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  1. aceadair

    USA vs Brazil

    All in all a great tournament showing by the US.
  2. I would love to see those two to make a comeback! John is full of "flashes of brillance" and duval was the most complete player in the 90's. God knows that we need the tv ratings they bring after tiger being put on the shelf.
  3. Very much so. They gave a feel that no plastice can copy.
  4. Ya I would say so. I think with the transfer rates I am getting them for around 56 US Dollars. I dont think that you can beat that on any brand new clubs, much less mizuno! Thanks for the insight. :)
  5. I need a putter headcover replacement. With that said I want one like the scotty cameron ones. Ya know, the big and "fluffy" kind. Problem is, I am not going to spend the cost for the "scotty cameron" name. Does anybody know where I can buy (online or store) a big replacement putter headcover. My putter is ping but it does not have to say that. It can say "US OPEN" or "MASTERS". I dont care about what it says I just want a big putter headcover without the "scotty cameron" price. Thanks!
  6. I have the oppurtunity to buy some of these and they are still in the box. Seeing how they are brand new and I am getting a great price, I am going to go ahead and pull the trigger. But I was thinking about putting them in the bag. If you have any experience with them please let me know what you think. I know Mizuno makes great irons and I am sure these are no different but I am just trying to get a idea before I put them in the lineup. Thanks!
  7. Etiquette, Etiquette, Etiquette!!!!!!! If you dont know that then you should not be playing in a big group. One of the biggest rules that ametures break is in hazards. and the biggest one in a hazard is grounding your club. If you are in a hazard DONT PUT THE CLUB ON THE GROUND/SAND. Where this mistake is commonly made is in a hazard other than a trap. Like a hazard line near a lake but you were lucky enough that it dident go in, but you ground your club like you are in the fairway. NO! DONT DO THAT!
  8. haha!!!! just dont hurt your wrist opening the door.
  9. Best if luck to a person trying to live the dream!
  10. i agree with this...... it is just going to keep going and they are going to want to have 9 majors before its done.
  11. I am streaky. But i prolly average one a round. And it seems to always be a lost ball that I thought I could find. but then i have to walk all the way back....
  12. aceadair


    my team is Pumas from Mexico. they are not very good at the present, but i do not jump on the bandwagon of other teams. they are going to try to trade for another keeper and i hope they get him. anybody else like any Mexican league teams?
  13. Is this even worth the time it takes to read the title? Starting a thread on this quote is stupid (assuming you know anything about American football). But I must say...you got me interested.
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