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  1. Man, i know my english is not perfect, and, ok, distance is not only a goal in golf, but i meant just distance. Don't you think i would create my question like "what is your most accurate shot with 9i" or something like this ? I know that the word "best" is not the best word, but please, just look at the answers Yes I'm asking about distance and Yes i know that distance is not everything in golf. Thanks, and sorry for my bad english :)
  2. hahah, i didn't even know that, but nevermind ;p. Big thanks for help :)
  3. Hi, I play golf for 'bout a year ( i'm an amateur ) and i have problems with my grip. I always hold it too tight/strong, and because of that after play i have many fingerprints ( by fingerprints i mean "bubbels" on my hand, which is really painful), and because of that, i must make long breaks to let the hand come to recover. Do you know when ( or if) this glove will be available in Poland ? I know in my country golf isn't popular, but it will be nice if that glove will be available for purcharse. Thanks :)
  4. Yeah, that's why i don't want to get clubs from US - i just can't "try" them. Maybe when i will find those club in my country ( hahha it will be like looking for a miracle ) i will decide for shipping. But thanks for help i think i will take a deeper look into those X series :)
  5. I think the only way to buy that set is to buy club by club ( im in poland, golfing here is not that popular, only few shops across the whole country), but that will end with spending too way too much money :/ But i will try, thanks for help :) EDIT: And will Titleist AP2 be good instead of AP1 ? 'Cuz i found only the ap2
  6. Hah in poland we DO NOT have that kind of shops :/ Of course we have a pro shop but never with the simulator, thats why i have such a problem :/
  7. I have a question of another type, what do you think - are those clubs good for an amateur ? Which from the X series are the best for the beginner? Or maybe i should take a look on other mark/model ? Thanks for help :)