course is making way more money off league members in 1 day as it gets from one group of golfers stuck behind slow league players
  14. Scrambles are like the wild west, there are few rules & no one follows them! That being said the rule on OB during a scramble is what ever the chairperson/organizer declares before teeing off. Most scrambles I have played the rules were one of either: A) hit anywhere from the line of entry (into OB) B) go to the designated drop zone C) go back to the Tee box in all 3 cases a stroke is added for the lost ball. As far as the second example; while I agree that once the ball is holed out, the hole is over, even I have tapped in a gimme putt while the other golfers are still going for birdie. I see this happen alot for pace of play. There is no reason to wait for everyone to miss a birdie put so we can set up the ball, retrieve the mark and try and sink our 6" par putt. I think if the ball were at a distance greater than the length of a putter I would feel differently. However scrambles are supposed to be fun and for charity.
  15. Conspiracy theories you believe in?

    I agree The Dyatlov Pass Incident, is weird and is a real life X file!