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  1. "Did you not read post #2?" apparently not all of it...
  2. Reading through this and the rules, I am still not sure if it is legal t.... Ball maker is a specifically defined term: I wouldn't think a putter is a "small piece of equipment?" Ball-Marker An artificial object when used to mark the spot of a ball to be lifted, such as a tee, a coin, an object made to be a ball-marker or another small piece of equipment..
  3. Mizuno MP H4 utility 2 iron. DG300 shaft, $50 plus shipping.
  4. guiseppe

    Miura 51*

    Miura 51* "new wedge series", KBS wedge shaft 120 stiff, 1 up lie. $100, plus shipping.
  5. You have to play within the rules, or suffer the penalty. He knew what he was doing and chose to smoke at the risk of getting suspended. Now, whether the rule makes sense....I have yet to hear an argument which justifies prohibiting the use of marijuana when legal, that would not likewise justify prohibiting the consumption of alcohol.
  6. Best advice I ever got: start at the hole and work backwards. Get comfortable with putting, then chipping, then pitching, then full irons...all the way back to the tee box. Learning the feel of crisp contact with a chip helps you feel it with a pitch, which helps you feel it with an iron, etc. Plus, if you can't make good contact moving the club six inches, you're not going to be able to do it full swing.
  7. Duff: avoid the temptation to try to develop more distance right away. Stay focused on this swing thought for a while until it becomes natural to you. Examine how it affects other parts of your body and swing so that you understand it completely. If you start trying to do other things before you ingrain this move, you may lose it. As Harvey Penick said: you don't want to do too much with a swing all at onece. Make little changes and work with them for a while. In his Little Red Book, he often repeats: just because a couple of aspirin helps your headache does not mean it is good for
  8. According to Golf Digest: NEW HAMPSHIRE 1. Marc Spencer; Windham C.C. You may also want to consider sending him to "golf school" for a few days. That is always fun. Depending on where you are in NH, something like: http://www.ricksmith.com/
  9. My latest answer to everything is: start with alignment before worrying about the stroke. I have had problems aligning putts and iron shots and discovered a lot of golfers have perception problems so that a right handed golfer will aim too far right and a left handed golfer too far left. i.e.: http://www.academia.edu/12240565/Golfers_may_have_to_overcome_a_persistent_visuospatial_illusion See what happens when you ensure your eyes are directly over the ball and parallel to the ground. For me, I get a much more accurate picture of the line that way.
  10. mvmac: thank you for the reply. I had read the post about golf posture (good post.) What I am looking for, however, is more of an explanation as to "why" as opposed to "how." I am looking for an explanation regarding what is happening optically when I am looking at a distant target from a sideways position (i.e. set up over a golf ball as opposed to behind it where you can use both eyes when they are level) Articles reference that golfers often times mis-align themselves because they perceive the target to be too far right, but they don't say why this happens, i.e. http://www
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