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  1. Predict Tiger's 2018 Season

    The field is way better than it was 20 years ago. Tiger is not in his prime and not even playing that close to the dominant level he once was. He is good enough to win on tour, at least once. One of those maybe a major! If he wins more than once I will start wearing matching socks on the golf course!
  2. Subscribe to Golfers Journal

    Next time can you flip through a little slower. maybe spending a little more time on each page. If you could do this quarterly, with each new issue that would also be great!
  3. 2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    I would personally sponsor you to walk every and all PGA events, as long as you wore that outfit!
  4. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    I personally think Tiger is done! He is now more hype than man! I wish him the best but expect little.
  5. I got it in my left foot in the beginning of June. Wrecked my entire summer of golf. Had to baby my left foot, made it difficult to swing or walk a course. I bought countless inserts. one for work, one for sneaker, one for golf shoe. Could no longer walk barefoot, had to buy special flip flops with arches. Reef are a good pair. Went to Dr, he said I had a fallen arch. Went to a Podiatrist. He told me to ice and stretch and wear arches in everything. after 5 months, I still can not jog and if I step wrong it can be aggravated. My advise- Rest it. ice, stretch it, good pair of shoes and a good insert if your arches need it. Sucks getting older!
  6. I find a rather steady diet of beans (bean burritos, Beans & rice, black beans, red beans, pinto beans, etc...) keeps most people away from me most of the time.
  7. Etiquette Violation?

    For the sake of ready Golf, during rounds that are not being used for handicapping purposes and there is no bets involved- I will not mark my ball on the green, just leave it on green (as long as not in someones line). When it is time to put I will just spin in place to get my arrow lined up. I do the same thing in scrambles when we use my ball. If someone has an issue and wants me to mark it, they just need to ask. As far as politics. Left or Right, Love it or hate it, I don't show up to the course to listen to it. You want to rant, do so at the bar. Keep your thoughts on politics, religion, climate change, and your wife to yourself! I play with someone who does something similar. For the record my home course was hit hard this year with an incompetent grounds keeper, who over fertilized and killed 3 greens. Our league instituted a 2 putt rule on a few greens, since they were fried down to sand! Our other league rules are winter rules (due to dirt fairways and dry patches) and no loss of distance (just stroke penalty from point of entry). I play with a person who uses the winter rule to improve his lie from behind bushes and trees. This same person will improve his lie from a lost ball. Miraculously finding the lost ball and tossing into a fair way. The point is, I have called the person out for incorrect interpretation of agreed upon rules and this has changed nothing. This same person will play the game they want no matter what you say, because in the end it is about their result and not you. Either ignore it or find someone else to play with.
  8. Albany area.

    Not a bad idea.
  9. Unwritten Rules of Golf

    I wear a visor, so technically 1/2 my hat (if not more) has already been removed. So I dont remove my hat! I prefer a fist bump to shaking some dude's sweaty hand. Think about it after 6 hours of wrapping his hands around that petri dish he calls grips. After he has pulled his ball from all the ponds, still water puddles and woods. NOPE!!!! NOPE!!! NOPE!!!!
  10. What'd You Shoot Today?

    43 on the front. Mostly par-bogie golf with a quad bogie on the 4th hole.
  11. Tee box etiquette

    Personally I don't care where you stand. I also don't care about keeping quiet during my swing. I grew up playing baseball and other contact sports. I now play on a muni course which is in the middle of a city. Sirens, car horns, barking dogs and loud neighbors. I typically hum to myself as a part of my pre-shot routine. I am used to people talking through my swing and my putting. On the flip side, if you can not be like me, simply ask me to move. I find golfer can be like my spouse, I cannot guess what you want, You must be specific!
  12. Golf League Costs???

    My league costs $370 $270 for greens fees ($15 per 9 for 18 weeks) (carts are the responsibility of the golfer) $100 for league dues. We have 60 guys, 6 flights-10 guys a flight. The league does a 50/50 every week for $3-$5, this covers our "beer nights", which is when the league buys X amount of pitchers, once a month. The League covers the cart/greens fees for the 6 flight winners at the end of the season. The league kicks in 50%-60% for 2 tournaments (mid & end of year). Prizes for most (usually a golf balls and other things from the pro shop). 50/50 raffle after ever round has generated money for the league. We also share the 50/50 with another league that night. We also allow non-league people to get in on the raffle. Anyone who is there at the bar/restaurant/patio can get in a win.
  13. Albany area.

    Work in Albany. I think there is no better place for fall ball than upstate NY.
  14. Anybody use a Chipper?

    My game goes as follows 260+ drive 2nd shot is between 120-155 3rd shot lands either on green (far from hole) or just off the green. from there I either have to chip onto the green or make a putt, or make a long putt. Either way I am looking at 3 if not 2 putts, which will be a par/bogie. I dont see how or where a chipper fits into my game. I would much rather spend my time working on my accuracy and getting the ball closer to the hole.
  15. Anybody use a Chipper?

    I use my 60 degree club for 80 yard full shots, short chips that have to stop quick and the dreaded flop shot! otherwise I use my 56 wedge. I will plead ignorance about the chipper. Do you use it for 50 yard chips? and bump and runs? I am a 15-16 hcp because I can not putt. I am a guarantee 2 putt and a few 3's I care not to discuss. A buddy in my group last week pointed out that in the 10 years he has played with me I still leave the ball short. I can not read greens, nor the speed. I am in the fairway, and on the green in regulation but 2-3 putt. But since most my practice is in my back yard with my sand wedge, hitting short chips, is equipment change even reasonable?

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