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  1. I totally forgot that my golf shop ( do not belong to a club) has a Toptracer in a few of their range booths. I have never used this as $7 for an hour on top of $12 for a large bucket gets pricey and addictive. "Toptracer is a comprehensive training mode allows guests to hone their skills by offering data such as distance (carry and total), ball speed, launch angle, height, landing angle, hang time and distance to target." I guess I have work to do...
  2. Unfortunately I cant afford to replace all my clubs. Since I am still playing 2008 Berthas (super game improvement), I am in dire need of new irons. I also need a 3 wood, since I haven't had one in my bag in years. got to hit the new Taylormade. The 3 wood was like magic....but I digress! I guess I can go to the golf shop and compare my clubs to new clubs, under the guise that I am looking to buy a new driver. Which is Truthful, as I find the right driver for under $300, I would grab it. However I still feel like it would be a combo of the 2 clubs I already have.
  3. I have 2 drivers in my bag and waffle between which on helps my game and which one I am comfortable with. I spent an hour at the range the other day just hitting driver, this one than that one, in an attempt to compare the two. I even went home and jotted down a pro-con list (seen below). For the record, I can not go get fitted for a driver as the local golf shop only does so, if your intent is to purchase a club. I can tell you my swing speed is over 100. I also use regular steel shafts on my irons. My 5 wood & 4 Hybrid also have regular graphite shafts. I have found that with regular shafts as long as I keep my timing and tempo under control, and dont swing out of my shoes, everything stays a bit ok. However, I am still explosive with the driver. Big swing, big power! Callaway Black X 10.5 stiff shaft (bought used, in mint condition for $100) Hits hard. Slight draw Miss is a line drive or small slice Hits lower Feels like have to work to get distance Average distance 250-260 2009 TaylorMade Burner 10.5 reg shaft (bought at market price in 2009 w/ a free 5 wood) Hits soft and effortlessly More draw Miss is big slice it or big hook Hits the ball high Easy to get distance Avg dist 255-270 I guess it comes down to just not liking the Callaway. I don't like the way it feels, the way it hits, the way it sounds, the way it looks, but the result is usually safer and I have been playing better with it. So how do you judge 1 club against another? What is the deciding factor for club selection, especially on a limited budget? Any thoughts or advise is appreciated!
  4. I have played with a few amateur sleight of hand artists. One in particular has never lost a ball. Even when we hear it hit deep into the woods. He will always drop you at your ball and then look for his. Miraculously always finds it. The first couple times, OK, but after that, I was not born yesterday! What he does is: 1- plays random feral balls, as he works at a course and has an endless supply. 2-Never marks his ball, considers it defacing 3- what ever ball you find, is probably his 4-Keeps a ball in his pocket, when he reaches in the rough, or to move a leaf announces "here it is and places it". 5- never plays out of a bunker. "F that, I dont know whats in there, I am not going to risk my clubs" 6- Writes what he "should" have scored, not what he did. Therefore, lipped puts, chucked chips and duffed tee shots dont count. Suffice to say I only play with this individual for scrambles, as we mostly use my shots and I control the score card. As far as " player being unfamiliar with the Rules", I find that alot of the weekend warrior, retired weekday players know the rules. They just dont care. They are not playing for money, they are not playing for a championship, they are just out there batting the ball around and enjoying the day with their buddies. I have heard it many, many times "I paid to play, I will play the way I want. I am just out her to have fun". And really who am I to tell a bunch of old timers, Vietnam vets that they cant improve their lie to even ground. However, I will say that I have seen more than 1 course (ranger) force a golfer not to adhere to the loss of distance on a lost ball. Hit a ball, thought it was ok. Got to the spot realized it must have hooked more than thought and went into woods. Never found ball. Went to head back to the tee to take shot, ranger stopped us and said "NO!". There was a group behind us and group behind them. ranger said "what are going to do bump in front of them, they are on the TEE?" "just drop and hit" So I dropped where I thought it went out, took a stroke. Worst of all, despite that one bad hole, finished with decent score, but couldn't use the score for handicap. Around here, golf is a dying sport. Private courses are struggling for members, public courses are struggling for players. Most these places just want you playing. They don't care, or enforce the rules. They just want your money until they convert to condos. This is why there are so many cargo shorts white undershirts on the course! So we have people who are spending their hard earned $65 to play a 5 hour casual round. The know the rules, they just don't care. But I always wonder if these same people played Augusta or St. Andrews, under the watchful eye of patron, would they still cheat?
