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  1. This is my 9th year playing golf and I just turned 43. Played sports in high school but avoided golf like the plague (oh how I wish I could turn back the clock for bravado's sakes). I typically buy the latest and greatest when it comes to clubs. Probably two to three drivers per year and one to two iron sets...anything for that "secret" edge. The 2nd year I played I had two hole in ones....thus the crack-like addiction. This year I went through a major weight loss and accompanied that with the book Fix your body fix your Swing. I dropped over 130 pounds, work out twice a day, run a media company, and have four children under the age of 7....yes, it can be done if you're insane. I was ready to walk away from the game for good as my whole body changed...along with my ball position, swing plane, and all the other moving parts...the day before I was going to start to put my gear on EBay...I tried it one more time. I didn't shoot records but steady as a 16 handicap and then all of a sudden indexing at a 26 after having rounds in the 110-115 area....I was done. Fast forward two months later after ground zero (learning everything brand new from scratch) I'm at a 12.7....and breaking 40 per nine twice in the last week. Now, by no means do I have it figured out but I am improving and I have full confidence in my Cobra S3's. I just purchased them less than two weeks ago and have shot some of the best scores in years. I'm more intelligent to know it's the person not the equipment but psychology is 3/4 of this game and when you're standing over the ball and you're not worried about shanking, making good contact, or getting there...it really helps the cause eliminating a lot of negative swing thoughts. I had the oversized King Cobra's as my first set and then I left them for the new Nike Pro-Combos (remember them?). I should have never leftbthe Cobra product regardless if Puma owns them. The Cobra S3 is a good club, it's my club, and I plan on sticking with them for a few years. Good luck on your quest people....plenty of options outvthere for you, pick the best one for you.