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  1. I shot a 76 last week, my first time ever shooting under 80. My previous lowest score was 82 strokes on that same course so I was a bit suprised at myself keeping it together towards the end. I was even chasing after the 75 but bogeyed the last hole.. A par 71 course at 63.500 yards, 3 bogeys and 6 pars for a 39 on the front nine, which I followed with 4 bogeys, 3 pars and 2 birdies to close out the back 9 with a 37. This has been my goal for the last 2 seasons, so I'm super stoked and can't wait to get out on the course next time!
  2. Atleast you choose not to play. I can't play for a minimum of 1 month due to a muscle rupture in my back...
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMkVm1rF5AA Another update on the swing. Hopefully I'll get some comments telling me whats good or bad...
  4. I actually voted that it's good for the game but while reading all the replies I realise there's a big difference between the US and Sweden when it comes to dress codes. I've always wore shorts and a t-shirt to the course, and ocasionally a collared shirt, but i always wear shorts when I play. Inappropriate clothing for me would be tanktops and jeans, but shorts is fine as long as they're not too short which a lot of people here use on the course. If I see someone with brightly coloured pants and a collared shirt, pretty much the same clothes as a pro, I just think they're not as good a
  5. Hello again guys, I'm just updating the thread in hope of getting some help with a few problems i have with my swing. I think its too flat in the backswing, especially with the longer clubs, and I have a hard time hitting down on the ball. I've hit a lot of thin shots lately... Does anyone have any good swing thoughts or drills to improve my swing?
  6. Here's an update on my swing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSDm8YudAQA&feature;=plcp I haven't actually had that much time to improve my swing since the last video was taken at the end of last season and this being the beginning of the season. But I've taken a lesson for the PGA trainer at my new home course and he helped me a lot with my posture. Still working a few changes out from the lesson though. My handicap is still 12,7 but my goals are to get in to single digits this year and be a "force to be reckoned with" in the junior competitions.
  7. Shoot in the 70's Work on my short game,
  8. I shot a 89 today which for me was very good. It was my second round for this season and my personal best last season was 85 which I shot in the end of last season. So this seems to be a good year!
  9. I just use my shirt since it goes in the washer after the round anyway.
  10. As a swede I root for Hanson to be the first swede ever to win a major, and he's been playing great. I don't think Stenson is out of the mix quite yet but i'm a Phil fan just like everyone else so that wouldn't be too disappointing for him to get his fourth jacket.
  11. Hahahaha, I lol'd at the part about me smelling myself! I have a medical condition that makes it impossible for me to fully extend my arms, particularly my left, so my arm is pretty much extended to it's capacity. I'ts something like short tendons but I can't explain it properly in english I'm afraid. EDIT: I haven't compared my swing to pros but I've looked at a lot of videos of Anthony Kim's and Phil Mickelson's swings.
  12. Yep, I do use a lot of my arms in the swing and that's because I'm incredibly not limber. About being tense at adress, I have to say I haven't felt as relaxed in my swing before as I do now and I honestly don't know how I could feel anymore relaxed lol :)
  13. So I took some video on some strokes out on the course today and decided to put them up here to see if I could get any good pointers on what to do better. So without further ado,
  14. Hahaha, I act the exact same way! Except for the part about throwing a club, I would never hurt my darlings.
  15. I shot a 92 which is 5 over my handicap. I started off pretty good and I only putted 13 putts on the first nine. No major differences in the rest of my game for the last nine except for my putting so from being on my par on the first nine til being 5 over my par on last nine :(
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