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  1. These are the technical stats: club length weight #4 39.25" D2.5 #5 38.75" D2.5 #6 38.25" D2.5 #7 37.75" D2.5 #8 37.25” D2.5 #9 36.75"
  2. I think everything looks fine except for the early extension.
  3. I used to play a square face with my x-20 uniflex shafts. I would get a push draw but now with my Nike VFP xp95 s300 shafts, with a square face I get a straight flight with a draw. When I have the face slightly open at address, I’m getting back my push draw (not a crazy out right but very nice flight). Something I heard Jack say about how he never saw a great player set up square or closed at address. The reason if it’s square behind the ball then as it travels trough the ball it will be closing. Very wise word from the best to ever do it. Also a pretty cool (old) video, first person vi
  4. All range balls are not the same. Some ranges use balls that are shorter due to size of the range. I would take to managers to see which kind the are using.
  5. They measure 3/4 inch longer than (callaway) standard. I think a 3/4 inch cut would be perfect but i'm worries about swing weight changes.
  6. So i recently picked up the Nike Vapor Fly Pro irons and i love them. One problem though, it seems Nike's standard length is longer than my old Callaways (x-20). I was fitted for -0.5 in length. so i used to just choke down on the club, no problem. Now that these Nikes seems to be even longer, when i choke down the extra butt end is very annoying to see and deal with. I was wondering what options i have. also not trying to go buy a new set. any help would be appreciated.
  7. IMHO, a 20 handicapper could be hitting 300 yard drives. Most of them never on target, maybe 4 out of 14 fairways hit. Probably 3-7 lost balls of drives or a real bad short game. Just because you can hit the ball 300 doesn't mean squat if you can't control it. I've played with Jim Anderson's (ex mlb player) son and he nailed a ball 385 yard off the tee on a up hill par 4 15-20 ft past the hole and sink the putt for his eagle. You would think his score would be in single digit over par but he ended up w/ 12. His accuracy with his mid irons weren't that great and he also lost a couple balls on
  8. I took a year off and it took a little while to get my swing back. It's still not the same. Went from 13 handicap to a 18. It's really frustrating at first but it'll come back, maybe not to top form but you'll see your game slowly come back.
  9. Just wanted any input from real golfers who have tried out the PS Move w/ TW11 or John Daly's prostroke golf. I've heard John Daly's game is more realistic than TW11 but would like your opinions if you have it. How realistic is it on pro mode on either games? This is a great tool during the cold rainy months coming ahead.
  10. rather than purchasing a 4w (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). you should learn to properly hit a 3w. its the same type of swing as your driver (more of a sweeping motion) rather than a swing from your irons ( steep downward strike). if you work on it, i really think you will improve not just 3w but would make hitting the 4w a breeze. i bought my set 4-sw and got the 3 hyrid in its place. i love the 3 hybrid but i wasn't too accurate w/ my 200-230 yard ranges. i would end up past or short. but once i picked up the 3-iron (took like 3 range sessions before i was consistent) i had all my
  11. for the fastest solution.... try using the stickies... http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21584
  12. there are a lot of things that contribute a pulled shot. - your lead shoulder is opening up and changing your swing path to the left. -don't over swing -when you transfer your weight to the right side, make it a stable shift and brace that left left so you don't open up - it could be your swing - it could be your setup i can't think of any else, don't want to give you a BS answer..... a little while back i was hitting everything solid then, i developed a pull w/ my irons even putter. i was just rushing things and going back to my old way of thinking (trying to murder the ball). just gotta t
  13. I've just picked up the r9 and i went to the range... each shot was a surprise...not a good surprise... my other driver is a ft-5 on a taylormade/fujikura rombax tp shaft and i love it but demo'd a r9 and was hitting even better.. now that i have my new r9 w/ the fujikura motore 65. my questions are, can i use this club without the weights? or only 1 in the middle? is the Aldila RE-AX 60 shaft any better? any other recomendations would be a great help....
  14. for the same reason why WNBA, MLS and AFL aren't top tier... not that interesting (to the majority). no offense to anyone, but thats just the way it is. NHL lost a lot of the coverage and is slowly making its way back(versus tv). AFL is done and gone now. but LPGA gets coverage on golf channel, sometimes... btw i caught clips from solheim on sportscenter. that USA chant was like something a 10 year old wrote... come on... that was pretty sad....
  15. lots of people on this thread complain about how it seems that at least 40% of the posters here hit 300. honestly i don't get why people flame on others about it. who cares if they are stretching the truth? just like how there is this guy i play with sometimes (uncle's friend). within the 18 holes we play, usually 3 holes he'll end up with par or even sometimes birdie, even though we saw him hit a couple more shots that would give him double bogey ,bogey or par. we don't say anything to him, cause its rude. if he wants to cheat himself by posting his scores incorrectly, i let him do as he
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