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  1. I am far from a Tiger hater. I have seen what he is willing to do to his family. I would not put anything past him at this point. Whats wrong with speculation? The guy was working with a doctor from Canada known to supply various other athletes with HGH. At what point is it reasonable to to discuss a topic. I clearly claimed I had no idea if he did or didn't use PED"s. Where is the evidence against Lance Armstrong? People still claim he was the biggest doper of all time. Questioning Tiger's association to Mr. Galea is totally legitmate.
  2. Its pretty simple really. Whenever millions are at stake, perhaps billions at least in Tigers case, athletes are always trying to gain an edge. Lots of people on this forum seem to really live in a fairy tale land when it comes to the harsh realities of what these guys are willing to do. I know people who wouldn't smoke a cigarette but tried HGH. Honestly, I have seen amazing results from witnessing what that drug will do to somebody. HGH has known health benefits and if used properly, can do wonderful things. With that being said I have no idea if Tiger has used. However I would not
  3. Steve Stricker for the home victory and only major of his career.
  4. The Tiger fanboys still riding Tiger's jock after all the questionable moves he has made. Anyone who believes that there is no chance he used PED's needs to get over their crush. He's not a great guy. You may have rooted for him since he came onto the tour but he isn't who you believed you were rooting for. Oh well, it is obvious you guys have hitched you souls to his wagon and no matter what comes out in the future you are ready to crash and burn with him. The blind loyalty for this guy is like nothing I have ever seen in pro sports. Continue also to talk about his playing being average
  5. Do you know any average golfer that has won 14 majors. He has been there before and therefore is better able to handle the pressure. That is why he scores better in majors. While the field is freaking out he has been there 14 times before you know. Funny thing is why all you guys defend him till death if you asked him about his play what do you think he would say? I have an idea. By the way, Putting and Gir stats are far from out-of-context, we aren't talking about his ping pong game.
  6. that Ok a missed cut, a withdraw that was questionable, and no cut today lucky for him. 142 in Driving accuracy, 111 in GIR, 134 in putts per round, and 193 in total driving does not seem like a average season by anyones standards.
  7. Maybe there is a correlation between handicap and knowing what you are talking about on a golf forum. You obviously have not watched Tiger play because he is playing as bad as anyone on the tour. Dude he is almost in last place, wake up. He hit like 3 fairways yesterday. He is six over par on a course he has won 7 times on. I can't believe you would consider a bunch of missed cuts and poor finishes a good career.
  8. Tell me what you are looking for and maybe I can assist. Types of food and entertainment????
  9. Truthfully there are a lot of posters on this forum that have no chance of playing golf at any tour level and their egos and not being able to accomplish similar feats on the golf course have greatly influenced their answers. Its easy to tell the jealous posters, the ones who actually get mad when you tell a kid to follow his dreams. Anyhow you look at it, getting to a 7.8 in a couple of months is phenomenal. If the OP is legit and his handicap is that low after playing for such a short time he definitely is not lacking in talent. Whenever someone tells you that you can't accomplish a task
  10. I feel for him. Hit a beauty on 18 and then choked on the put. That is definitely a situation I have been in. Sucks for him, propbably will be a long time before he is in that position again.
  11. Unfortunately yes. American golf is not impressive. Having to rely on guys like Johnson, Watney, and O' Hare does not bode well for the PGA. I am missing Anthony Kim and Ricky Fowler is definitely a bright spot.
  12. Tiger and Phil don't have to be winning for me to be interested. However, I don't expect much excitement when Casey is the biggest threat. Guys I am so sick of hearing about that never produce are him and Luke Donald. I watch sports for excitement and this was the least exciting major I can recall. If I am watching my football team and they win 42-7 I am extremely board watching, this is the same way I feel about the tournament. Louis played like a true champion Sunday and I was truly shocked at how mentally tough he played. The guy definitely has ice in his veins. Congrats to him, an
  13. Of course he does. Now that he is staring a divorce in the eye he cares even more.
  14. The question is always posed as to which major is the best. The answer for me is whatever major is the most competitive. This so far has been a great disappointment. I really like Louis and actually would like him to win, but I am rooting for some excitement more than Louis.
  15. Elsfan

    Pet Peeves

    When people with lower handicaps won't believe a person with a higher handicap then them can hit a shot they can't. May be obvious but another one is people picking up balls without even checking if someone is around. People on golf forums who post their swings to be critiqued and then negative rep you, curse you, and tell you to post your own when you say its not good. Don't post your swing if you can't handle the criticism. BTW haven't read the entire thread.
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