  5. G*d hates a coward!!!!! Of course you take the bet!
  6. I think you can compare numbers. But I also think those numbers need historical context. Equipment, course, competition, schedule, Medical science, etc.... I think this is a debate that will never be settled, similar to debates in almost any other sport that has a deep history.
  7. Was at my local club shop. My daughter and myself were trying out putters. I tried every scotty Cameron available. The price range was from $450 to $550. I tried some pings and odysseys. None of them compare to my Cleveland Classic #1, purchased for $69 a few years back. https://www.todaysgolfer.co.uk/equipment/golf-clubs/putters/cleveland/classic/cleveland-classic-putter/ I agree with all the others, get fitted, if need to. But find the putter that is right for you. Regardless of the name.
  8. If only Kucher was aware of this when he chose a local caddie while playing a tournament in Mexico!
  9. Per the above posted article: "What the caddie would receive for a win was not discussed." "While most people agree with Ortiz that he didn't merit the normal 10 percent, keep in mind the caddie's intake was less than half of ONE percent" Kucher won 1.3 million and is worth nearly 46 million or more. His actions and comments show how out of touch with working folks he is. Kucher is another example of why golf is seen as a elitist. Once the story is on Pardon The Interruption and Social media, it gets amplified. If social media does anything, it magnifies bad actions and shames people for lacking empathy. It is a far better PR look if he comes out and says he made a mistake and pay him a decent sum. if not he will be fielding question about what he pays his caddie for some time.
  10. Anyway you fall on this issue, Kuchar is not looking good with the following statement: “For a guy who makes $200 a day, a $5,000 week is a really big week,” he said. Extremely Rich Golfer Matt Kuchar Defends Stiffing His Caddie Back in November, pro golfer Matt Kuchar won the Mayakoba Golf Classic in Mexico, which earned him $1.3 million. It’s customary for golfers on tour to give their caddies a 10-percent cut of their tournament winnings, which...
  11. I have it on really good authority from Kuchar's brother's Aunt's nephews step-son, that Kuch paid the caddie a beat up quater and a some pocket lint. But the initial agreement was for far less, so the caddie made out pretty, pretty well! Bottom line- unless you were part of the initial negotiation, everything else is speculation!
  12. I dont think the 11 extra balls break my back. either a full Water bottle or rain coat & towel probably add more weight. I dont carry an umbrella, so rain coat is a must. "Hey, coolness is an attitude. You’ve got to look purposeful and confident when walking those 20 steps getting to your tee shot. 😁" I am usually pretty good off the tee, usually leaving 120 to 100 into the green (on my home muni course). My issue is when I skull my second shot 10-20 over the green, or simple power the ball over the green. It takes a certain type of "coolness" to grab your putter and wedge and walk past the green!
  13. I looked into "rucking", the added weight helps to burn calories, and work the core (though posture). At least according to the article I read. It was a heck of a way to start the day. I have also started taking the stairs at work, up and down to the 4th floor. This has turned my legs to jello by the end of the day, but that is a good thing. Couple reasons: 1- I feel less cluttered when I don't have to bother with a cart. When I show up to my league I have a short time to change in the parking lot and get down to the tee. 2- Golfing cart less, seems to simply my game and day. As noted above, Changing and grabbing a bag seems very simple. Being able to place a bag anywhere opposed to locking on flat ground, ensuring it does not roll away. Having to take it apart in a rain storm. Not to mention a cart provides more places to carry more stuff, and as Carlin used to say about "more stuff...." 3-Neither of my bags fit well on my cart. I have a Ogio stand bag and a Nike Cart bag, both twist and flop under the restraints. I end up having to place both bags on their side to use them on the cart. Therefore 1/2 my bag pockets become inaccessible (water, score card, tees, sun screen, etc....) I carry 12, play with 1, leaving me 11. I figure I need enough in case I have a really bad day or want to pull a tin cup, I will not run out. I also gave up looking cool a long time ago. Really, how cool can I look shooting bogie golf on a muni course!
  14. Kettle bell is usually a combo of swings, 8's, curls and waist circles. I will add some squats. Thanks for the advice.
  15. I usually have a bottle of craft beer or bottle of homebrew a day. Usually while cooking dinner. On the weekend I might have a second. When playing golf I will have 2 or 3 (one or two on course, one at bar), but none at home.
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