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  1. Just go to your local golf store (one that has a launch monitor) and pick out a few clubs that you like and hit them on the monitor and see witch (
  2. I agree! If your thinking about using a camera that dosnt record record in 60fps don't even bother. There are slot of cameras out there that say they record in hd but when you look at the spec it's 30fps!
  3. After years of playing with a interlocking grip I tried to change also and it did not feel right to me, but to each his own!
  4. I've hit the 800 pros a few time and they feel very nice! I would go with whatever feels best to you.
  5. You should still take one blade with you to the range just to practice with.
  6. I try to paly 1 or. 2 times per week if not im at the range. I have played about 10 rounds with them and hit them on the range quite a few time, I just don't like how big they are. They are standard lie and loft and no I would not recommend lieing them due to them being cast clubs. Good luck with your buy tho.
  7. Are you in Orlando or Tampa? I'm in need of a few people to play with also!
  8. Good ol bud light lime!:-D
  9. I would call the company and ask where my check was!!!
  10. 54 huh? They must be expecting to get some bad weather!