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  1. Elmer

    Torn Bicep

    Was lifting an appliance on to a pick up truck. didnt have good grip, tendon tightened and popped midway thru lift, couldnt drop appliance had to secure with good arm. according to dr, could get by without reattaching tendon. however you need the tendon for rolling wrists over (screw driving motion). both PA & DR upon hearing I golf said "you want surgery". torn tendons have a 4 week window for repair, after that the tendon becomes to rigid to fix. (Please excuse any errors as this was typed with only one hand.)
  2. Elmer

    Torn Bicep

    I already asked the medical staff if they could let the mri machine leak radiation and give me super powers. they were not amused. I had the operation and week 1 of 4 in the sling is in the books. my hope is that once healed i will have 2 positives:" 1- my inactivity will spark a drive to be more active once healed. cant wait to stretch and lift something 2- once ful healed i will swing smoothly and lightly to protect my repaired tendon. this will be a bit different than my usual "hit the cover off the ball swing" (Please excuse any errors as this was typed with only one hand.)
  3. Elmer

    Torn Bicep

    On 8/31 I ruptured my bicep tendon on my left arm. I am right handed and swing right handed . I had surgery on 9/5. I have six weeks to go in a sling followed by three months of rehab and I hope to begin swinging again in April.The kicker and all this is I had just dialed in my swing was finally hitting the ball well and my last round shot 10 over par over par.I felt I was in the heading in the right direction and then I had the accident.I’m looking for any type of feedback from anyone else who has ever had this occur, or has any advice.How did this affect your golf swing did you have to ease up your swing a little ? did you use any braces , wraps or a compression sleeve? Any advice would be appreciated.(Please excuse any errors as this was typed with only one hand.)
  4. As previously stated Scrambles are for fun and beer! I am typically the long ball in the group. So I usually bring an egg carton of random balls I don't mind losing. These balls are a random sample of the 500 feral balls I have contained in the garage. Could be anything from a Ladies ball to a Nike Black, Pro V's or Wilson. They vary in colour and bruises. I have all intention of "going for it" when applicable. Therefore I tend to lose a few of these in ponds, trees , across the road or shrubs! I can say from experience, Ladies balls do not seem to go any further than any other ball. And Pro V's are lost on me. I cant do, what ever they are known for being good at being able to do! (what a sentence) I do not think switching balls is against the rules of a scramble, unless it is agreed upon at the beginning of the round. You already get 1 club length, improve your lie, drop zones (in case no one has a decent drive). None of these are in the rules of golf. In fact the best Scramble i ever participated in, had a "rescue kit" for a additional $25. The "rescue kit" contained 3 various length of string, which you could be used as a gimmie put from that distance. you also got a "pitch, kick and pass", this would allow you 1 under hand toss, 1 throw and 1 kick of a ball, with no added stroke. Finally, there was a red card, which allowed one member of the group to hit from the red tees (most forward tee). None of this is within the rules of golf (but it should be), but darn it was fun. So switch your ball, have a beer and scramble.....
  5. Shot best round of my life. 10 over 82 (41 front, 40 back)
  6. I use only a select few clubs all round. Tends to be Driver-5W for driving. 6i on par 3s second shots are 8i or gap wedge rarely use a 5i, PW or 9i but keep them around just incase.
  7. Not using a virtual range. Big open field with a tracer and computer screen.
  8. I am weary of the distance and results I get at the range, since I am hitting crappy, beat up range balls that may be a season or 2 old (if not older). All my club results were at least 15 yards less than what I get at the course. I am due to go back to the range and hook up to the range tracer. Now that I created an account I can access a print out of all my club stats. On the course, I am using premium feral balls (mostly Bridgestone or Callaway). My home course, when not under water has a good deal of hard pan on many of the fairways. therefore we can usually tell when the drive distance had assistance and when it didnt.
  9. Got to use a TopTracer Range thing. No swing speed readings, but ball speed for my driver is 120. I have ditched the TM Reg shaft driver from the bag. Although it gives me 10-15 more yards, due to more height, it gets me in trouble waymore often. At my home course, Is there really a difference between 100 yrds to the pin and 115?
  10. I totally forgot that my golf shop ( do not belong to a club) has a Toptracer in a few of their range booths. I have never used this as $7 for an hour on top of $12 for a large bucket gets pricey and addictive. "Toptracer is a comprehensive training mode allows guests to hone their skills by offering data such as distance (carry and total), ball speed, launch angle, height, landing angle, hang time and distance to target." I guess I have work to do...
