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  1. I'll gladly play with anyone anywhere if they pay for the round and put me up for the night I can take care of the plane ticket and I'll even buy you a beer afterwords
  2. Some of you express doubt as I recall some of my shots or scores, stating that a beginner couldn't possibly get a certain score or hit a ball a certain way But to me golf is very simple. At the same time it can be very difficult, but here is my approach that I use as a beginner working toward scratch: - I know that consistency is key - I know how far a particular shot must go - I know how far I can hit the ball with each of my clubs if my swing is consistent So for me this is the thread of consciousness that goes thru my head as I play a round. I stay in control by keeping things sim
  3. I don't understand what's so unbelievable about it. I mean, 3 3 putts in 8 holes sucks. I'm happy cause I just started golfing and know how much my score can improve if I putt better, etc. but i don't see what's so hard to believe??
  4. lol No, i almost didn't play that 8th hole cause it was basically nearly dark The 9th was out of the question
  5. Tonight I played for an hour or two until it got dark I just jotted down the holes from memory 2 Par 3s 4 Par 4s 2 Par 5s I was +3 after playing these 8 holes . My 3 bogeys were each 3-putts I think if I start playing with a decent ball and work more on my putting I'll be at scratch in no time
  6. I have a little more muscle than Tiger. Basically the same body type however -- tall and lean but with substantial muscle. Tiger and I were also both 150-160 lbs previously but have adopted better diet and conditioning in order to gain strength, stamina, flexibility, etc. These traits are crucial on the golf course. Everyone gets this now, but keep in mind that 10-20 years ago guys weren't working out in gyms. They feared muscle would inhibit things like flexibility. Anyway, back to your original point... I may post a photo or videos at some point on the site. May blur the face out, but I
  7. I'm going to start by saying how much I appreciate this forum. There are a ton of good golfers here who are passionate about the sport. The majority of every single one of you is a great helpful gentleman when it comes to helping newcomers learn the sport. But I must also chastise a small few of you who are incredibly negative. Again, it's only a small few, but there's no need for negativity and anger on this web site. I wouldn't waste my time posting lies or joking around on this site -- I'd rather be out practicing my golf game like most of you In the future please don't leave your
  8. Congratulations bro that's really good. I know it can be done I'll use you as inspiration! Good luck getting to scratch
  9. Not yet I don't plan on rushing things. I have just started playing and have a lot I want to accomplish in this my first year playing. My primary focus currently is consistency and perfecting mechanics. Physically I am in roughly the same physical shape as Tiger Woods (categories include: strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, cardiovascular).
  10. My first 3 wood arrived in the mail yesterday. I took it out today and took a couple practice swings. I teed the ball with a tee height a bit less than my driver tee height. The hole was a par 4 between 350-400 yards with the tee box and green at roughly the same elevation. My ball ended up 10-20 yards short of the green, making it a 300+ yard hit. Needless to say I plan on using the 3 wood whenever possible
  11. Hey guys quick rule questions - If I hit the ball and can't find it what happens? - If I hit the ball in water what happens? - And last if I hit the ball onto another course I can play it, right? But if it goes outside the white stakes it means it's out of bounds - then what happens? Thanks!
  12. Handicap is calculated from best 10 rounds from your last 20 rounds I believe, correct? I will start keeping track once I get competent on the course
  13. I love golf I just started playing and have really had some rough moments on the course On the other hand I have already hit some amazing shots and have a good amount of strength, athleticism, composure, mental toughness, etc. So here is my claim: in 1 year's time I will be a scratch golfer What I ask of you is to give me a % chance you think I have of doing this. If you think I can tell me what it will take to reach my goal. If you think I can't give me some logical reasons why.
  14. Just wondering how many bring their wives, girlfriends, or boyfriends out to the course to watch you play If so do they walk or ride or maybe even play with you? Do they seem to enjoy it?
  15. I don't have a rain cover for my bag and dont know if it even accepts one Any ideas? (Thanks for the tips too)
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