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  1. I think the 6-PW went higher then any clubs I have ever hit and the distance was terrible vs my Burner Plus irons I just need to bite the bullet and get fitted I launch the ball to high with the regular shafts and I use a stiff shaft on my Driver so might be time to look in that direction for Irons as well
  2. Got these today for free!! Was wondering if anyone has gamed these I know they are pretty old (2004?) I'm playing Burner Plus Irons now and they are terrible my 8 Iron is a PW they launch the ball too high they seems to be a blade Iron with real thin face and seem pretty small actually but was just wondering if anyone has gamed these in the past??
  3. Needless to say this club Trumps my Burner 2.0 and the R11s I hit this thing is a ROCKET LAUNCHER!!
  4. We shall see how it goes got it today and out to the range I go
  5. Have the 9064LS on the way with the RIP Stiff shaft we shall see how it goes!!
  6. Well I asked a few weeks back about a driver and was told the Adams 9064LS was an awesome driver regardless of it not being way over priced. Got it in 9.5 with a Aldila RIP Stiff shaft my swing speed is 102-105 MPH and was told this is perfect for that swing speed..I swing a Square SQ with a Regular flex shaft and it just SHOOTS the ball so high in the air and I think thats because of not only the flex but the square head am I right there?? Should get it here in a few days and hit the range with it. So anyone else swinging this driver??
  7. I have always swung a 9.5 and what I would plan to go with and with the money saved if I like the driver for that price I'll look into the Fairway woods. I'll deff be looking around at this for sure!! and read a ton of reviews and seems to be a thumbs up everyone I read
  8. My grandfather shoots adams clubs and me being Lefty and him righty I never got to use it and even if I did the SR flex wouldn't work anyways but I've heard good things about Adams clubs he loves his. Wasn't sure if they were geared more towards the older crowd when it comes to making clubs
  9. All good info guys and on the length thing I have the SUMO2 I'm using now till I find a new driver but it seems to be perfect length wise is that standard size? and talk about the sound it makes this thing is terrible lol But yeah on the "New" thing I'd say anything where the companies just start changing colors and minor things that the average player wouldn't be able to take advantage of like the R9 and R11 I see more people who love their R9's than enjoy playing the R11's
  10. The Burner Superfast 2.0 just wasn't for me I think being as short as I am (5'7) the longer club just would make me try to have to reach to much and come around and slice the ball...... Went into golf galaxy yesterday and being lefty they didn't have a good selection, I'm not into the NEWER is the best thing I'm looking to get the best driver possible for my game. Swing Speed is 100-107 on the monitor yesterday and spin was in the 2700-2900 Swung the G20 G15 (Snapped it and drive went 215 on the monitor lol) R11 and that was it because of the very little
  11. Hit it on the range today the superdeep is probably the best investment in my golf game to date. It vs the SUMO2 is NOOOOOO where close nice flight path nice distance everything about this club is awesome
  12. Well went and got fitted for a driver today to get rid of the R9 Superdeep I had just bought for it being near to impossible for me to hit and the Burner Superfast 2.0 ended up being the one I hit the best Out of R11, Ping G20? , and Older burner. Best hit with the swing monitor was 250 carry with 270 something total meaning even with the high shot that i was having these seem like they will roll better. Is it me or do you seem to feel like you do a lot worse in the Indoor nets then out on the range? I felt like the tee they had was 2 high for my liking and could have cha
  13. Did they come with the Motore F1 shaft vs the "RIP" I keep seeing are they one of the same I can't seem to find much Info on the combo itself but thats on its way and was wondering the difference between the two?
  14. These clubs are amazing!!!! I used to not be able to hit my Irons with out them fading so left they would find the woods (Set worth about 140 bucks for COMPLETE set D-PW) I got to the range with the Burner Irons today they are awesome bigger club face and longer shafts which I think was my problem even being a short guy. I was hitting my 5 Iron in the 175-190 range with great flight and awesome feel for an affordable set of Irons this would be my choice everytime!!! Now just waiting for the R9 superdeep to come in :O
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