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  1. "He" didn't take the wrong penalty. He took a 2 stroke penalty for breaking the rules. it is up to the rules officials or PGA to disqualify him. We can have an endless discussion of "what if".... However haven't there been golfers who lost a tournament because someone called in a penalty, when there is no evidence the golfer was aware an infraction had taken place. We accept that, we would accept this. Penalty is a penalty.
  2. "disrespect" is a matter of personal interpretation. Much in the same that some find it "disrepectful" to wear a ball cap at the dinner table, others do not. the definition of "disrespect" is "showing a lack of respect or courtesy; impolite." To me, he broke a rule and took the penalty. I also do not find it goes against the "foundation of the game". It goes against the rules. golfers break rules all the time, knowingly and unknowingly and they get penalized. Of all the cheating that goes on in golf, is this the worst thing to happen on a golf course. I have to imagine a golfer somewhere at sometime, took an unplayable and penalty because they dont want to hit the ball as it lie. How is this different than using the rules? except one is a crime and one is a rule in a golf tournament! Once again there are plenty who cheat and break rules in golf and never say a word and never get caught. but Mickelson has ruined the game?
  3. "Philosophically speaking, that's what Mickelson did. He gained an advantage by breaking the rules." He broke the rules, was assessed a penalty, Move along!!!! I think someone "disrespects the game" when they try to break the rules without getting caught. He did this with the intent of getting caught and carding a 10!
  4. Elmer

    Personal Goofy Rules

    Years ago I played a scramble that sold a "rescue kit" for $25. The kit allowed 1 kick, 1 pass, 1 punt. The kit also had 3 legnth of string which could be used on any hole. If the ball was within the string it was considered holed, requiring no additional putt. We also had 1 "tee it forward" card. This was the most fun I had on a golf course!!!!!! Rules I want: 1 Mulligan per 9. I duff balls off the tee because of the conversations going on in my back swing. I know it should not both me, but..... No pot smoking on the tee box. This leads to people talking during my back swing. maybe I need to look into playing better courses, with better clientele!
  5. I think this is an unwritten rule of the Bro Code, which overrules all other rules. You must declare loudly, "dude that smells", use your putter to roll the ball to a less stinky area and play on! Feel free to access your mate a 2 stroke penalty, 3 if a screamer is too loose and causes a shart!
  6. Some days I am that guy! During the season I am middle of the pac, not the best not the worst. My league has 6 flights and 60 total golfers I rank about #22. my league has a mid and end of year outing at other courses. Each year I am consistently nearly the worse player at these outings. As long as you have fun.... Just have fun!!!! See my response above!
  7. Play! 2 things that help you improve Playing every week and a bit a competition. you would be amazed at how a little competition can focus your attention. Or forget all that and go out and play a league round, shoot lousy and give the points to an opponent. But have fun and socialize. It is just a game!
  8. Elmer

    Y’all ever sneak on to a course?

    We used to sneak on the local par 3 course to fish in the pond. Every so often we would bring a club and try to hit a ball. This was way before I ever had interest or knowledge in the game of golf. Few years back I went to play the same course, paid my $12 for 9 holes and when I finished 9, I walked back over to 5 and kept playing. 5-9 is on the other side of a pond and away from the starter shack. There was no one on the course, I slept fine that night, my conscience is clear. I have been invited by a member to golf at his country club. Sometime the invites are after a mid day round. We end up heading to the CC and teeing up around 6 and play until dark. sometimes I have paid for my round, when we get there late and the office is closed I don't pay, this is the suggestion of the member. Once again, I sleep fine, my conscience is clear!
  9. Elmer

    How many three-putts (or more) did you have today?

    4 10th, 11th, 12th & 17th. Without 3 putts I would not be a bogie golfer!
  10. Switched, No issues! Did not notice any less grip or traction on slopes, hills or wet turf! Adidas 360 Traxion Bounce Spikeless Shoes about $80 https://www.globalgolf.com/golf-shoes/1036767-adidas-360-traxion-bounce-spikeless/
  11. The reason I got the cart for free was-years ago they raised the cart rate at the course my father used to work. As an employee he got free golf, but the owner wanted to charge for the cart. He got ticked off and bought the cart at a golf expo for $125. I was with him and remember telling him, he was never, ever going to walk. I was correct, he never used the cart once. When I became unable to carry my bag any longer, he donted the cart to me. I am going to try bungies. I am also going to try to distribute the weight in the bag differently. I noticed when I keep a full bottle of water in the left pouch the bag pulls. Too much rain gear in the right and it pulls. The issue will become how to carry water, since the course does not keep on the course and the cart has no decent drink holder. Looks like the cart girl is going to make a fortune off of me! And here I thought making contact was the most difficult part of golf!
  12. Elmer

    Within 50 yds ....

    If Johnny Miller could chip like the pros today he would never utter the phrase "bump & run" again! Of course I wonder why the pros of today are better at chipping than bump & run? Maybe it should be phrased as "less skilled at bump & run". Could today's wedges and variety of wedge/club options be a factor?
  13. Years ago I was given a Bagboy Sidekick for the low, low price of nothing. Since my shoulders no longer allow me to carry the bag on the course I moved to walking with a push cart. The issue I have is I have the choice of 2 bags and neither fit on the cart properly. The bag are Ogio Grom (stand bag) & Nike Sport 2 (cart) Both slide and rotate on the cart and end up on their side. I have begun placing the stand bag on its side, but then it is a pain and challenge to access 1/2 the pockets if need be. I am trying to avoid having to spend money on a new bag or cart Anyone encounter this issue? any one have a solution? Anyone have any advice? Riding in a cart is not an option!
  14. Elmer

    Within 50 yds ....

    I dont/cant bump and run. Reason being, my home course does not have the turf or condition to have any consistency for a bump and run, therefore I have never practiced. However I practice chipping and pitching (don't know the difference) in the back yard about 20-30 years from boundaries of my yard. I use a 54 in the yard, 56 on the course.

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