  11. Unfortunately I cant afford to replace all my clubs. Since I am still playing 2008 Berthas (super game improvement), I am in dire need of new irons. I also need a 3 wood, since I haven't had one in my bag in years. got to hit the new Taylormade. The 3 wood was like magic....but I digress! I guess I can go to the golf shop and compare my clubs to new clubs, under the guise that I am looking to buy a new driver. Which is Truthful, as I find the right driver for under $300, I would grab it. However I still feel like it would be a combo of the 2 clubs I already have.
  12. I have 2 drivers in my bag and waffle between which on helps my game and which one I am comfortable with. I spent an hour at the range the other day just hitting driver, this one than that one, in an attempt to compare the two. I even went home and jotted down a pro-con list (seen below). For the record, I can not go get fitted for a driver as the local golf shop only does so, if your intent is to purchase a club. I can tell you my swing speed is over 100. I also use regular steel shafts on my irons. My 5 wood & 4 Hybrid also have regular graphite shafts. I have found that with regular shafts as long as I keep my timing and tempo under control, and dont swing out of my shoes, everything stays a bit ok. However, I am still explosive with the driver. Big swing, big power! Callaway Black X 10.5 stiff shaft (bought used, in mint condition for $100) Hits hard. Slight draw Miss is a line drive or small slice Hits lower Feels like have to work to get distance Average distance 250-260 2009 TaylorMade Burner 10.5 reg shaft (bought at market price in 2009 w/ a free 5 wood) Hits soft and effortlessly More draw Miss is big slice it or big hook Hits the ball high Easy to get distance Avg dist 255-270 I guess it comes down to just not liking the Callaway. I don't like the way it feels, the way it hits, the way it sounds, the way it looks, but the result is usually safer and I have been playing better with it. So how do you judge 1 club against another? What is the deciding factor for club selection, especially on a limited budget? Any thoughts or advise is appreciated!
  13. I have played with a few amateur sleight of hand artists. One in particular has never lost a ball. Even when we hear it hit deep into the woods. He will always drop you at your ball and then look for his. Miraculously always finds it. The first couple times, OK, but after that, I was not born yesterday! What he does is: 1- plays random feral balls, as he works at a course and has an endless supply. 2-Never marks his ball, considers it defacing 3- what ever ball you find, is probably his 4-Keeps a ball in his pocket, when he reaches in the rough, or to move a leaf announces "here it is and places it". 5- never plays out of a bunker. "F that, I dont know whats in there, I am not going to risk my clubs" 6- Writes what he "should" have scored, not what he did. Therefore, lipped puts, chucked chips and duffed tee shots dont count. Suffice to say I only play with this individual for scrambles, as we mostly use my shots and I control the score card. As far as " player being unfamiliar with the Rules", I find that alot of the weekend warrior, retired weekday players know the rules. They just dont care. They are not playing for money, they are not playing for a championship, they are just out there batting the ball around and enjoying the day with their buddies. I have heard it many, many times "I paid to play, I will play the way I want. I am just out her to have fun". And really who am I to tell a bunch of old timers, Vietnam vets that they cant improve their lie to even ground. However, I will say that I have seen more than 1 course (ranger) force a golfer not to adhere to the loss of distance on a lost ball. Hit a ball, thought it was ok. Got to the spot realized it must have hooked more than thought and went into woods. Never found ball. Went to head back to the tee to take shot, ranger stopped us and said "NO!". There was a group behind us and group behind them. ranger said "what are going to do bump in front of them, they are on the TEE?" "just drop and hit" So I dropped where I thought it went out, took a stroke. Worst of all, despite that one bad hole, finished with decent score, but couldn't use the score for handicap. Around here, golf is a dying sport. Private courses are struggling for members, public courses are struggling for players. Most these places just want you playing. They don't care, or enforce the rules. They just want your money until they convert to condos. This is why there are so many cargo shorts white undershirts on the course! So we have people who are spending their hard earned $65 to play a 5 hour casual round. The know the rules, they just don't care. But I always wonder if these same people played Augusta or St. Andrews, under the watchful eye of patron, would they still cheat?
  14. G*d hates a coward!!!!! Of course you take the bet!
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