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  1. Thanks so much for all of your advice. I truly appreciate it. I went on another little search after my golf lesson today and came across an inexpensive Taylormade Rossa Lambeau that I really liked for around $90. I could not find it on the Taylormade site so I expect it is a discontinued model but any views would be appreciated. I also tried the Ghost Daytona but it didn't seem to work as well for me.
  2. I am a relative beginner. I have been using an un-named club putter for practice over the past few weeks and I am now looking to get my own. I have done the usual thing and gone to a couple of superstores to try a variety of putters on their little indoor greens. I don't really know the terminology but the putters that feel most comfortable to me have heads that look like the Ping Anser model and I seem to prefer clubs with a heavier head. The one I seem more drawn towards is an inexpensive Cleveland model with the brass head. When I was starting my search, they had used Cameron
  3. Thanks so much everyone. I found both the four 5 and the newer hybrid model in a local store. They are quite similar to one another but the hybrid is slightly heavier and a little larger. The 14 way top on the hybrid is somewhat different with different organization of the dividers and a more square top with a plastic rim all the way around. The four 5 has thicker/better padding on the side against the body and a little amount of padding on the straps. My impression was that the four 5 was the variant designed to carry bag that would work quite well on a cart while the hybrid was the variant d
  4. I am looking to buy my first decent bag. I am looking for a carry bag that is relatively light weight with a 14 way top with full length dividers. The Sun Mountain four 5 seems to fit the bill although I notice that it no longer appears on the Sun Mountain website. I would love to hear opinions about this bag, possible alternatives and if Sun Mountain has a new model that has similar specs? Thanks so much!
  5. Thanks so much for providing me with your insight. I truly appreciate it.
  6. I hope I have posted this in the right forum but I do have a question that is a variant of the best clubs for a beginner topic. I took up golf again after a very long hiatus (20 years) and for the past three months I have taken some lessons, gone to the range and played a few rounds. I have been using borrowed and rented clubs as I need them. This is fine but it has occured to me that I am spending money on rentals that I could put to better use getting my own clubs and I am pretty sure that using different clubs almost everytime I play is not very good for developing my game. I
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