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  1. I have been to plenty of stadiums for football and baseball. Seen a lot of streakers. None of them were naked. maybe it is different in your region. I think in this day & age of cell phones the nudity has subsided. Maybe it is regional, but I have squirrels that streak across my yard, taunting my dog. Your miles may vary, but I pay money to play golf. Sometimes I pay good money to play. I want to play the course in the best possible shape. I see someone putting themselves in a position to cause damage to the course I say something and judge them harshly for their actions. I don't care if it is the owner, Bobby Jones or G*d! It would be no different if any of the above name decided to wack their putter head into the green in anger leaving a gash!!!!
  2. I have never seen our club pro/superintendent drive across the green with equipment. Ground crew, YES. But that is upkeep and maintenance. The definition of streak is "move very fast in a specified direction". You inferred nudity. I stand by my statement. I may have a dislike of the man even before his became political, however wrong is still wrong to me on this issue. I do not care if it was Trump, Tiger or Jesus, you do not drive on the Green. Would we give him a pass if he drove on the green during a PGA event? When does "owner being an owner" stop excusing this behavior? And I know this is hypothetical, but what if he had left damage in his wake?
  3. you left out "schmuck"! does the "no harm, no foul" rule, really get used with us golfers? Don't we have a forum dedicated to rules and rules violations. Dont we spend countless non-refundable hours arguing about a playing partner who did not take a proper drop or did not mark their ball properly? Don't we discuss ad nauseam ethics violations on our courses? We never once saw George Steinbrenner streak across center field during a Yankee game even thought he was the owner and it is his right to do so? For someone who plays soo much golf, and takes his golf game and score seriously (google it), he simply should know better and there is simply no excuse.
  4. If he were to urinate in the elevator of the Trump tower (a building he "owns") is that OK? Ownership is ownership and there is no dispute over your right to treat your stuff. However something can be said for acting ethically and responsibly, Not to mention setting an example for those around you. An owner should set an example as to how they want their course to be treated. An owner should simply set an example for others, not act like a child "my ball, my rules"! Believe it or not there are a lot of numskulls out there who will use this as a reason to emulate, for good or bad!
  5. Some owners feel a sense of entitlement, Some believe that the rules don't apply to them, or they are above them. It certainly shows a lack of respect for the course, the game and the other golfers. But then again how you behave on a golf course says alot about the type of person you are! "I’ve heard stories that suggest, let’s say, that he takes liberties Bobby Jones would never have taken"
  6. I loved the use of the protracer and split screen. I found that SWMBO was actually paying attention to the protracer. It gave her an indication of what the ball was doing and where it was going. Opposed to the usual non-visible ball in a sky shot! I like the guy giving the course insight. Once again his insight made SWMBO pay attention and start commenting on the course. I think he used a basket ball because it is a larger visual aide! Sonders: Without knocking her life choices, there is no denying there is a visual aspect of her interviews. That being said, I can not look at Joe Buck without thinking of his hair plugs! However I watch golf to watch golf, to watch a golfer hit a ball and walk after it. I have no interest or use for the type of interview or stories Sonders covers. You can replace her with anyone and I would feel the same way.
  7. he tells me to swing smooth & easy. Takes my money and leaves me with 1/2 a bucket to work on my swing.
  8. Maybe it is the non-conformist in me, but I never understood the notion that someones attire was disrespectful. unless there are specific rules and they are clearly outline and posted, isnt "disrespectful" subjective? (just like my wearing a ball cap at dinner, how is that lacking respect? if asked to remove I will, otherwise go fly a kite!) My home course is in the middle of a former industrial/manufacturing city. They have no dressing rooms and most chose jeans and t-shirts as a attire. The course for the last 50 year has never turned away a Vet, factory worker or anyone who chose blue jeans and t-shirts. With the competitiveness or and saturation of the market courses who turn people away must have an established funding stream. For the record I golf in black shorts (not cargo) and a microfiber polo shirt. 2 reasons for this: 1- not comfortable in jeans (never wear them) 2- I arrive at the course from work, where I am usually wearing a polo shirt
  9. This weekend I had a Night Shift Brewing- Whirlpool pale ale, it was excellent. I second anything from Alchemist as a top choice. Excellent stuff!
  10. "in the spirit of the game by acting with integrity, showing consideration to others and taking good care of the course." All too subjective to me. Some people on the course ask you not to "take the lords name in vain" Some people are atheist and curse up a storm. Takes too may new rules and directives to define intent of integrity & consideration.
  11. So good money is on "Tiger will never win another major"??????
  12. Western NY has excellent wing, no contest. Just like the best Pizza is found in NYC!!! I would think someone whose off course behavior and to an extent on course behavior, while not illegal could be slightly morally objectionable! Their behavior and actions may go against or push the boundary of what most in that clicke consider good behavior. If Happy Gilmore was real and on tour, he would be the bad boy!
  13. Honestly, Who hasn't passed out at a hooters!
  14. There are plenty of athletes who follow the rules of their game, but get caught with DWI's, drugs, cheating on spouses etc.... While I have always maintained the a person who cheats on their wives, taxes and so forth will also cheat at golf; professionals treat their sport as a job. I think all athletes try to get any advantage they can in the game. But if were are going to make comparisons about sports "bad boys" they need to be 1:1 comparisons. Sure Daly and Allenby have done some outragous things off the course, but none of them have ever been Kapernick, Manny Rameriz, Richard Sherman, Dennis Rodman, Ritche Incognito or Pac Man Jones!
  15. I have worked to slow my back swing down, smooth it out. My follow through is fast, hard and violent. I explode and crush the ball. I have been working on this as it habit, but also can wear me down way to easy.