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  1. I think the PGA is both good and bad for the game. Good in the regard that it makes the game visible. It provides an advertisement for courses and exotic locations other than the local muni! I have to imagine there are a few people who were brought to golf because of the PGA on TV? Not all of us were brought to the local muni by our Henry Vardon loving Irish grandfather! It also provides a great example of the game played by the rules (most the time). I have had my share of experience with golfers who don’t play out of bunkers or behind trees because “I paid $100 for this round, I am going to hit from where I want to”. I think the PGA showcases some of the best golfers, and allows us to view their triumphs and mistakes. I think being able to see a world class golfer shank one into the drink is a excellent example to all golfers, that this stuff happens. The bad- I think the PGA also sets a bad example for amateurs, by setting up unrealistic expectation. I know plenty of hackers who walk off 20 ft putts at the muni, like they are trying to win the masters. When you are a bogey golfer or putting for a double bogey, lets not spend all day viewing the put from every angle. How many hackers and better than hackers, buy the newest gear when they could play just as well with their 30 year old McGregor Irons? How many hackers us Prov 1s or tour balls, because they see a guy on TV? I think without the PGA golf would not be where it is today. However, I think the PGA does not do its best to grow the game. Golf being as expensive as it is, tends to have a very elite and high end advertisers and viewers, and I don’t see that changing. I don’t think the PGA is doing a good job diversifying its audience, but I also don’t think it intends to. Just my $.02
  2. I documented and discussed my torn bicep ( see below). The recover has been slow, but good. However in the process I have acquired a nasty case of tennis elbow in the opposite arm. After 5 months of rehab, I have begun swinging, slowly and lightly. Luckily when my league starts I only have to play 9 holes. Anything more and my Dr has told me my arm will be tired and show weakness, from what it used to be. One of my greatest fears moving forward is re-injuring the arm. This fear is based on a few factors. it is cold when I first start playing (usually 40s-50s), therefore I will be tight My home course does not have a range, so any loosening is done just swinging clubs. Because of work, I am not always able to get to the course with ample time to stretch and warm up. I notoriously over swing, with all the brute strength I can muster. So I was wondering if anyone has used compression sleeve to hold their bicep and forearm? I have used them when I tweaked my thigh and it seemed to work.. However the thigh does not need to be as flexible in the golf shot as my left arm. Does anyone wear a full or partial compression sleeve? if so any recommendation on a brand and was it difficult to adapt? Did you find it beneficial? Any thoughts or advice are appreciated.
  3. Elmer

    Torn Bicep

    4 months of Rehab is complete! I am now going to the gym 3 times a week, cardio and weights. The weights are slowly being bumped up, 7lbs to 10 and so forth. Nothing too heavy, not looking to bulk or complete in a strongman competition, just looking to get back to normal. Have to say I feel good, yet my limbs are just tired. but this is a good thing. Unfortunately, all this work and effort has resulted in a nasty case of tennis elbow on my opposite arm. But I can deal with this. To avoid a regiment of NSIADs, I have been ingesting fish oils and using a lot of black pepper & Eucalyptus oil on the muscles, seems to work to cut down inflammation. I have started swinging lightly, and slowly in the garage. I used a weighted club on a card board mat. I am going to have to change my swing a bit, no more over swinging, with the brutish strength of 10 men!
  4. Elmer


    But beer makes me feel good, now your saying it is bad for me? Blasphemy !
  5. Elmer


