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  1. Amen to that! This video of Jack at seconds 15 through 18 explains the building block for a good grip better than hogans book ever did (for me at least ). [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBIagUWkbRY[/VIDEO]
  2. thanks! Looks like the diameters are the same in both sets. Think ill skip the hard stepping and just regrip it.
  3. Long story short. I was at the range yesterday and saw an old McGreggor VIP 4 iron blade in the spare club bin for $2 so I bought it. I currently play VIP muscle backs so I thought it would be a cool addition to my set and to occasionally hit it at the range. I have a spare PX 5 Iron shaft that is the same flex as the rest of my set, never used, never cut. Whats the downside, if any, to trimming this shaft and throwing it into the 4 iron head? Also, does anyone know the tip diameter of the Jack Nicklaus edition VIP blades?........ (and yes I have a swing weight scale, tun
  4. I had one. very light and easy to swing. Very long! I traded it in due to the 2 degree open face. So my advice is that if you fade the ball already then don't buy it.
  5. Curious how this worked out because you increased the stiffness of the shaft considerably. As far as trimming the butt causing grip issues you can make up the lost thickness with grip tape.
  6. It does 240 fps at 420 pixels. with a upgraded card it can record for hours. at least mine does
  7. Chris the first thing i though when you said you suffer from a push slice was that you're over rotating your hips. tristans photo proves it. notice how little the pros hips turn inthe back swing compared to yours. huge hip turns prevent your hands from clearing your hips due to the large turn needed to get your hips back to square. try swinging a club while on your knees to see what i mean. its helped me a ton.
  8. Great swing for sure! I cant get over how open his front foot is (compared to what I thought was normal). Clearing my hips is my crutch! Gonna go wider with my front foot an see what happens.
  9. One more thing. Was the club you used at the sporting goods store the Dymo? Because those numbers arent far off from being where you want to be. The X stiff may pull your spin down into the high 2000s or even just going a degree lower on the loft will prob get you into the high 2ks.
  10. Ill make a prediction. No matter what your swing speed is when you get fitted, the fitter will try to put you in a stiff flex. Or theyll try and put you in a tipped stiff. That being said, Im curious what your ball flight looks like when you say SKY high? My first thought is that the ball is starting on a good path and then rises up sharply in the middle then falling sharply at the end. If so Id go X-stiff. Our swing speeds are similar and the only thing that flattened out my ball flight was an x stiff. Prior to switching flexes my ball was doing the same thing as yours. A mile h
  11. Just picked up a Ping G20 10.5 with the TFC Tour X-Stiff shaft. Went through just about every head and shaft combo. The X stiff is was the only shaft that brought my spin down right around 3k. The 9.5 degree had my launch angle right around 9. So we both thought the 10.5 would work out well as far as getting the launch up a bit. So far only 9 holes with it, 5 fairways hit. So pretty happy with it so far.
  12. Not sure how "thick" were talking but if you want to see a thick girl with great hip turn try and find video of Caroline Hedwall. Especially video from the solheim. Her college videos are sloppy.
  13. I voted over read, and over read long,short. My last round I putted 29 times. Thats with 8, 1 putts. The only thing I changed was inside right, inside left. Played no larger break than that regardless of what it looked like. Also shortened my back stroke and lengthened my follow through. Best putting round Ive had.
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