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  1. Tiger Woods Video of duffing a ball

    TW Enterprises was in Toronto, Canada yesterday at the Magna Golf and Country club. They called the event a charity event where golfers could pay $40,000 a pop to tee it up with Tiger and play 9 holes all the money went to his foundation. However it just seemed like it was a big Buick and Nike Commercial.
  2. The NHL

    I have a feeling we're about to see the best hockey ever played when the game comes back. Some of the changes the NHL are talking about implementing should definitely allow for more scoring and more excitement. The big question is when is the new CBA going to be done?
  3. top 5 favorite bands

    Beatles, Cold Play, Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, The Tragically Hip
  4. F1 back in action!

    I know some people have a strong preference to F1 Racing over Cart. But if your anywhere around Toronto Canada the weekend of July 8-10 you should take in some indy action down on the Lakeshore. This will definitely be the biggest event in Toronto this summer. Can't go wrong with warm weather, fast cars, and beautiful women! I'm interested to hear if there are any indy fans out there?
  5. A Quick Hello

    Just wanted to say a quick hello! I can't wait to start talking about my favorite 4 letter word with you all!