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  1. Let singles through please!!!!!

    I tend to play around anything from 6am to 7:30am....not much of que on the courses I go round...!!!!
  2. Have any of you guys come across the 1 2 3 putting method ? My partner had some lesson with a pro in Portugal whilst ona golking break and he taught him this method. Its mainly a mind over matter for any case of golfing yips you may get. The basics is that as soon as you start to address the ball each thought is put in your mind as a stage of 1,2 & 3 So for example....I step up to the ball (1)...then I look at the ball and route (2)....then I see the ball going into the hole (3) As now Im at the ball the number move up....So 1 now is looking at the ball....2 is seeing the ball goi into the hole and 3 is the strike...at first in my mind. The idea is then you do this procedure 3 times before you actually hit the ball It all become subconsious in the end.....I'll tell you this though...It works very very well
  3. Golfing funny Stories

    There was one time we all stood on the 1st tee, again at a public course, the first two guys hit the ball with a great slice and ended up on the opposite fairways. I hit my ball and it hit a tree and ended up with them on the 18th Fairway, THEN my 4th partnet SOMEHOW hit his ball, it went VERTICAL....straight up in the air. It landed ....you guessed it , on the 18th green. Made a crater in the green . Just think for a moment of going over to the green and asking for the ball back....Man that was a funny start to the round
  4. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Ive just got back from a round this morning 7am tee spot. Its the only way at my club here in the UK. Anyways me and my buddy played stapleford and shot 95. Lost the game on that score but hey, we are in this game for the fresh air and enjoyment
  5. Novice Golfer Funny Stories

    Hello Everyone I've only just joined the forum but I thought Id start with some of my golfing stories as a beginner. Ive been playing now for over 10 years and Ive had some really funny games. One that springs to mind is when me and my friend Spencer, were at a public course. We started off fine but then , as with every novice it got worse. We was on one particular hole , par 3 , where we both got just short of the green. As we started to walk down to the balls two kids ran out of the bushes and picked our balls and sped off. We did see the funny side to be honest as the round that day was poor so it just put the cherry on the top. THE best bit of this story is that after we finished the round we went to our car and there were two kids selling balls in the carpark. We knew it was the same kids but didnt let on. They sold us around 20 balls for peanuts. The joke really is that we had brought our own balls back, and other as well. My goodness the world of fortune shined down