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  1. Advice on new set of irons.

    Just go to your local golf store (one that has a launch monitor) and pick out a few clubs that you like and hit them on the monitor and see witch (
  2. change to a 10 finger grip?

    After years of playing with a interlocking grip I tried to change also and it did not feel right to me, but to each his own!
  3. Adams CB2 vs Mizuno JPX 800 Pro

    I've hit the 800 pros a few time and they feel very nice! I would go with whatever feels best to you.
  4. New set of Mizuno MP-67s!

    You should still take one blade with you to the range just to practice with.
  5. Ping G20 Irons Vs. Callaway Razor X

    I try to paly 1 or. 2 times per week if not im at the range. I have played about 10 rounds with them and hit them on the range quite a few time, I just don't like how big they are. They are standard lie and loft and no I would not recommend lieing them due to them being cast clubs. Good luck with your buy tho.
  6. Who thinks Kelly Tilghman is hot?

    I would hit it again!;-)
  7. Favorite Beer?

    Good ol bud light lime!:-D
  8. What kind of car do you drive?

    I have a 01 ford focus 3rd hatch back, no a/c and no muffler but I can fill it up for $30 and it last me 2 1/2 weeks :-P
  9. The Barclays 2011

    54 huh? They must be expecting to get some bad weather!