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  1. http://www.golfsupport.co.uk/ Seems legit but I've never used it before do I'm not sure. Any confirmation would be great. Sorry if the answer is obvious.
  2. I've sent an email, hopefully the rip shaft stays default as they look great. Also, would it be smart to have an inch cut off? I'm not the tallest player.
  3. I'm ordering a Taylormade Rbz driver and the website is giving me 5 shafts to choose from, the shafts are... Matrix xcon 5 and 6, Adila rip phenom 50 and 60 and The fujikura blur 45. I want a reg flex shaft as my swing speed is around 90. I have tried the default shaft (xcon 5) and it felt good. I won't be able to try the other shafts unless I hit the clubs they come from (R11 and R11s) but this wouldn't tell me a lot as the club heads are different. I have hit Adila rip shafts in the past and also really liked them so I have a hard decision to make. Also, if i ordered the Adila shaft, wou
  4. Thanks for the info, I'll try them both next week and I'll see which comes out on top.
  5. Driver, I hit the normal version last week and I was really impressed. I will try the tour version next week as well as some other new drivers. The shorter shaft is appealing to me as I'm not the tallest person.
  6. Thanks, anyone else know the difference between the normal version and the tour version.
  7. There doesn't seem to be much difference between the normal version and the tour version. I'm guessing the shorter shaft makes it more accurate but what does the deeper face do?
  8. Sometimes but most of the time it is a fade
  9. I've noticed that all of my divots are about 45 degrees left of the target, I know that I must have an out to in swing. Is there any drills or tips to straiten out my divots?
  10. Keep working on your short game and when your long game starts to get better the scores will drop alot.
  11. I'll try sliding my hips forward abit more.
  12. That would be helpful if you wouldn't mind.
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