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  1. want to replace the graphite shaft in my hybrid. any suggestions?
  2. how do they compare in spin and trajectory? i have a r7 460, but im starting to hit high ballooning shots
  3. so are the 3,4,and 5 flighted similar to the project X HL's?
  4. [QUOTE=Everardo;110160]I just want to make sure, you are asking for two things. Do you want a softer flex or a different ball flight? I don't recommend using flex to alter ball flight. Project X's are made to hit a lower ball. Read this thread for more information on [URL="[/QUOTE] i want a higher ball flight because it hit the ball low. however, i feel that this is mainly due to me using a shaft that is too stiff. im wondering if it is better for me to drop a flex and stay with the same shaft, or drop a flex and go to a higher launching shaft
  5. currently playing project x flighted 5.5s in my irons, but they're too stiff. looking for something that will hit the ball higher, as i currently hit the ball VERY low. will dropping to 5.0 flighted make a significant difference, or should i just get the HL's instead? what are the differences between the flighted and the HL? do the HL's spin alot (i dont want something with too much spin, as i live in hawaii where its always windy)
  6. so a shallow face is better off the deck?
  7. i'm looking for a 3 wood that's easy to hit off the deck. doesn't have to be particularly long
  8. how do these balls play in the wind? does the LDP really make a difference? I'm in Hawaii, so I always play in windy conditions, so any ball that plays well in the wind is a winner.
  9. does anybody know how durable the covers of the burner tp, nxt tour, hot bite, and e5+ compare?
  10. i believe it does promote slicing. i noticed during my range sessions and rouds of golf that when ever i weaken my grip to try and fade it, i hook it instead, and when i strengthen my grip, i block/slice it. ive read somewhere that a weaker grip can encourage a more active release.
  11. definitely sounds like an idea...how dos it play out of the rough compared to a hybrid?
  12. which do you prefer? why? how much distance do you lose with the hybrid (on well struck shots)? How do the trajectories compare? Which is more versatile?
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