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  1. I got a 90 day "free" trail with Arccos, with the purchase of Ping Irons. This could have been great for me as my Garmin G6 is old. However, when you activate your clubs, you have to give a credit card, this is a app limitation. Ok, I got around this. Put a note in my calendar to cancel before my 90 days, so I dong get charged. Got on course yesterday and get everything set and the app stated "must have 8 clubs and a putter paired for the complete experience". So, I bought 7 irons and got a "free 90 day trail" except I didn't! I now how to get at least 2 more sensors, which means my 90
  2. I got new irons this year and had to address my gaps and rearrange my clubs. My old callaway pitch/gap wedge was 48 & 52, so I used a 56 SW and 60 lob. Now my pitch/gap (or W & U) wedge is 44.5 & 49.5. So I swapped back in a old 54 Volkey and a new 58. Love the 58 from anywhere up to 75 yards. Oddly I have yet to hit the 54 clean yet. Shanked it on 2 different holes. But I guess the point is, to use what ever club configuration makes you comfortable. I knew a an old timer whose most lofted club was 50 of 52. he used it for bunkers, flops, chips, 100 yards and in.
  3. 42 (6 over) on back 9. 1 birdie, 2 pars, couple bogies, couple doubles. wasted 2 drives of260+ because my left hand leaves the club face wide open!!!!
  4. I am all for questioning authority, but facts and science, not so much. Just looking at those questioning how their "freedom" has been infringed upon and you can who has a blind allegiance. Most of those screaming the loudest neither have medical degrees, advance degree i biology or infectious diseases. In my experience, most of the "non-believers" get their talking points from an internet chat board run by a 20 something-year old incel in Japan! Do masks work? Sure, my kids have been playing competative sports inside and outside since last summer. No colds, no flu and no illne
  5. Isnt this a common occurrence in Japan and China. They wear masks when they have a cold to not infect anyone else. What a concept. We dont pass along germs to one another. Not Covid or the common cold! No offense to any of you, but I dont want any germs any of you have! We have all known someone who is battling cancer, think they want to inhale some germs from a schmuck? The mindset of alot of people baffles me!
  6. PGA players have the ability to win the pot every week. They may not share in the revenue, but they get to decide when and where and how often they play. Golf is a difficult sport, which requires a lot of dedication to practice. A lot of money for equipment (>$1000) and even more money to play ($50). A soccer ball/basket ball is $30. Everyone already has some form of footwear. And there is always a pick up game someplace. I think all the other major sports are team sports. We latch on to and root for the team. these teams typical have a superstar and we root for them. Turn into
  7. Elmer

    Food Thread

    This! I love my beer. But limit myself to only 1. but when it is a double IPA, I might as well eat a 3 tiered birthday cake! Today is my day to be in the office, so I dont get to cook my sausage/veggie omelet. Instead I go to Stewarts for a sausage/egg on a hard roll. I know it is not good for me, but those sandwiches are like crack!
  8. And I am over here with ever loft between 50 & 60. Just incase I need need a little more loft for my 8th shot on a 140 yard par 3!
  9. Elmer

    Pick Three

    Sorry, I know each of the words individually, but when used in a sentence in that order I cannot comprehend!
  10. Elmer

    Pick Three

    Easy! Free Lifetime Beer from Cart Girl 1 Round at Augusta Free Golf Clubs for Life I like beer, I like to play golf, I need clubs (although I just bough new Pings). I really have no desire to watch golf in person with the crowds. I also have no need to play with Tiger/Daly. Why do I need pros watch me shank one in the woods or 3 putt?
  11. Unfortunately I have only played 1 course where a caddie was an option and I was already paired up with a dude in a cart! I mostly play munis and public courses. No caddies, you either, ride, carry or push! I had hoped one day to make it to Scotland, where my buddy stated weathered caddies know the course, curse at you and add to an already wonderful experience.
  12. Are push carts not a thing in Philly?
  13. I always played the practice green down the hill. I guess I never thought to go the other way and practice it up hill.
  14. Practice green has a slant. My home course is not difficulty to navigate tee to green. However the greens are tough, sometimes unfair. Unless you are 2 feet from the hole, your chances of a break in your putt increases!
  15. If I tried that on my home course half those guys would deal with some kind of break!
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