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  1. Only hicks play sports wearing jeans. Shorts, slacks, and collared shirts are a must at all courses around here.
  2. I just throw a few bottles in my bag. I keep looking for the hot drink girl but never see her :(
  3. I'm a Notre Dame fan but live in the south and have to say that the SEC is the toughest conf. Week in and out these teams beat each other up. That is one reason why people not in the south say it is not the best. Any team can win any Saturday and the experience on gameday in SEC towns cannot be matched anywhere.
  4. I picked up some Rasberry (pink) Noodle Ice the other day at Dick's for $4.97 (8pk). They hit fine and were easier to spot than white.
  5. No problems at my home course. I like to play alone every now and then. It is nice to be alone and not have any distractions.
  6. That is no fun. At my home course the only trouble I have is people jumping on the back 9 at twilight and slowing me down after not seeing anybody on the front.
  7. I'm a hack golfer but I like to keep up with my score during the round. If I'm playing alone I keep up with it after every hole. If playing with others I usually just check after 9.