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  1. I can walk 9 for $19 to $22. But that is on the weekday and you have to tee off between 1-3 or after 5 due to leagues.
  2. Locally, we have 1 country club which is selling off 9 of its 27 holes for the purposes of building condos. This same club is also going to demolish and downsize the club house. The reason is their membership is down and the business of hosting weddings has diminished. This was one of the oldest clubs in the area, founded in 1904. Another course in the same town has been trying to sell to developers for a few years. I know plenty of young people who are playing, but nowhere near what it was many years ago. Just too many other options out there for spending $45 to $65 on a Saturday!
  3. 9 is not enough. 18 is too much and takes too long. 4 hours (on a good day) is a lot of time to be away from family, job, etc.... I always think about Myrtle beach. In the 15 years of going I have watched many courses turn to condos. I guess they make more money that way. Golf, as is, is a dying sport, unless they get more economic, less time consuming and expand to the new generation, which has no patience.
  4. Elmer

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    You sir, are correct!
  5. Elmer

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    Add Roy McAvoy, Ty Webb and maybe Rannulph Junuh to the mountain. And NO there no room for Happy Gilmore!
  6. Elmer

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    Last I checked, no one made a movie about Palmer, Nicklaus or Woods. But they did make one about Francis Ouimet & Vardon!
  7. Elmer

    Your State's Sports Mt. Rushmore

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Lou Gehrig Vince Lombardi Mike Tyson Walter Hagen Pat Riley (my 8th grade English teacher dated him in high school so had to be on the list) I could whittle the list down a little, but that would be work! the wealth of legendary talent my state has produced is astounding! I could make a dozen lists from the people I left on the cutting room floor!
  8. Elmer

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    I think Vardon was the early superstar in Golf. Of course he was beat in an 18 hole playoff by amateur Francis Ouimet. Does beating a giant warrant a spot on the Mount? Otherwise: Palmer, Hogan, Woods!
  9. Scar I am not worried about. The stitches are on my back shoulder, between should and neck. I am getting too old to take my shirt off any how, no one will even see the scar. I was worried about ripping stitches and gushing blood. Thanks for feedback!
  10. Went in to Skin DR on Wed, she spotted something on my shoulder and wanted a biopsy ASAP. So Thursday I go in, they cut shoulder open and take out a small piece of me. The Dr sews me up with 3 stitches. During out casual conversation she remakes that it "is too bad they don't make golf courses inside". She ends the visit by indicating I have stitches, so no heavy lifting or golf for 2 weeks. I have a end of the season, golf league outing in 9 days. I am this years league champion. There is no way I am not playing! Now I am trying to talk myself into playing being safe it is a gimicky course, with lots of iron shots off the tee. I wont use my drive that much. I wont swing hard. The stitches or on the fatty part of the back, between shoulder and neck. Whats the worst that could happen, I rip the stitches a little and scar? "chicks dig scars", right? I am still young enough that I should be healed by enough in 9 days. If I do rip, I see the Dr 4 days after and she can just sew me up...... What say you?
  11. Elmer

    14 rules of golf Etiquette

    My Home Muni course used to have divot mix on the TEE boxes. However Considering the course also part of a public park, someone was taking the divot mix home. The Super did not know if it was golfers or local residents. eitherway someone these days has a decent lawn.
  12. Elmer

    14 rules of golf Etiquette

    For pace of play I will give within the grip of a putter. However I have been known to engage in the mercy gimmie, when the ball is outside of a few feet and the golfer is pushing past quad boogie. I talk to my ball. I talk to your ball. I talk to the trees, the wind and bunker to get out of the way. I hold conversations with myself about how the green probably wont break the way I see it. I find this keeps me at ease. Just last week I played with a guy, who had never had the pleasure of playing a round with me. At least once a hole he asked "what?", as I gently talked to myself about my shot.
  13. Elmer

    14 rules of golf Etiquette

    Showing up less than 15 minutes before your tee time. ( I work a day job and only have so much time to take off. So I leave work, get caught in traffic and because of this I am used to walking up to the Tee box a minute to tee off and just grip and rip!) Putting with too many balls on the practice green. (see above, no time to practice) Failing to pick up the flagstick. (I tend to space out on the green and forget to pick up the stick) Taking only one club to your ball on cart path only days. (on occasion I have grabbed 2 irons and walked to my ball only to find out it was not my ball. My ball was either further up or back, rendering my clubs out of range) Looking for a lost ball for more than five minutes. (never, I have 200 balls in my garage, If I dont find it move on. My balls usually go deep into the wood, so there is usually no question!) Talking to someone else's ball. (I am social and talk to anyone or anything at any time) Standing behind someone as they putt. (playing with leftys and rightys, means I am always standing in the wrong spot) Walking in a player's through line. ( I usually jump over it) Placing bag on a tee box. ( home course has crappy tee boxes, bags does not seem to do much harm) Walking across the green with your bag. Lack of divot pattern on the driving range. Not picking up on a match play hole when you're out of it. Checking your phone too much. ( no phones on the golf course!!!!) Gimmes (failing to give, taking too many for yourself) (I space out and forget to give putts, but when asked within the grip is good by me)
  14. Elmer

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Shot an gross 87. net 68, to take my league championship. Tried to give it away with a blow up-triple bogie on 18, but held on to win by 1 stroke!
  15. Elmer

    Albany area.

    Schedule is booked in August, but fall is usually less hectic.

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