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  1. Nike VR Str8 Fit Tour Driver shaft broke at

    My Nike VR Tour Driver (9.5 Degree, Project X 6.0) broke exactly in the same fashion, after less than 2 Months Use. Bought it on-line... it has been sent back to Nike. Been gone for almost 2 weeks and I am missing it (particularly with a scramble coming up this weekend). I went through a fitting process when buying this driver and by reducing backspin by over 30%, I increased total yardage (carry plus roll) by ~30 yards. Previous driver was Cobra SEZ460, which I hit straight but very high with the Aldila NV HL (high launch) S-60 Shaft. It was great as I learned the game and to this day for accuracy, but with ~ 3000 RPM backspin, my ball drops from the sky like a rock and I get no carry/roll. Bottom line: I am a huge advocate of being fitted for a driver... I tried 4-5 others with very marginal improvement, but then this particular combination of club/shaft was the right one for my swing. It's a great club for me when the head stays on the shaft. This Breaking Phenomenon: Sounds like a fairly common (if not epidemic) rate of occurrence. My theory: the Str8 Fit adjusting hosel creates uneven pressure around the circumference of the shaft and the stiff Project X Shafts cannot handle the resulting stress. My point of failure was a broken shaft, nothing to do with "glue" as somebody suggests above. I am not seeing many reports of broken "less stiff" shafts... mainly Project X 6.0 and 6.5. It serves to reason that the stiffer shafts (or more accurately, the higher swingspeeds that necessitate them) would be causing the failures. My concern: unless something has changed with the Str8 Fit adjusting hosel, or the shaft itself... Nike will send me back another 'time bomb' which will require replacement in another couple of months. Frustrating situation because we may never find out if/when Nike will address what is causing these failures (as somebody suggests, perhaps just a bad batch of shafts - I hope so). I guess I will save the shipping box when Nike sends it back to me... it will save me $14 at the UPS Store when I have to send it back again in October.