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  1. Thanks for your perspective on the matter. I have always been of the mind set that you "leave nothing on the field", therefore I tend to push too hard in most everything. I swing too hard, play the drums to hard, Run too hard. Ex.If I run a mile then tomorrow I have to run mile and 1/2! it becomes compulsive, or maybe it is a bit of my OCD mixed with impatiences. I guess I need to smarten up as I get older and learn to moderate everything.
  2. I have spent most of the winter making an effort to get in a healthy routine. I have got rid of the idea focusing on losing weight or bulking up, I just want to feel healthier. I want to be more active. I want to feel better. The first issue was over coming my planter fasciitis (left foot), which has plagued me since last summer. Who knew that I could suddenly become flat footed when I hit middle age! This was resolved with a good pair of insoles in a great pair of running sneakers. Because of this, I am able to run 2 miles non stop. My routine is now 2 miles atleast 2-3 times a week and some moderate lifting with dumbells and use of combat ropes. Of course while adding my walking/running, I have developed sciatica in my left hip. This has not stopped the running, but limited any situps, crunches or squats. Now that the sciatica has started to clear up (thanks to a dr directed daily double dose of NSAIDs), I increased my lifting. knowing my golf season starts in a month, I started to push a little more with various 3 sets of 25 lb dumbbells and a kettle bell. ....and I goofed up my left shoulder. My shoulder is still mobile, I can do anything with it, I just have a slight pain, discomfort and soreness with anything over the shoulder or extending. I fear going back to the Dr as he will tell me to take more NSAIDs and to "take it easy" I guess the short version of this story is "I am getting old quickly", or "I an not aging well". I cannot even get a decent routine going will out some injury or pain getting in the way. in all seriousness, how do you keep going when everything seems to hurt? How do you work through the injury and not let it slow you down, knowing that another ailment is on the way?
  3. Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame

    I am sure that is true of all sports and sports legends!
  4. Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame

    I would bet that Rose gets in the Hall the day after he is buried!
  5. Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame

    While I disagree with putting Bonds et al. in the Hall. If Bonds gets in I think so should Clemens! I never thought Sosa or McGuire were HOF worthy players! But still no Pete Rose!!!!!
  6. Thanks, I am going to add this to my pre-post run routine and my daily routine. I was instructed and advised to do the calve wall stretch. https://www.healthline.com/health/fitness-exercise/plantar-fasciitis-stretches#stretching
  7. Yes Yes, Dr, told me to ice, stretch, etc. Wear insoles.. However, it just takes 1 wrong step hopping out of bed and I can tweak it.
  8. Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame

    Going to have to respectfully disagree, Bonds was a good hitter but not the best. While he ranks #1 in HR, he is 236th in batting average (.298), compare that to Cobb #1 (.366). Bonds is 54th in Strike outs (1539 SO, during 22 yrs) compared to Cobb who ranks 709 (680 SO during 24 yrs) Hits- Bonds #37 (2935), Rose #1 (4256, 24yrs) Cobb #2 (4189, 24yrs) Bond hit a lot of HR's, but struck out alot. Atleast Rose and Cobb hit for average, high average in Cobb's case. To debunk "the best" compare to Ted Williams. in 19 years Williams had 521 HR, .344 BA , 709 Strike outs. Bonds- 762 HR, .298 BA, 1539 SO And TED Williams lost 3 years because he was serving in the Military during WWII! So there is no way Bonds is "the best". Secondly, you are correct Steroids to not help hand eye coordination, they help recovery. So when Bonds was using (which the unnatural growth of his head confirms) he would be fresh every game day, while non users lag and drag. Third, Peter Rose was his own worst enemy. If when it all came out, he admitted to his gambling. If he admitted he had an addiction and showed some remorse, I think things would have ended differently. Instead he denied his gambling for 20 years even when the evidence against him was spot on. He only admitted to gambling when it financially benefited him, in selling his book! Lastly this statement, on a golf forum, from a golfer, baffles me: " He broke a rule, sure. But he was the best. And honestly, I don't care if someone cheats, it's fun to watch guys like him play." Because if a golfer in your 4some or your league was openly cheating, and taking your money I think your opinion would be different. If Tiger or Rory was openly cheating on tour, this forum would be filled with posts decrying such behavior!
  9. Last June I came down with a great case of Plantar fasciitis in my left foot. I struggled to finish out the golf season, but had to sacrifice walking most my rounds. With 2 month till I start golfing again I am in need of a new pair of golf shoes. Unfortatly, this condition is not going 100% away. One wrong step and I am back to battling the pain. Therefore I have to be super conscience of my feet! I am looking for a decent pair, not overly expensive, not dirt cheap. I need a pair that I can walk a course. They either need to be geared toward those suffering from Plantar fasciitis, or I will need to utilize a Plantar fasciitis insole. If the latter is the case, can anyone recommend a good Plantar fasciitis insole? I have already bought 5 different pairs and only 1 is decent. Full insole, good support, but $40 a pair! Any advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated!
  10. Predict Tiger's 2018 Season

    The field is way better than it was 20 years ago. Tiger is not in his prime and not even playing that close to the dominant level he once was. He is good enough to win on tour, at least once. One of those maybe a major! If he wins more than once I will start wearing matching socks on the golf course!
  11. Subscribe to Golfers Journal

    Next time can you flip through a little slower. maybe spending a little more time on each page. If you could do this quarterly, with each new issue that would also be great!
  12. 2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    I would personally sponsor you to walk every and all PGA events, as long as you wore that outfit!
  13. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    I personally think Tiger is done! He is now more hype than man! I wish him the best but expect little.
  14. I got it in my left foot in the beginning of June. Wrecked my entire summer of golf. Had to baby my left foot, made it difficult to swing or walk a course. I bought countless inserts. one for work, one for sneaker, one for golf shoe. Could no longer walk barefoot, had to buy special flip flops with arches. Reef are a good pair. Went to Dr, he said I had a fallen arch. Went to a Podiatrist. He told me to ice and stretch and wear arches in everything. after 5 months, I still can not jog and if I step wrong it can be aggravated. My advise- Rest it. ice, stretch it, good pair of shoes and a good insert if your arches need it. Sucks getting older!
  15. I find a rather steady diet of beans (bean burritos, Beans & rice, black beans, red beans, pinto beans, etc...) keeps most people away from me most of the time.

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