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  1. I HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, excuses on the golf course! If you're playing bad, admit it, manly. I do not want to hear after every shot how you "lost" your swing, how the grounds uneven, how the lie is bad, etc, etc, etc.... Also, there is nothing worse than a really bad golfer pretending he / she is great. There is nothing wrong with being an average golfer, you do not need to pretend that your 95 is normally a 75.
  2. I completely agree. There is no reason to hide from the driver for 2 seasons. The pro's of not using it are outweighed by the pro's of being comfortable w/ it and building a swing w/ it.
  3. I think Tiger should stop golfing and I won't have to hear about him, EVER!
  4. LeCava is already incredibly well known in the industry. He's one of the biggest names jocking. Unless LeCava and DJ had an agreement that their relationship was short term, this a classless move by Joe. IMO.
  5. I'll join the 40-50 round guestimate. Also, a huge factor that can add a lot of life is how well you clean them after you play. If you go home, spend about 10 minutes wiping the grips off with warm water and a towel, they'll get more use!
  6. I'll add my two cents.... I had a fairly pleasant experience with golf tec. I think the place is very suited for beginner golfers. Their instructors (in my case) place entirely too much emphasis on measuring body angles (green, red, yellow) and can let that very much impact their approach. I, for example, have a small shoulder turn (probably 75%), much less than his suggested 90 degree turn. Well, he was obsessed with increasing that and it disrupted my entire swing, for weeks. I didn't go into the scenario wanting to build a new swing and I don't think he was interes
  7. Love the honesty... I do A LOT! I always pull a "Tiger" and drop the driver in the backswing after a bad tee shot. People hate this.
  8. Hey, all! Quick question with hopefully a few suggestions. I'm looking to take a 3 or 4 day trip to Pinehurst this fall to golf and was wondering if anybody had recommendations for a travel guide. You can book packages through the resort but the prices tend to be much higher than a few I've quoted. Anyone ever use a service to quote this trip? Good experience? Thanks, guys!
  9. Looking at the front of the ball is a great way to lower flight trajectory in the wind... It will promote a de-lofted club at impact...
  10. I'll never forget mine.... Par 5 - 3 hybrid from 230, made the putt (around 8 inches) I've eagled the hole several times since, but the first one, thats special
  11. It's great for what people are mentioning, to learn. These courses would need to be for learning purposes and the USGA would obviously not participate in judging them and allowing for scores. It is a great way to get people to try golf and have a little fun before they pay too much money and waste too much time on real courses, designed to challenge players.
  12. I was really disappointed when the resort I played at this weekend wasn't participating. I mentioned it to them and they appeared unaware of its existence. I guess everyone needs to keep spreading the word!
  13. I went out yesterday and looked at the Sun Mountain bags - They are great, and the product looks superior to the other bags that the big name brands slap their name on!
  14. I have a friend that has the four 5 - He speaks highly of it. Its a nice looking bag, too. Titleist makes a nice 14 way divider bag, but like all Titleist gear, is very expensive!
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