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  1. Try one handed putting (4-footers) with your trailing hand as a drill. Helps me focus on club face alignment and putting 'through' the ball, not at it.
  2. Hmpf, must've gotten him mixed up with someone else. In any case - flaring either of your feet (as long as its not overdone) can't hurt to at least try. Just make sure your heels are aligned properly. Its easy to forget that your toes don't necessarily serve as the best visual cue for alignment.
  3. The reason I started doing it (and never stopped) was because it gave me the feeling of rolling the ball off my index finger to the intended target.
  4. What you're saying is not uncommon. Flaring out your back foot does allow for more flexibility turning in your backswing. I think even Ben Hogan advocated this.
  5. I do! Glad to see someone else doing it too! Why 2nd guess yourself? If it feels good to you, keep doing it. Anything that gets you to feel as relaxed as possible while concentrating on executing the putt is OK in my book :)
  6. Judging by the vocabulary and consistent gaffes from the posts I've seen by you, I'm a bit skeptical not only of your insistence on you being a coach, but of your age as well. First I saw you not know the word 'behoove', then I saw Homer Simpson, now I see 'add'? And finally we see 'old laws' and 'new laws' I'm sorry, but I don't believe a word you're saying anymore (if I ever did). Either you're really a kid trying to get his kicks by trolling, or you're an ostrich with your head in the sand (waiting to get plunged by a cheetah) Or my personal fave - All of the above.
  7. As others have said, just because you can't see something with the naked eye, doesn't mean knowledge gained by using advanced imaging technology is irrelevant. Here's an analogy - Just because you can't see distant galaxies with the naked eye doesn't mean they're not there. Yes - there is a vetting process and ultimately it helps our understanding of the universe as a whole.
  8. I know what you mean. Same thing happens to me some times. It really is a mental thing I think. Iits kinda like how hitting an iron shot from the first cut (just a little fluff under the ball) is visually more appealing than from a tight lie in the fairway sometimes.
  9. I agree that playing with fewer than 14 is good for practice. Heck, I carry only irons on some days and hit from the front tees. But as an official rule? HA! I'm not sure whats worse - this or that guy that wanted to change the size of the hole to something the size of a basketball hoop.
  10. Whenever the downward slope is enough to make me feel uncomfortable at address, I definitely focus on keeping it simple - first stabilize your base and try to get your shoulders level with the slope (yes this means weight forward). Shorten your backswing and focus on solid contact at a slower swing speed. Not sure what would cause the hooks though - might be because you're releasing the club too early? I always figured a downward slope would encourage the opposite.
  11. Simple - go to walmart or target, swap out the cover on a ProV1 box with a DT series cover ;) Kidding of course - I'd say my favorite ball to play when I'm not shelling out for premiums are the Titleist DT So/Lo (if your place still has a few boxes laying around, you never know) or other Titleist DT series balls.
  12. pjsnyc


    My favorite part is where they show those flying fish, flap flap flapping away!
  13. My sentiments exactly. Yang played his heart out over all 3 days to crawl into the final grouping. Follows that up with a final round that ties the lowest score of the day. Very very deserving and quite exciting as well! When that eagle-2 rolled in my jaw simply dropped. I'm not saying he'll ever reach Tiger-like consistency, but it was a great win for him and you could bet the farm that Korea is rockin the 'jeep' (lets see if anyone catches that one ) I thought it was an exciting final round. 70 was the low score of the day and Yang shot it while everyone else was b
  14. Off the top of my head (and this is in the Bronx), I've seen these animals: Deer Fox Turtle Squirrel Geese Swan Duck Chipmunk Rabbit Gopher Humans Shankopotamus. I hate those damn Shankopotamuses
  15. There's one at Mosholu golf course in the Bronx that you can just go to for free. The facility includes a putting green, a chipping green, and a range (50% balls though). No bunkers unfortunately
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