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  1. 6' 2" and I use a 36" standard lie putter. I prefer a more upright stance when putting, and I'm considering building a putter to 38-39 inches.
  2. Adams Super LS ($135) w/ Harrison Striper H2 ($199) Adams Tight Lies ($165) w/ Harrison Mugen Black ($125) Adams CB1 Irons ($305 for 4-GW, $75 for 3 iron) Yururi Gekku wedges ($420 for 3) Never Compromise Putter ($150) Ogio Chamber ($175) Ogio X4 Push Cart ($150) 13x Pure Grips @ $6per Garmin G6 ($249) All bought brand new as current models. Got lucky on a couple ebay auctions and some sales.
  3. I try to play all year round. The courses around me close if its below freezing. So it depends on the weather, but I'll golf all year if I can. I played last year in the snow...didn't really stick, but snowed the entire round...was pretty fun. In the cold, I just layer well with UA Cold Gear...and usually don't have much of an issue.
  4. Well I wasn't planning on picking anything else up for a little bit. Came home from work, check my email, there is a Buy one get one free @ true linkswear. I love their shoes and had to take advantage of such an awesome sale. Picked up another pair of Stealths and Protos for $159.
  5. A new driver off of eBay. I've been struggling a bit with my driver launch (too high, zero roll). I like the driver, and found the same head but with a rare 7.5* head. Got it new for a steal. Can't wait to give it a go.
  6. I like to be comfortable when I golf. If its 70+ and dry I'll wear shorts. If its ~50-70 I'll wear slacks. If its colder than that, its Under Armour Cold gear golf pants. SOMETIMES if its in the 70s and rainy i'll opt for pants. I have two friends that belong to private clubs (different clubs), when I golf with them its pants...regardless of the weather.
  7. Shot an 89 in strong wind today. Was a bit all over the place today, but somehow still shot OK.
  8. Picked up a couple dozen Bridgestone Treosofts for the colder weather (my favorite winter ball) while I was dropping off my driver and 3 wood to be reshafted.
  9. A new pair of UA Cold Gear pants. I have a pair that I love and they're still in great shape....but have become 8 sizes too big on me.
  10. Nope. I don't get along with hybrids what so ever. I've tried a couple and I'm fine with fairway woods and irons.
  11. Not from a B&M; store, but I'm returning my Harrison Striper H2 shaft that broke over this past weekend for a warranty replacement. And while dealing with them, I ordered a new shaft for my fairway wood, a Mugen Black 70. Loved it in my old driver, interested in trying it in a 4 wood now that they have a 70g option.
  12. I have a 61* in my bag and use it for nearly everything near the green with the exception of fluffier sand and thicker rough. I typically play a more firm course and have more of a sweeper style swing so I prefer lower bounce. My 53* has 8* and my 61* has 5* of bounce, I also have a higher bounce 57* that I will use for softer lies.
  13. My iron set came with a GW but I really didn't use it much. Using a 53* Yururi Raw Gekku now. Just put it in the bag so I'm still learning it, but so far I like it.
  14. An 89....through 15 holes. The heat/humidity got the better of me and I had to call it a day. Struggling a bit with my new wedges, but this was only my second time out with them. Greens were a little rough due to recent aeration. Today was one of my best driving days this year, driver down to PW were all very solid.
  15. Only played 10 today, it was a rainy day and simply got too wet to continue. Started off with just rain, nothing too heavy, by the 6th hole it began to downpour. This was only my second outing this year in the rain, but it was much better than the last. I actually played OK. Of the 10 I played, par was 40...I ended the day with a 51. For the conditions, I was quite happy with my score. Good news is, my rain gear held up quite well.
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