    I try to walk as often as possible. In fact I have transitioned to a standing desk at work. So even while reading a memo, I pace back and forth. I have tried to stay on the path of eating chicken, fish, fruits, and green veggies, but with young sporty kids on the go, it is not always easy. While I tried to cut out bread, I find it convenient at work for lunches. Some nice whole grain-wheat bread and a salad can be consumed at my desk. My downfall is BEER and bourbon. I like beer and whiskey. I tend to have a small night (oz or 2) a night to settle in for the night. I leave my beer consumption to the weekends. However I dont drink the light stuff, like coors or bud. I prefer an 11% barrel aged stout, which tends to be many, many wasted calories, but darn it is good. But I dont eat snack food or ice cream, so this is my dessert. Just read an article that said eating 2 eggs and some veggies provides all the b12 a body needs. So I will no longer be stealing those pills from SWMBO. I am sticking with my fish oil Omega 3s and green tea. (keep a Nalgene w/a tea bag, steeping in 32 oz of O2) the green tea adds a nice flavor and makes it easier to drink 120 OZ of water a day!
  6. As I have moved into the rehab phase of my torn bicep tendon, I am using this as an opportunity to reevaluate alot of things. While I am not able to do a full body work out, I have tried to maintain my walking and stretching and stick to a PT schedule (at home and at therapy). One aspect I reevaluating is the diet. Along with that is trying to limit the amount of NSAID i take. I decided to cut them out beginning in October and subsisted fish oil pills with Omega 3. I have found I am no more achy. I figure since I am taking Phish oil, what other pills of vitamins should I take? I had been taking b-12s, but they were mostly SWMBO's, so I have to buy my own bottle. Looking for any recommendations for vitamins (mulit or not), to just make me feel better as I rehab and get older. Will even accept holistic recommendations.
  7. CBD and a little schwig of Bourbon and there will be far less pain.
  8. I am still using a 2009 Burner. I am sure I should investigate a new one, but not in my budget. Looked into a slightly used driver, but stop when I remember 2 things: 1- I still hit my driver 250-260, which is about what I need 2- even a used diver at $200-$300, would be the cost of brewing supplies for 3-4 batches of beer!
  9. Elmer

    Torn Bicep

    Was lifting an appliance on to a pick up truck. didnt have good grip, tendon tightened and popped midway thru lift, couldnt drop appliance had to secure with good arm. according to dr, could get by without reattaching tendon. however you need the tendon for rolling wrists over (screw driving motion). both PA & DR upon hearing I golf said "you want surgery". torn tendons have a 4 week window for repair, after that the tendon becomes to rigid to fix. (Please excuse any errors as this was typed with only one hand.)
  10. Elmer

    Torn Bicep

    I already asked the medical staff if they could let the mri machine leak radiation and give me super powers. they were not amused. I had the operation and week 1 of 4 in the sling is in the books. my hope is that once healed i will have 2 positives:" 1- my inactivity will spark a drive to be more active once healed. cant wait to stretch and lift something 2- once ful healed i will swing smoothly and lightly to protect my repaired tendon. this will be a bit different than my usual "hit the cover off the ball swing" (Please excuse any errors as this was typed with only one hand.)
  11. Elmer

    Torn Bicep

    On 8/31 I ruptured my bicep tendon on my left arm. I am right handed and swing right handed . I had surgery on 9/5. I have six weeks to go in a sling followed by three months of rehab and I hope to begin swinging again in April.The kicker and all this is I had just dialed in my swing was finally hitting the ball well and my last round shot 10 over par over par.I felt I was in the heading in the right direction and then I had the accident.I’m looking for any type of feedback from anyone else who has ever had this occur, or has any advice.How did this affect your golf swing did you have to ease up your swing a little ? did you use any braces , wraps or a compression sleeve? Any advice would be appreciated.(Please excuse any errors as this was typed with only one hand.)
  12. As previously stated Scrambles are for fun and beer! I am typically the long ball in the group. So I usually bring an egg carton of random balls I don't mind losing. These balls are a random sample of the 500 feral balls I have contained in the garage. Could be anything from a Ladies ball to a Nike Black, Pro V's or Wilson. They vary in colour and bruises. I have all intention of "going for it" when applicable. Therefore I tend to lose a few of these in ponds, trees , across the road or shrubs! I can say from experience, Ladies balls do not seem to go any further than any other ball. And Pro V's are lost on me. I cant do, what ever they are known for being good at being able to do! (what a sentence) I do not think switching balls is against the rules of a scramble, unless it is agreed upon at the beginning of the round. You already get 1 club length, improve your lie, drop zones (in case no one has a decent drive). None of these are in the rules of golf. In fact the best Scramble i ever participated in, had a "rescue kit" for a additional $25. The "rescue kit" contained 3 various length of string, which you could be used as a gimmie put from that distance. you also got a "pitch, kick and pass", this would allow you 1 under hand toss, 1 throw and 1 kick of a ball, with no added stroke. Finally, there was a red card, which allowed one member of the group to hit from the red tees (most forward tee). None of this is within the rules of golf (but it should be), but darn it was fun. So switch your ball, have a beer and scramble.....
  13. Shot best round of my life. 10 over 82 (41 front, 40 back)
  14. I use only a select few clubs all round. Tends to be Driver-5W for driving. 6i on par 3s second shots are 8i or gap wedge rarely use a 5i, PW or 9i but keep them around just incase.
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