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  1. here is a picture of the actual rock. its the one in centre of the picture. its not near any yard marker, however the area to the left is the driving range I don't know if that make any difference or not.His argument is that it was "man placed" so he gets relief. I disagree.
  2. the rock is just a big boulder on the edge of the fairway. its not part of a garden or anything close that is manmade. thanks, we had a bet of 100 bucks over this. The tough part will to collect. lol.
  3. thanks for all the responses. My friends arguement is that the rock was put there by man and is decorative, so he gets a free drop. does anyone what is the rule number to show him that what he says is untrue? thanks.
  4. help required in confusion over a rule. My friends ball came to rest next to a large rock (2 foot high and a bout 5 feet wide) after his drive. he said that he gets a free drop (relief) but i disagreed and said it was a stoke penaly if he moves the ball. any assistance on this rule would be great. thanks.