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  1. Louis Oosthuizen -10 Matt Kuchar -10 Tiger Woods -11
  2. This is a fantastic idea, Eric. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product. As one of tens of thousands of left handed golfers out there, I wish you had opted to title one of your keys; "flat LEADING wrist" (or something else neutral) as opposed to assuming that everyone plays right. Ron
  3. I'm very happy with my new Ping Hoofer (2012 version). The Sun Mountain 3.5 was on my short list, though.
  4. Bridgestone Golf - Made to order for your game A ball tailored to your game - Bridgestone
  5. Chrome is my default browser at work (we're running Windows XP there), while at home on Mac OS 10.7 it's a tie between Chrome and Safari for the fastest page rendering (Chrome wins by a nose) and most pleasing typeface and overall rendering (Safari by a length).
  6. Bridgestone - fit to a tee Bridgestone Golf - Fit to a Tee
  7. I'm looking at getting the Pings in 52 and 56. I currently have a CG15 and a Nike forged sand wedge. By the way; like your avatar; Robert Rock has the best looking swing in pro golf!
  8. Allenby's shot into the lake looked thin. The commentators say he's a "picker" rather than much of a divot-taker from the fairway. He hit his fourth shot onto the green (with the penalty stroke + distance) cleanly off the turf with no divot. I guess that's just how he does it.
  9. I don't mean to suggest that Boise has a choice to join a top conference and doesn't want to. My point about tough conferences like the SEC is that any team that can go undefeated there has to play very hard each and every game with the kind of injuries and general fatigue that causes. Boise's schedule has a lot of pretty weak teams. I really don't think there's a comparison between an undefeated Boise and an undefeated LSU, for example.
  10. Exactly! Boise St: get out of the WAC and compete EVERY WEEK with top level teams* and then we'll take you seriously. * see the SEC, for example.
  11. It looks like an accurate representation of the expected ball flight given the swing path and club face angle. In other words, I don't see anything wrong with the picture either.
  12. That's funny. I was thinking of selling my Ozone for two reasons: The clubs are always getting jammed up, and the legs don't deploy out far enough to create a stable tripod so the bag is always teetering on inclines. Oh and it doesn't play particularly nice with carts as it tends to want to rotate around.
  13. I'm having the same problem with my Ozone. The legs suck; they don't like to deploy and when they do, they don't offer a wide enough base to support the bag on odd inclines. I'm leaning (pardon the pun) toward a Sun Mountain bag. Their legs seem to splay out farther and deploy better.
  14. The way he's been playing he could use some Ping G20s ...
  15. Well, after hearing all the pros-cons, I have to agree with the rules "Nazis". I hereby pledge to play by the USGA rules of Golf. I might as well learn them and play correctly. That way, when I start to post scores for the purposes of handicapping, they'll be accurate (not necessarily great, but correct).
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